Rolfslake Christmas match 17th December 2017

Rolfslake Christmas Match

Today saw 15 anglers gathered at Rolfslake looking at a frozen lake which had been partly been broken up by John and a few of the anglers.

With the draw done the anglers were seen breaking up the ice to the required distance they wanted to fish, but with the wind swirling the floating ice pieces would cause difficulties during the match.

All the anglers today brought a wrapped gift which would be raffled by peg numbers at the end so everyone would be a winner .

On a difficult cold and rainy day any angler who could fish to a feature would have a great chance and today Steve Waters was one of the anglers.

Fishing peg 34 along the rope Steve managed to catch about 7 carp fishing at full depth to claim victory with his winning weight of 56-06 .

In second place and right opposite Steve was Jeff Bond on peg 7 who manged a couple of big carp on the tip for his weight of 28-00.

The anglers would like to thank John and Pauline for preparing a lovely buffet after the match which was appreciated by all.

As for me, after a tough day on peg 10 at least I won the Christmas hamper for the second year running so I defended my lucky streak for another year.

May on behalf of John and Pauline Bennett ,Simon and myself wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


15 Fished

Place Angler Peg Weight
1st Steve Waters 34 56-06 Drennan
2nd Jeff Bond 7 28-00 Rolfslake
3rd Steve Palmer 28 13-07 Rolfslake
4th Steve Stayte 30 11-11 Rolfslake
5th Taff Davis 24 9-00 Rolfslake
6th John Bennett 14 8-10 Rolfslake/ Drennan
7th Malc Doyle 13 6-09 Jinx League
8th Graham Ridgely 32 6-05 Rolfslake
9th Ernie Malyon 38 3-12 Rolfslake
10th Eddie T-Green 10 2-02 X4 Baits
11th Gordon Worrell  4 DNW Top Tackle
12th Doug Hill 5 DNW Rolfslake
13th Martin Worrell 8 DNE Rolfslake
14th Paul House 9 DNW Rolfslake
15th Fred Selwood 26 DNW Rolfslake

Thanks for reading John, Simon and Eddie.

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