Jon Walker


Jon Holding one of many Double's from the Lake

Jon Walker and John Bennett doing a feature for Angling Times. They are behind pegs 7 and 8.

Jon with a beautiful 21lb common caught during an Angling Times feature.

This is Rolfslake’s Lake record holder Jon Walker of the now sought after Walker Floats. Jon set the lake record 530-00 a few years ago and has had many match wins down on the lake, be it bagging on carp or fishing for one of the many other species down on the lake. Jon at one time caught the britsh record Golden Orfe at nearly 9lb from Rolfs but also has caught the biggest carp caught from the lake a mirror at 27-00 caught last year.

Jon is a thinking angler and tries new things to stay ahead of the match anglers , but it is the quality handmade floats that people know Jon for as they are in the right hands virtually indestructable as he uses only the best materials to create some really beautiful floats to cover pretty much all angling situations. Over the next few pages we have included a photo and a summary of some of the most popular floats that Jon makes.

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