2011 Peg Kings

Updated 18-9-11 ( * denotes recently changed )


Peg kings is a piece of fun for the anglers down the lake and you get your name on the board when you hold the top weight for the peg at that moment in time.

Last year the longest peg king was co-website founder Simon Mound who held his peg king from February to December, and the angler who held the most peg kings was lake owner John Bennett who held 7 top peg weights at the same time.

So to get on the board you have to fish one of the opens or league matches or festivals and have a higher weight than the angler currently on that peg.

To be king of the lake you have to have the highest weight recorded down the lake.

There are currently   1 out of bounds peg ,peg 33

1 peg under construction peg 12

6 peg kings under 100lb

13 peg kings over 100lb

14 peg kings over 200lb

5   peg kings over 300lb

Peg Current PEG KING Weight Sponsor Old Peg King
Peg 1 Ian Millin* 35-00 Rolfslake Clive Pritchard
Peg 2 Andy Quarmby 195-08 Matchfishingscene Andy Quarmby
Peg 3 Del Smith 166-12 Boxmore Sports Steve Preston
Peg 4 Gary Kelsey 292-12 Rolfslake Derek Hammond
Peg 5 Pete Arnold 300-4 Rolfslake Mark Newbold
Peg 6 Justin Watkins 168-0 Browning Crowsport Bill Lovelock
Peg 7 Mark Newbold 294-4 Rolfslake Chris Lovelock
Peg 8 Jon Walker
383-00 Walker Floats John Bennett
Peg 9 Mark Newbold 262-8 Rolfslake Andy Morrison
Peg 10 Frank Donoghie 176-8 Rolfslake Tony Wynwick
Peg 11 Tony Roberts 102-4 Jinx Squad Marcus Burgess
Peg 12 Not in use
Peg 13 Pat Pritchard 165-0 Cove AC Richard Doolan
Peg 14 Martin Churchill (Tri Cast Weston) 209-04 Shimano Team Wales Steve Waters
Peg 15 Steve Wilson 161-8 Jinx Squad Paul Roberts
Peg 16 Simon Enticott 335-08 Matchfishingscene
John Bennett
Peg 17 Mick Lane 235-4 Rolfs Mafia Kevin Williams
Peg 18 Geoff Warmington 260-00 Rolfslake Clive Pritchard
Peg 19 Simon Mound 171-4 Simple Match Fishing John Bennett
Peg 20 Clive Pritchard 99-8 Jinx Squad Alex
Peg 21 Paul Jay 59-8 Rolfslake Mick Lane
Peg 22 Colin Wedgebrow 236-00 Fishermans Friend Liam Bough
Peg 23 Eddie Taylor-Green 249-12 Rolfslake/ Walker Floats Dave Wightman
Peg 24 Jon Walker 357-8 Walker Floats Mark Taylor
Peg 25 Martin Churchill(Tri Cast Weston) 258-14 Shimano Team Wales Marcus Burgess
Peg 26 Roy Miller 243-08 Boxmore Sports
Dan Jones
Peg 27 Owen Glover 118-4 Ospreys AC Mick Chapple
Peg 28 Geoff Edwards* 327-04 Rolfslake Maurice Woodley
Peg 29 Mick Lane 99-12 Rolfs Mafia Peter Morton
Peg 30 Andy Quarmby 266-8 Jinx Squad Steve Wilson
Peg 31 Dave Howe 146-8 Red Lion Match Group Tony Taylor
Peg 32 Andy Quarmby 319-12 Cove AC Paul Jay
Peg 33 Not in Use
Peg 34 Ian McCulloch* 174-4 MatchfishingScene Wayne Higgins
Peg 35 Matt Wilson* 91-08 Rolfslake Simon Mound
Peg 36 Barry Gabriel 138-12 Lions Tackle Matt Smith
Peg 37 Simon Mound 73-4 Simple Match Fishing Frank Hardie
Peg 38 Jon Walker 243-4 Walker Floats Mark Newbold
Peg 39 Mick Lane* 130-8 Rolfs Team Gold  Adam Bates
Peg 40 Mark Newbold 281-8 Rolfslake Mick Sutton

Vespe / Miracle Baits sponsored Chris Telling.

Chris Telling new Silver Fish Lake king with new

Silver fish match record 75-08


Peg Current PEG KING Weight Sponsor Old Peg King
Peg 1
Peg 2 Frank Hardie 64-09 Rolfslake Derek Hammond
Peg 3
Peg 4 Pete Arnold 17-Dec Rolfslake Geoff Palmer
Peg 5
Peg 6 Andy Quarmby 11oz Rolfslake Pat Pritchard
Peg 7 Jim McCann 87-0 Rolfslake Mick Lane
Peg 8 Jon Walker 248-14 Walker Floats
Pete Arnold
Peg 9 Barry 136-4 Rolfslake Dave Whiteman
Peg 10 Neal Hutchins 57-12 Rolfslake Mick Chapple
Peg 11
Peg 12 Not in use
Peg 13 Steve Williams 89-08 Rolfslake John Cowling
Peg 14 Paul Jay 111-12 Rolfslake Steve Palmer
Peg 15
Peg 16 John Bennett
177-0 Rolfslake Pete Arnold
Peg 17
Peg 18 Steve Waters 200-12 Frenzee Phil Powell
Peg 19 John Bennett 80-00 Rolfslake
Peg 20
Peg 21 Mick Lane 50-1 Rolfslake Jon Walker
Peg 22 Frank Hardie 121-4 Hydro 2000 Dave Whiteman
Peg 23 Dave Whiteman 98-0 Hydro 2000 Derek Hammond
Peg 24 Mick Lane 132-12 Rolfslake Steve Palmer
Peg 25
Peg 26 Jon Walker 75-8 Rolfslake Butch
Peg 27 Mick Chapple 88-4
Peg 28 Phil Powell 130-4 Rolfslake John Bennett
Peg 29
Peg 30 Gary Kelsey 71-4 Rolfslake Ian McCulloch
Peg 31
Peg 32 Neil Riddy 90-00 Rolfslake Mark Lugford
Peg 33 Not in Use
Peg 34 Mick Chapple 96-8 Rolfslake Dave Whiteman
Peg 35
Peg 36
Peg 37 Frank Hardie 29-Dec Rolfslake Neil Hutchins
Peg 38
Peg 39
Peg 40 Phil Powell 13-Aug Rolfslake John Bennett


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