2013 Peg Kings

Updated 16-9-2013 by Simon

Geoff Edwards. New lake King.

Peg kings is a bit of fun for the anglers down the lake and you get your name on the board when you hold the top weight for the peg at that moment in time. Over the years it has become quite hotly contended. Mick Jones prints these sheets off and put them on the board down the lake for people to check. Thanks Mick.

Last year (2012) the longest held peg king was Ian McCulloch  who held his peg king from Jan 8th to December 31st on peg 2 with 175 lb 12oz, Mick Chappell also held his peg King title from Jan 8th to December 31st too on peg 5 with 38lb, But to be fair Peg 5 was not used again that year as it became unsafe.

So to get on the board you have to fish one of the opens or league matches or festivals and have a higher weight than the angler currently on that peg.

To be king of the lake you have to have the highest weight recorded down the lake in 2013.

Also To Qualify there must be 10 or more Anglers Fishing and it must be a Draw NOT a walkoff. If Its a Club Match we have to have a COMPLETE set of results, no emailing us and saying ‘such and such had this much’

There are currently   1 out of bounds peg, peg 33. One peg under construction Peg 12 .


Peg Current PEG KING Date Weight Old Peg King Old Weight
Peg 1
Peg 2  Michael Corsini  11th May  316-05  Dave Whiteman  186-12
Peg 3  Not in use peg under repair.
Peg 4  Clive Pritchard  28th Apr 246-04  Paul Robinson  127-04
Peg 5  Mark Newbold  4th Sept 321-11  Steve Wynn  241-8
Peg 6  Marcus Burgess  11th May 197-07  Andy Rayment  147-12
Peg 7  Paul Jay  10th July 252-10  Paul Jay  191-13
Peg 8  Geoff Edwards  11th Sept 376-8  John Bennett  234-12
Peg 9  Michael Corsini  10th May 364-14  Neil Riddy  233-03
Peg 10  Kev Loveland  10th May 111-15  Steve Waters  65-13
Peg 11  Neil Riddy  10th May 208-10
Peg 12  Not in Use
Peg 13  Tony Wynnick  16th June  195-07  Barry Gabriel  179-00
Peg 14  Andy Quarmby  30th Mar  214-05  Justin McCabe  60-06
Peg 15  Geoff Edwards  20th Jan  177-7  Derek Hammond  30-10
Peg 16  Rob Cooksey  23rd June  238-14  John Walker  182-12
Peg 17  John Emerson  13th June  134-07  Steve Parker  100-03
Peg 18  Del Smith  19th May  274-04  Andy Quarmby  177-05
Peg 19  Ernie Malyon  20th Jan  24-15
Peg 20  Paul Jay  1st June  76-07  Ade Williams  9-11
Peg 21  Mick Chappell  10th Feb  46-07  Andy Rayment  8-05
Peg 22  Micheal Corsini  15th June  227-05  Steve Rich  197-02
Peg 23  Neil Jones  24th May  165-14  Paul Jay  137-15
Peg 24  Andy Quarmby  24th Apr  177-04  Johnny Broadbent  174-03
Peg 25  Paul Roberts  16th June  99-06  Steve Davies  84-13
Peg 26  Andy Morrison  23rd June  239-00  Liam Bough  167-00
Peg 27  Graham Bradshaw  5th Apr  28-09  Steve Waters  3-02
Peg 28  Lee  8th May  163-04  Pete Archer  93-04
Peg 29  Paul Jay  26th June  137-12  Andy Quarmby  130-11
Peg 30  John Draper  16th June  208-11  John Draper  175-08
Peg 31  Martin Churchill  24th May  153-01  Micheal Corsini  53-07
Peg 32  Eddie Taylor-Green  10th May  260-05  Neil Richards  219-09
Peg 33  Out of bounds.
Peg 34  Pete Archer  6th May  250-12  Dave Collier  95-12
Peg 35  Nick Williams  10th July  71-01
Peg 36  Luke Webster  23rd May  99-10  Steve Parker 66-08
Peg 37
Peg 38  Pete Arnold  5th June  312-01  Geoff Edwards  153-06
Peg 39
Peg 40  Stuart Yeomans  6th May  203-04  Johnny Broadbent  14-15


Colmic sponsored Chris Telling with the current top silver weight of 34-13.


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