Rolfslake Wednesday Open 31st January 2018.

A really cold day down the lake.

Today was a very cold day down the lake with high cold water levels slowing the fish right down.

For two and a half hours not one of the anglers had caught any fish which prompted Pete Archer to cup in 6 balls of SoSimple Baits BMG groundbait.

This really did the trick as soon as he started fishing again he was into fish. Using single maggots and worms Pete caught 3 big carp and 6lb of silvers for his winning weight of 40-04.

In second place was Graham Ridgley who had 4 carp for 31lb on the bomb closely followed by Terry Winstone with 3 carp for 24lb.

John has now opened up the remaining places for the Easter Festival so if you are interested please give John a call.

Today’s Winner Pete Archer (Guru)

Eddie with a lucky double figure carp.


Top 3

Place Angler Peg Weight
1st Pete Archer 32 40-04 Guru
2nd Graham Ridgely 27 31-00 Rolfslake
3rd Terry Winstone 29 24-00 Rolfslake

Thanks for reading John, Simon and Eddie.

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