Rolfslake Sunday Open 31st December 2017.

Last match of 2017.

Today saw the end of fishing down at Rolfslake for 2017. There were 13 anglers on today’ match hoping for one last enjoyable days fishing.

John had pegged all the anglers in the big lake on the basis that the deeper water would give the anglers a few bites.

The story of today’ match was the carp had pretty much switched off except on end pegs 32 and 8 and for the rest it was just a case of targeting the silvers.

The winner overall and completing a very good set of match wins was Andy Rayment fishing 32 peg by  the cafe.

For pretty much 3 and a half hours Andy only had about 4lb to show for his efforts, but his last 3 fish were a 4lb bream and 17lb carp followed by a 9lb carp for his total weight of 34-02.

Today’s winner Andy Rayment.

On peg 10 in no carp bay was John Beasley who was catching silvers pretty much from the off , and by fishing maggots put a great 21-15 to win the silvers pool.

Top Silvers weight
John Beasley 21-15.

Second in Silvers
Anthony Flint 18-07.

Top carp weight today fell to me on peg 8 fishing in the deep water catching 10 small carp and one of 15lb for a total of 17-01.

Top Carp weight
EddieT-Green 17-01.

For those looking for a good days silver fishing then Rolfslake will always get you a few bites with a chance of a carp.


13 Fished
 Place  Angler Peg  Carp Silvers Total Weight
1st Andy Rayment 32 26-1 8-01 34-02
2nd John Beasley 10 21-15 21-15
3rd EddieT-Green 8 17-1 3-01 20-02
4th Anthony Flint 26 18-07 18-07
5th Tony Carter 30 15-10 15-10
6th Kev Simpson 16 0-2 14-05 14-07
7th John Bennett 9 12-00 12-00
8th Colin Manning 13 11-10 11-10
9th Steve Stayte 28 0-5 9-07 9-12
10th Taff Davies 24 9-05 9-05
11th Steve Palmer 14 8-03 8-03
12th Jeff Bond 22 8-00 8-00
13th Mick Denton 18 0-9 7-06 7-15

Thanks for reading John, Eddie and Simon.

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