Rolflake’s 3rd night match 23rd July 2010.

As Rolfslake entered its 3rd night match of the year, news had got out of the prize on offer to the angler that broke the lake record of 530-00 of a Lamborghini Gallardo or a Vespe / Rolfslake tee shirt and these prizes i am sure helped swell the attendance on tonights match.

Prize to the angler that broke the lake record on tonights match only.

Also tonight we had the rare treat of the Jinx Minx aka Gemma Doyle join the guys for a nights fishing but as the regulars are not part of the Jinx League they are unaware of the term minxing or the significance of her scream when she caught her first fish.

Stupidly i was talking to Simon the day before when he told me that Gemma was going to fish and i muttered the words i will never be minxed at Rolfslake but would these words come back to haunt me ?.

The Minx Gemma Doyle on the prowl for new victims.

Peg 32 the winning peg on the last two night matches had Lee on it tonight and he was hoping to fill his nets as there is a massive head of fish in this area at the moment, and on peg 9 Neil Riddy had drawn the peg for the second night match out of three. With only two pegs left in the bag it was left to me and Paul Jay to draw and when i pulled out peg 26 i was more than happy to see Paul draw very little used peg 35 in the small lake.
The match started with the usual flurry of bites and early fish but my biggest fear happen after 20 minutes when from the motorway bank there was a shreek as Gemma caught her first of many carp so i was already playing catch up, and for the next four hours i watched as Gemma landed fish after fish as it got dark and at one stage i estimated i was 6 fish down so i dont think i have ever concentrated so much in order to put some carp in the net.
Along the motorway bank the usual suspect were catching fish with Dave Whiteman catching steady and next to him Derek Hammond was also catching slow to start with but getting quicker as the match went on. The anglers on the motorway bank were struggling like me with foulhooked fish and from where i could see also pegs 9 and 32 were struggling to line the fish up, and John Hague on peg 8 was finding it frustrating trying to locate where the fish were and what baits they wanted.
In first place today was Rolfslake regular Geoff Edwards who yet again was lucky to have his wife Vicky  bring him good luck and also an end peg. The combination of good angler + good peg normally = match win and today Geoff fished just two lines one at 4 to 5 metres and the other down to the edge to his right at a range of 3 metres just down the first shelf. By fishing paste on the deck Geoff was able to keep the fish coming by feeding constantly which brought a run of big fish { Geoff’s last two fish went 38-08 } which helped him amass his weight of 273-05 and another match win and peg king {well done Geoff.
In second place was Paul Jay who fished a very good match from a poor peg and who fished banded pellet on the deck at 6 metres feeding heavy but suffered a lot of lost fish but still managed to catch plenty of fish to double figures in his weight of 184-04 and also peg king for peg 35.
Completing the frame was Derek Hammond on peg 29 on the car park bank and after a slow start was able to catch fish at 8 metres i think as i could not see that clearly in the dark, and after five hours caught 153-04 for another frame.
After the match and weigh-in the anglers were treated to a lovely barbeque provided by John and the anglers relaxed by the lake recalling their match and telling of lost fish and big battles with Rolfslake’s monsters.

As for me i spent all night foul hooking fish and losing fish in the bush to my left and after spending 4 and a half hours swearing to myself i was very lucky to have four doubles in a row on paste to catch 74-10 and 11th place and only 2-06 in front of Gemma so i saved myself a minxing just, but i will not be stupid again to think that i can’t be beaten by Gem { sorry }.

If you would like to experience an enjoyable match with great company and a great barbeque give John Bennett a call to book on as places are limited due to health and safety of all our visitors.

Geoff and Vicky Edwards looking for cloud 9 on their way home.


Place Angler Peg Weight  
1st Geoff Edwards 7 273-05 Reading Angling Centre
2nd Paul Jay 35 184-04 Rolfslake
3rd Derek Hammond 29 153-04 Banbury Gunsmiths
4th Dave Moore 22 133-04 Jinx League
5th Dave Whiteman 28 130-12 Hydro 200
6th John Hague 8 123-04 Smithys
7th Aiden 15 100-10 PB Rolfslake
8th Mark Chard 16 92-04 Rolfslake
9th Simon Mound 31 86-00 Jinx League
10th Neil Riddy 9 83-14 Rolfslake
11th Eddie Taylor-Green 26 74-10 Rolfslake / Walker Floats
12th Gemma Doyle 18 72-04 Jinx League
13th Lee 32 58-04 Rolfslake
14th Chris Love 17 24-08 Rolfslake

Early morning fishing.

As i woke up at 6.30 am i was greeted by John Hague and his son Brandon who were happily bagging from peg 33 by the hut and after a short while Brandon’s float dissapeared and he was hanging on to a nice common carp of 14-08 which brought a nice smile on his face and even a bigger one on his dads { well done Brandon }.

John and Brandon Hague working as a team.

One of Brandons double figure commons.

Mark and Billy Chard.

Billy Chard with a common 13-08.

After watching Brandon catching a few carp young Billy was tempted into having a go and again by float fishing using banded pellet Billy was into a carp after a few minutes and with a little help from dad was able to play and land a nice common of 13-08 {well done Billy}.

Until our next report tight lines Eddie and Simon.

Coming to a Lake near you….Open Match, 28th July 2010

Venue :- Rolfs Lake

Date :- Wednesday 28th July

Another open down at the lake. Today’s turnout was very good with 20 anglers on the carpark. The weather started of very sunny and warm but the wind picked up and it soon became cloudy and cold.

Me and Eddie were having a little match of our own today and I had drew peg 34. Eddie waited till last to draw along with Paul Jay. There were two pegs left in the bag, 8 and 3. Eddie wanted peg 3 to stop anyone taking his Peg King title 😀 He put his hand in the bag and pulled out peg 3  much to Paul’s delight as he wanted peg 8.

Mother moor-hen on peg 34

This was my first day time open match at the lake and I must say it was all very relaxed and not as serious as I thought it would be. I had plenty of time after setting up to take a few pictures round the little lake.

John Bennett on peg 36

Dan Ball on peg 38

Jon Walker on peg 39

Andy (Pelletking) on Peg 1

Eddie on peg 3. Making sure there was no holes in the net 😀

Peg King is safe for another week

Fishing started off slow round the lake. In the little lake not many people were catching early on, I managed 4 fish shallow and John was hooking some big fish but pulling out of them at the net. Dave on peg 7 was getting a steady run of fish and Jon Walker was only catching silvers on peg 39.

In the big lake Chris Telling was having a better time on peg 28 putting a good weight of fish together along with Mick Lane on 13, Martin on peg 18 was also getting a few fish of the left hand bush.

In the final 2 hours things picked up and this is when most people started catching well. Dan Ball on 38 was putting his ton weight together and so was John Betton on peg 4. Andy on peg 9 was making regular trips to the weigh station also.

John Bennett was having a nightmare, he was fishing the bomb to the aerator. He casting was very accurate, hitting the aerator every cast that was until 20 mins to the end when his managed to get it right through the middle of it before getting snagged on the rope 😀 He pulled for a break and threw his rod up the bank and called it a day 😀

I was catching well on the bomb too, casting over towards the lilies and firing pellets over the top of it. I was using my new Carbon-Active 10ft mini rod and it performed superbly. It stopped the carp getting in the snags easily and the only fish that got anywhere close was a small common about 2-3lb 😀 {picture to follow of the little bugger}

In the last hour me and Eddie were pretty much neck and neck I thought. Jon Walker had sussed a plan out and was catching some big fish on the paste.

Jon Walker

Dave on 7 still catching

Paul Jay on Peg 8

I never had another fish in the final 30 mins and Eddie had one right before the whistle so I thought he had just done me with that final fish. I was first to be weighed and put 78-4 on the scales. Eddie’s fish came to 75-12 so I had just about pipped him much to my surprise. :mrgreen:

Word was it was going to between Mick Lane and Chris Telling for the overall win, Mick put 178-4 on the scales but was beaten by Chris with 230-4. Mick had to settle for second place two weeks running now.


Position Name Peg Weight
1 Chris Telling 28 230-4
2 Mick Lane 13 178-4
3 Martin 18 150-4
4 Andy S 9 126-4
5 John Betton 4 119-0
6 Jon Walker 39 116-8
7 Kev 10 112-12
8 Pete Arnold 14 112-0
9 Dan Ball 38 103-0
10 Paul Jay 8 100-12
11 Herbie 16 98-4
12 Andy 1 93-0
13 Dave 7 79-0
14 Simon Mound 34 78-4
15 Eddie Taylor-Green 3 75-12
16 Mick Telling 32 44-8
17 Chris Naines 6 40-4
18 John Bennett 36 10-8
19 Chris Lovelock 30 DNW
20 McConnel 26 DNW

I had a good day and enjoyed my first open. I was pleased to beat Eddie and not to break any gear like the previous anglers that have fished peg 34 (Marcus and Dave) 😀

Thanks for reading, Si and Eddie

Rolfslake’s Wednesday Open 14th July 2010

The calm before the storm at todays match.

As the anglers arrived at the draw today what they wanted was an enjoyable days fishing at a lovely venue, what we actually got was rain of biblical proportions and i expected to see Noah and the arc go past us. What i also found out was that that my tried and tested Halkon Hunt clothing that i had had for a few years was not up to the job as it acted like a sponge and did not repell the water. This is not because it is no good but the reverse as i have had it for many years and it has given me many great years protection but it has now reached the end of its life.

The reason i talk about clothing is because we at Rolfslake had experienced fantastic weather for the last six weeks so it was by luck that most anglers had brought wet weather clothing rather than the shorts and flip flops that had been worn in previous weeks as it was supposed to be summertime in this country.

Even the horse Beauty was stunned when John Bennett did not draw peg 9 in todays match.

With the little lake being used for todays match as it gave the regulars a different view for a change and also gave the pleausre anglers a different area to fish. With the draw completed and the big lake out what was not a surprise was that draw bag John Bennett had drawn end peg flyer peg 7 in the gap between the two parts of the lake. Elsewhere around the small lake master float maker Jon Walker was to have another special day ,Paul Jay was going to turn a great peg into an average peg { only joking Paul } and both Pat Pritchard and myself were going to be peg kings if we could catch as pegs 39 and pegs 3 were in.

After about 30 minutes the rain started and after an hour the sky turned black and the heavens opened but it did not hamper the fishing it actually improved it as anglers could be seen playing fish all around the lake as i suppose it added oxygen to the water. Today also saw the return to the lake of Festival winner Andy aka Pellet King and i had a great view of him as he started catching all types of fish fishing shallow at the start and then he came closer as the match went on . Both Pat and myself had a slow start fishing corner pegs but towards the end the fish moved in and we could not catch them fast enough. Jon Walker was up to his normal specimen hunting tricks as his first fish after half an hour was massive and it went 21-12 so he was off and running and from where i could see both Mick Jones and Paul Jay were catching so good weights should be had by all.

Todays winner John Bennett.

The winner today was lake owner John Bennett who was on peg 7 and after catching a few fish from the far bank on the bomb fished with meat noticed his edge line that he had been feeding to his left towards peg 8 was boiling with fish and never looked back. John fished this line with paste fished tight to the edge and had fish to double figures { in fact 101lb of them } and had a real struggle with some of the bigger fish as he was broke 4 times as the real big fish moved in in what he said was a really enjoyable / frustrating match but still had 245-00 { well done John }. In second place was specimen hunter Jon Walker on peg 38 who was also chasing the peg king for this peg put fell just short in the end.

The amazing thing about Jon’s weight was he had no carp to weigh -in at the end as they were all on the board but had a fantastic 14 fish for 195lb and had carp of 21-12, 20-08 and 20-04 and many other doubles in his weight. I have been fishing Rolfslake for over 10 years and never had a 20 but Jon has a nack of catching 20’s as he has caught a few over the years, and Jon today caught a few carp fishing long but the majority of his carp at 6 metres fishing paste and pellet hook bait in his weight of 205-12. Completing the frame was Andy on peg 4 who had a very close battle with me but in the end ended one fish in front fishing his usual pellet hook bait. Andy started fishing long shallow catching carp and skimmers but fishing was slow for him but in the last two hours was able to get the fish closer at a range of 6-7 metres and this helped his final weight of 151-08.


Place Angler Peg Weight Bait  
1st John Bennett 7 245-00 Paste Rolfslake
2nd Jon Walker 38 205-12 Pellet/ Paste Rolfslake / Walker Floats
3rd Andy 4 151-08 Pellet Rolfslake
4th Eddie Taylor-Green 3 142-12 X4 Paste Rolfslake / Walker Floats
5th Mick Jones 6 127-12 Meat Rolfslake
6th Pat Pritchard 39 120-04 Meat Rolfslake
7th Paul Jay 34 73-00 Pellet/ Paste Rolfslake

New peg kings ,John Bennett peg 7 ,Pat Pritchard for peg 39 and me Eddie Taylor-Green for peg 3.

The score between John and myself stands at John 6 Eddie 7 .

Elsewhere around the lake the pleasure anglers have been catching big fish with Taff catching big fish like this 18-08 common carp.

Taff with a 18-08 common

Until our next report tight lines Eddie and Simon.

Rolfslake Wednesday Open 16th June 2010.

Match Reporter Eddie T-Green.

After the massive pleasure weight of 800lb caught by Ginger on peg 8 on Tuesday, the anglers were hoping that Rolfslake would not fish like Jekyll and Hide as it has been quite tough these last few weeks as the fish finish off spawning.

With turn out low due to the football the anglers assembled at the draw hoping for a good draw and a good days fishing and all i was hoping was for a victory over John Bennett to go 5-4 up in our seasons battle.

As the anglers drew their pegs and went off there were two remaining left and as big Dave insisted on drawing last { he is a lot bigger than me } i drew peg 9 leaving Dave peg 22 sorry Dave.

With the lake still fishing hard all i can tell you is that many anglers still had fish fizzing in their pegs and were still foul hooking lots of fish, so hopefully for round 3 of the Jinx League the fish will settle down and feed properly.

The weather today was sunny and warm with a nice breeze blowing form the North so this should of helped the anglers but all it did was make presentation hard as the tow on the lake was going the other way. In first place today was Rolfslake regular Chris Lovelock fishing opposite me on peg 32 by the hut and after a very slow start with Chris catching a couple of fish shallow on pellet decided after a few hours to fish the bush to his left and never looked back.

Chris from where i could see was using pellet feeding regular fishing just in front of the bush down the first ledge, and Chris was rewarded with a run of big fish {Chris had over 100lb of weighers on the board } that just kept in front and after 5 hours had a weight of 217-12 for victory and got him the peg king for peg 32. In second place was me Eddie and i also had a good day, fishing 8 metres to the front of the bush to my right and by using my X4 paste mix was able to have 5 hours of playing tug of war with the fish as they tried to get in the bush. Some of my bite were really savage as the pole was pulled around as the fish really wanted the paste and a poor 4th hour stopped me catching Chris, but it was after 2 hours that John Bennett hit a new low. As i took a fish to be checked by John and was returning to the weigh station , John crept to my peg and took a big chunk of paste from my bucket and was seen running back off to peg 10 laughing {nice one John } but it did not help him as he lost plenty of fish with it. After five hours i had caught 189-12 of carp all on paste and had an enjoyable day. Competing the frame was Mark Chard on peg 24 and John tells me Mark was using pellet on the pole fishing long to catch his weight of 88-00 with fish to double figures.


Place Angler Peg Weight
1st Chris Lovelock 32 217-12 Rolfslake
2nd Eddie Taylor-Green 9 189-12 Rolfslake / Walker Floats
3rd Mark Chard 24 88-00 Rolfslake
4th Geoff Edwards 14 80-10 Reading Angling Centre
5th John Bennett 10 78-14 Rolfslake
6th Paul Jay 13 45-00 Rolfslake

Until our next report tight lines Simon and Eddie.

Rolfslake Wednesday Open 19th May 2010.



The Cartel Fight Back episode 2.

Firstly i would like to thank all my fishing buddies for their kind birthday wishes as it was my birthday down on the lake yesterday. In a dream that i had a few days earlier i was to catch carp after carp on my birthday and not only win the match but i was to beat all the cartel members { Bennett, Powell and Lane } and my Nemesis Jeff Edwards and Paul Jay, so one out of five was not be considered a good days fishing.

As we waited for the draw to commence i could see the pleasure anglers catching along the car park bank on the small lake so this was looking promising for a good days fishing, and as a nice suprise John and Paul had decorated the lawn mower with a happy birthday sign , a birthday candle on top {not good on a petrol mower} and the keys to have a ride around the lake {they certainly know how to push the boat out}.

As the draw took place i was hoping to draw the car park bank from pegs 26 to 32 and as i opened my hand lucky peg 7 was in it leaving John Bennett the last peg and with it newly pruned peg 9, so i was going to receive plenty of abuse from him and also Phil Powell on peg 6 brilliant.

As the all in was called i was into a fish straight away on my 12 metre line but this was to be a false dawn as i managed to perfect the art of foul hooking fish for the first two hours, and from were i was i could see the anglers on the car park bank all catching so hopefully a good bagging day was awaiting us. Phil Powell on peg 6 was tying with me for the first two hours then his up in the water roach line all of a sudden turned into a carp line and he just pulled away from me bummer !.

As i was restricted with my view of the match all i can tell you is that the winner of todays match was Mick {David Guest} Lane who was to be spoilt for choice on peg 16 on the motorway bank. Today Mick fed three lines, one to his right one to his left and one a little further straight out. Mick fed pellet and was fishing with paste as hook bait and he tells me that the carp were up on the silt bank very quickly today but he had to resist the temptation to go on it early as if he spoked one early they might of disapeared, so a combination of fishing the two margin swims kept the fish coming. At the end of five hours Mick had caught fish to 15lb in his final weight of 191-08 and only one fish off the double ton but at least he got his name on the peg kings board { well done Mick }.

Todays winner Cartel member Mick Lane.

In second place and on a good run of form was Pat Pritchard who was fishing current form peg 26 on the car park bank. Pat today was having a real ding dong battle with Liam Barry on peg 28 and after catching fish for fish on shallow rigs Pat decided to add more sections of pole to fish further out and by doing so stole the fish away from Liam which managed to keep him ahead. Pat used banded pellet as hook bait feeding regular to keep the fish active and after an enjoyable match put 182-08 on the scales and only one fish off victory.

Completing the frame and getting very close to his fish as he played them in my peg was Phil Powell on small lake peg 6, who started off fishing on the bottom with pellet switching to up in the water fishing at depths between 2 and 4 feet and ended up fishing the margins with paste { god Phil is good }. Phil caught fish to double figures from both his shallow and edge pegs and ended with 170-04 and only three fish off victory.

The amazing thing about today during the weigh-in was the amount of anglers happy to see me fail today especially the Cartel and Paul Jay as they kept reminding me every time someone beat me. Also today i found out that Jeff Edwards needs more maths tuition as he certainly can’t count because he told me he was struggling with about 85lb only to end up with 144-02 and another place down the line i went. The person that was giving me the most stick was John Bennett followed by Paul Jay but as John was fishing flyer peg 9 i was always going to struggle against him put i smashed Pauls weight to leave him second last after his victory last week.

The new visiting anglers had a great day and promised to return, and just as the terminator would say I WILL BE BACK to battle again against the Cartel in my quest to be one of the first anglers to top 400lb this year. The score now stands at John Bennett 4 me 2 so until our next report tight lines Eddie and Simon.

Position Name Peg Weight Method Sponsor
1st Mick Lane 16 191-8 Paste ML 1 down the right edge Rolfslake
2nd Patrick Pritchard 26 182-8 Shallow 14.5 mtrs Rolfslake
3rd Phil Powell 6 170-4 Shallow, Paste down the edge Rolfslake
4th John Bennett 9 167-8 Pellet, paste . Rolfslake
5th Malc Doyle 14 164-4   Jinx league
6th Liam Barry 28 163-4 Pellet shallow. Rolfslake
7th Gary Haisman 4 160-8 Banded pellet right hand edge. Bag-Up Angling.
8th Geoff Edwards 13 144-2 Pellet, paste right hand edge Reading Angling Centre
9th Mick Jones 22 142-8 Meat. Rolfslake.
10th Rich Lovering 32 141-8   Rolfslake.
11th Eddie Taylor-Green 7 120-8 X4 paste, 8mm banded pellet Rolfslake / Walker Floats.
12th Mark Ponting 18 118-4   Rolfslake.
13th Paul Jay 24 82-0 Pellet ,paste . Rolfslake.
14th Steve Barker 8 48-0 Bush to the right. Rolfslake.

2 new Peg Kings after this Match.

  • Malc Doyle on peg 14 with 164-4. Takes over from John Bennett
  • Mick Lane on peg 16 with 191-8. Takes over from Chris Telling