2010 Club matches top 10 anglers.

In the table below is the top 10 weights from the club matches from this year.

Place Angler Peg Weight Club
1st Morris Woodley 16 264-08 Cove A.C
2nd Derek Smith 4 259-10 Boxmore Angling Club
3rd Steve Rouse 7 223-00 Hare and Hounds A.C
4th Mark Brown 34 216-14 Red Lion Angling Club
5th Wally 30 206-08 Black Bull Angling Club
6th Gavin Mills 8 194-00 Feltham Piscatorials Society
7th Jay Davis 4 171-08 Ashton Angling Club
8th Carl Jeffries 16 170-12 Atomic Angling Club
9th Dean Elliott 16 139-00 A.E.C Angling Club
10th Mick Whitmore 17 136-04 Ospreys Angling Club


Lake King John Hague

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