Jinx Christmas Match 23rd December 2017.

The Jinx Christmas Match

Today saw Malc Doyle and his fellow Jinxsters arrive for their Christmas match and final visit of 2017.

The Jinx League has been a great support of Rolfslake during the years and today was their time to say Merry Christmas to their friends.

Today’ match saw only 3 carp caught but plenty of bites from the silvers with 6 double figure weights topped by Mick Jones with his weight of 14-13.

However 2 of those pesky carp caught by Adam Griffiths stopped Mick from winning the match as they went 20-10 between them ( well done Adam).

The gang enjoyed their days fishing and were treated to a buffet prepared by Pauline and John after the match.

Father Christmas and Oliver would like to wish all the Jinxsters and their families a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Results .

13 fished

 Place  Angler  Weight  Peg  Sponsor
1st Adam Griffiths  20-10  8 Jinx League
2nd Mick Jones 14-13 16 Jinx League
3rd Neil Riddy 14-07 32 DT Floats
4th Ryan Lewis 13-01 24 Jinx League
5th Micheal Corsini 10-10 10 Jinx League
6th Ade Williams 10-06 14 Jinx League
7th Mick Chappell 10-05 18 Jinx League
8th Ernie Malyon 10-01 22 Jinx League
9th Malc Doyle 8-05 9 Jinx League
10th Matt Bracken 8-01 28 Jinx League
11th Nick Watkins-Price  6-03 13 Jinx League
12th Dan Deakin 3-11 26 Jinx League
13th Steve Wilson DNW 30 Jinx League

Thanks for reading John, Eddie and Simon.

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