Rolfslake Wednesday Open 28th December 2016.


The carp make a welcome appearance on a really cold day.

Today saw 9 anglers come down to fish the last match of 2016 on a really cold day,

I think the car temperature gauge said -2 degrees.

With a walk off agreed all the anglers went to their chosen pegs it was a matter of just being patient and waiting for the bites to come.

The main story of the match was young 12 year old  Samuel Worrall fishing his first match on his first ever fishing trip with his dad Martin on peg 18 and Grandad Gordon on 16. Anyway Samuel who was fishing the bomb and corn out in the middle of the lake had 4 bites and 4 big carp for 40-01 to beat dad and grandad and pick up second in the match.

There were plenty of carp hooked and lost as the fish have now got acclimatised to the cold water as John on 34 lost 5 and Jack on 30 lost 5.

In first place was me (Eddie) who had picked solid winter peg 14 for my troubles and I had a rather exciting 5 hours. After a slow 30 minutes and with no carp being caught I decided to try and catch a few silvers and to my shock first bite and I was attached to a carp on my 3 metre whip. 1 minutes later the fish surfaced and was netted in a flash all 13-08 of it.

Thinking it was a fluke I went back in and my second bite was met with solid resistence but not from a carp but a massive 4lb plus perch which gave me two attempts to net it before destroying the rig.

Anyway after that I managed to catch 4 more carp and 2 big perch also losing 9 carp for my final weight of 50-01.

In first place was Eddie with 50-01.

In second place was 12 year old Samuel Worrall with carp to 15-12 in his weight of 40-01 (well done Samuel).


9 fished

Place Angler Peg Weight
1st Eddie T-Green 14 50-01 X4 Baits
2nd Samuel Worrall 16 40-01 Rolfslake
3rd John Bennett 34 25-15 Rolfslake /Drennan
4th Jack Griffin 30 25-10 Rolfslake
5th Brian 28 7-10 Rolfslake
6th Gordon Worrall 16 1-02 Rolfslake
7th Martin Worrall 18 DNW Rolfslake
8th Douglas Hill 2 DNW Rolfslake
9th Fred Selwood 4 DNW Rolfslake

On behalf of John, Pauline , Dai and myself we would like to wish all our visiting anglers and friends a very Happy New Year.

May 2017 bring you all good health and may all your fishing dreams come true.

Thanks for reading John, Simon and Eddie.

Rolfslake Christmas Match 18th December 2016.


Festive fun down the lake.

On probably the last Christmas match to be held at Rolfslake under the current ownership of John and Pauline Bennett, 23 anglers came to enjoy the annual festivities.

With the carp not feeding in any numbers and the match being decided on total weight and not a split pool it was carp or bust for today.

I was on peg 38 and had the amusing pleasure of seeing Michael Corsini lose 13 carp on peg 2 which would of won him the last 10 matches let alone this one.

The winner today on a hard day was Jim McCann who was fishing peg 16 , who had big carp to 15llb in his weight of 78-15.

Along way back in second place was Martin Worrall on peg 14 who also had big carp in his weight of 38-14.

The anglers would like to thank John and Pauline for their hospitality and food buffet arranged after the match it was much appreciated.


23 Fished

Place Angler Peg Weight
1st Jim McCann 16 78-15 Rolfslake
2nd Martin Worrall 14 38-14 Rolfslake
3rd Ernie Malyon 36 28-00 Rolfslake
4th Dai Thomas 23 24-01 Rolfslake
5th Nick Williams 25 23-10 Rolfslake
6th Andy Quarmby  7 21-08 Middy
7th Micheal Corsini  2 21-01 Rolfslake
8th Fred Selwood 18 17-10 Rolfslake
9th Graham Ridgely 40 14-12 Rolfslake
10th Mick Worrall 26 9-11 Rolfslake
11th Steve Waters 28 6-12 Drennan
12th Pat Pritchard 22 6-12 Rolfslake
13th Anthony Flint  2 6-07 Drennan Bordon
14th Gordon Worrall  9 6-02 Rolfslake
15th Steve Boorer 13 3-09  Rolfslake
16th Doug Hill 34 1-10 Rolfslake
17th Eddie Taylor-Green 38 1-03  X4 Baits
18th Malc Doyle 32 DNW Jinx League
19th Steve Palmer 5 DNW Rolfslake
20th Paul House 4 DNW Rolfslake
21st Jeff Bond 29 DNW Rolfslake
22nd Steve Stayte 31 DNW Rolfslake
23rd Dan Blackwell 8 DNW Rolfslake

Thanks for reading John, Simon and Eddie.

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