Winter League and Spring League Dates TEAMS ANNOUNCED

Winter league 2012-13 dates. Teams of 3. All Sunday Matches.
4th November, 25th November, 9 December, 23rd December, 30th December and 6th january.

Winter League Names..

  1. John Bennett
  2. Jeff Edwards (super sub mick lane fishing the 1st match)  READING ANGLING CENTRE
  3. Stuart Yeomans
  1. Paul Jay
  2. john draper    The Negatives 
  3. john cowlin
  1. malc doyle
  2. michael corsini      THE JINXSTERS
  3. paul roberts
  1. Jim mc cann
  2. neil hutchins    THE LUTON MAFIA
  3. lol bloomfield
  1. ernie malyon
  2. steve palmer MPM positives
  3. mark malyon
  1. andy rayment
  2. mick chapel
  3. dave loseby
  1. Nick Williams
  2. Nick Watkins-Price
  3. Marcus Burgess (possible)
  4. Dai Thomas (Standin)
  5. Simon Mound (Standin)
  6. mick lane (super Sub)




Open match saturday draw time 10-30 fishing 11-30 to 4-30 please phone 07774618688 or contact site to book in

Also the dates are now out for the winter league, the format is teams of 3 over 6 rounds, if you are interested in fishing as a team or you are an individual, please register we can make up teams with spare anglers, also if you are not able to fish all the rounds please register because we can use you as a substitute in the series

Winter League Round 6(Final). 15th January 2012

Another frozen day at the lake.

Report to follow…


A Section Peg Weight Team
1st Derek Hammond 34 100-4 Walker Floats
2nd Roger Young 5 31-8 Drawbags
3rd Simon Mound 7 27-0 Crabtree’s
4th Andy Rayment 40 16-12 Misfits
5th Phil Powell 2 8-4 Rolfs Gold
B Section Peg Weight Team
1st Paul Jay 10 50-0 Crabtree’s
2nd Pete Arnold 29 39-0 Misfits
3rd Mick Lane 9 8-0 Rolfs Gold
4th Mick Chappell 32 DNW Drawbags
Jon Walker (NO SHOW) 13 ——- Walker Floats
C Section Peg Weight Team
1st Frank Hardie 26 55-4 Drawbags
2nd Steve Waters 16 38-4 Walker Floats
3rd Neil Riddy 18 38-0 Crabtree’s
4th Dave Wightman 24 18-12 Misfits
5th John Bennett 22 9-0 Rolfs Gold
Crabtree’s 11
Walker Floats 9
Drawbag’s 9
Misfits 8
Rolfs Team Gold 5


1 Crabtree’s 12+4+9+13+7+11 56
2 Misfits 7+13+8½+8+10+8 54½
3 Rolfs Team Gold 12+7+13+5+10+5 52
4 Walker Floats 7+10+3½+11+11+9 51½
5 Drawbag’s 6+11+10+5+7+9 48
Total Team Weights Weight
Crabtree’s 699-9
Misfits 672-11
Walker Floats 659-1
Rolfs Team Gold 534-8
Drawbag’s 496-7

Overall Second Place, Misfits.

First Place Overall. Crabtree's

Second on the day. Derek Hammond and Steve Waters minus Lord Lucan 😛

Winter League Round 5. 8th Jan 2012



Some of the cracking carp caught today.

The results are on the results page. Click above.

With the winter league reaching round 5 and nearly all teams still in with a chance to win the title it was important that all sections fished well today and that all team members managed to catch to contribute to their teams total.

With a day off today i arrived after the second hour to see Simon, Mick Lane and Ian McCulloch all into fish ,which was better than last Wednesdays match. With Jon Walker missing today from A section it was left to Ian McCulloch to deputise for him and as luck would have it he had drawn peg 2 at the back end of the small lake.

The story of the match was that the lake fished the best it has in a winter league round 5 match and that there were 6 weights over a hundred pounds and two of them came from A section 1 from B section and 3 from C section . There were also some fantastic big fish caught topped by Neil Riddys 22-08 common and at least 3 other 18lb ders caught by Ian, Mick Chappel and Andy Raymond and there also many other doubles with all the anglers catching between them at least 100 carp in what was a most enjoyable match to watch.

The winner overall today came from Walker Floats super sub Ian McCulloch who fished a combination of bomb and pole fishing around peg 2 using a combinaion of expander pellet and corn to catch his fish {  all 17 of them } and many were around the 10lb mark and some above, and after 5 hours caught a fantastic 175-12 for the win and maximum points for the team.

Today's winner Ian McCulloch .

In second place was Andy Rayment who was fishing peg 22 in C section and Andy fished by the bush on peg 21 fshing corn and pellet fished on the deck to catch his carp, which like Ian’s were big and in the end put 143-08 to also record maximum points for his Misfits team.

Second place Andy Rayment.


Completing the top three was Pete Arnold on peg 34 in the dreaded A section and Pete used a combination of pole and Bomb to catch his fish which were surprisingly big for this peg and again corn was Pete’s main bait to catch his weight of 123-08 for second in section. There were also ton plus weights for Neil Riddy { 112-08 } on peg 13, Phil Powell { 111-12 } and Derek Hammond { 120-08 } on Peg 18 to complete a really good day for the anglers.

Top silver weight of the day went to Steve Walters who on struggling to catch carp decided to go for the silvers but also hooked a carp which he had on for 15 minutes but lost it at the net.

Carp on a silver rig oops.


After all Steve’s efforts on silvers ,he managed to not only win the silver pools but also took the top siver weight of the year with 19-12 { well done Steve}.

King of the silvers Steve Waters.

Some more photo’s from the day.

Neil Riddy and his beautiful 22-08 Common

Mick Lane on peg 7.


Neil bagging on peg 13.


At the end of the match it was very close in the team results with Walker Floats winning the day on 11 points, Misfits came second with 10 points on weight and Rolfs Team Gold third also with 10 points but with a lower weight ,so all i to play for in round 6 next week.


A Section Peg Weight Team
1st Ian McCulloch 2 175-12 Walker Floats
2nd Pete Arnold 34 123-8 Misfits
3rd Mick Lane 7 41-0 Rolfs Gold
4th Mick Chappell 5 38-0 Drawbags
5th Paul Jay 40 36-0 Crabtree’s
B Section Peg Weight Team
1st Neil Riddy 13 112-8 Crabtree’s
2nd John Bennett 10 47-8 Rolfs Gold
3rd Frank Hardie 9 22-12 Drawbags
4th Steve Waters 29 19-12 Walker Floats
5th Dave Wightman 32 4oz Misfits
C Section Peg Weight Team
1st Andy Rayment 22 143-8 Misfits
2nd Derek Hammond 18 120-8 Walker Floats
3rd Phil Powell 16 111-12 Rolfs Gold
4th Roger Young 24 81-12 Drawbags
5th Simon Mound 26 61-0 Crabtree’s
Walker Floats 11
Misfits 10
Rolfs Team Gold 10
Crabtree’s 7
Drawbag’s 7


1 Rolfs Team Gold 12+7+13+5+10 47
2 Misfits 7+13+8½+8+10 46½
3 Crabtree’s 12+4+9+13+7 45
4 Walker Floats 7+10+3½+11+11 42½
5 Drawbag’s 6+11+10+5+7 39

Rolfs Winter League 2011/12. Weights after 5 Rounds

Misfits 598lb-3oz
Crabtree’s 574lb-9oz
Walker Floats 520lb-9oz
Rolfs Team Gold 509lb-4oz
Drawbag’s 409lb-11oz

Thanks to Neil Riddy for working the weights out in case there is a tie and a countback is needed.

There is an open match next Saturday, the 14th. Draw at 9.30. Call John to book on.

Thanks for reading Simon, Eddie and John.

Winter League, Final Round. New Champions….30th Jan 2011

The morning had arrived for the final round of the winter league at Rolfslake. Reigning champions Rolfs Team Gold were behind the dream team Walker Floats and needed them to have a bad draw (no chance 😀 )

There had been a frost on Saturday night and the lake had a thin layer of ice on it on some area’s, John was in the boat breaking it up. Today we are fishing from 11am to 4pm. With everyone arriving on time the draw got underway on time.

Derek Hammond (dream team) promptly drew peg 34 for A section and Mick lane drew peg 6, comments were flying already 😀 Jon Walker (dream team) was not so lucky in drawing for B section and drew peg 8, Phil Power drew peg 32 which is normally good for a good bag of silvers, Phil’s speciality. As I blanked last match I did not have the luxury of drawing, I had what was left in the bag and everyone left me peg 13. Thanks 😀

On to C section, Steve Waters (dream team) drew peg 24 which has had a few carp coming off it lately, John Bennett pulled out peg 14 which I dont think he fancied too much. Things were looking good for the dream team draw wise, no surprise there 😀

With an extra half an hour of setting up time most people were done early and wondering round the lake chatting.

Marcus and Paul having a chat

Malc on peg 30 taking some snaps

Chris Lovelock and Clive down on peg 16

Geoff over on peg 10

Marcus Burgess making a return to fish C Section 😀

At 11am Phil shouted the all in. It wasn’t long before Derek on peg 34 had a carp in the net while the rest of A section looked on in envy and the looked back at their motionless floats.

Not long after Steve on peg 24 who was fishing the bomb was playing a carp, after guiding it round the iceberg it was safely in the net and he screamed out much to Johns disgust 😀 Steve was getting a bite a chuck in fact and already had 3 carp in the net before I had my first carp. I was fishing the bomb with double corn just behind the aerator. A nice 10lber to start off with, not bad. John had managed to land 2 carp from peg 14 but could not buy another bite and had to watch Steve and Clive on peg 16 pulling carp from the bar.

Nearly there

My first carp of the year in the net

Half way through the match things were pretty much the same. Steve was still catching carp, Marcus on peg 23 was also catching carp and Clive was also Catching carp. Everyone in C section was having a nice days fishing. Neil Riddy fishing on peg 18 had 2 15lb + carp in his first 2 bites 😯

A Section were all in the same position as they were at the start, watching Derek Hammond catching fish. Having lost another carp he was now catching some big perch and silvers.

B Section, everyone was catching Silvers, Jon Walker had snared 3 big perch from peg 8, Chris Lovelock on peg 9 had also caught a carp fishing the bomb the the aerator too. I was catching plenty of silvers fishing at 13m on red maggot. Phil, Malc and Andy on the car park bank were also catching silvers.

Phil Powell

Andy looking a tad cold

In the final half of the match things were looking grim for current champions Rolfs Team Gold, John still only had 2 carp. Mick Lane had yet to catch a fish and Phil whilst catching plenty of silver fish was behind in his section as I had managed to catch 3 more carp and Chris had 2 carp.

Steve and most of C section were still catching but it was clear that no one was going to catch Steve up. The weigh in revealed it was all over for Rolfs Team Gold but it had been a close battle right up to the end.

Jon Walker with some cracking Perch

Malc with a rare hybrid from the lake 😀


A Section Peg Weight Team
Derek Hammond 34 13-0 Walker Floats
Steve Palmer 7 1-15 Heavy Weights
Frank Hardie 2 DNW Assassins
Paul Jay 40 DNW Wooden Tops
Mick Lane 6 DNW Rolfs Team Gold
Pete Arnold 4 DNW Pats Lot
Dai Thomas 37 DNW Rolfs Rejects
B Section Peg Weight Team
Simon Mound 13 50-14 Assassins
Chris Lovelock 9 27-8 Wooden Tops
Andy Quarmby 28 15-5 Pats Lot
Phil Powell 32 14-6 Rolfs Team Gold
Malc Doyle 30 9-6 Rolfs Rejects
Jon Walker 8 6-15 Walker Floats
Geoff Palmer 10 3-0 Heavy Weights
C Section Peg Weight Team
Steve Waters 24 108-14 Walker Floats
Marcus Burgess 23 63-4 Rolfs Rejects
Neil Riddy 18 59-12 Wooden Tops
Clive Pritchard 16 59-8 Assassin
Ernie Malyon 21 34-0 Heavy Weights
John Bennett 14 18-0 Rolfs Team Gold
Pat Pritchard 26 16-14 Pats Lot
1st Walker Floats 16
2nd Assassins 11
3rd Wooden Tops 11
4th Heavy Weights 10
5th Rolfs Rejects 9
6th Rolfs Team Gold 6
7th Pats Lot 6


Walker Floats 21+10+13+15+ 18+ 16 93 1st
Rolfs Team Gold 17+14+16+11+16+ 6 80 2nd
Heavy Weights 11+16+5+18+13+ 10 73 3rd
Pats Lot 10+17+16+14+8+ 6 71 4th
Assassins 9+15+12+6+11+ 11 64 5th
Wooden Tops 9+3+13+3+9+ 11 48 6th
Rolfs Rejects 7+8+2+3+7+ 9 36 7th

A big Well done to Team Walker Floats who have fished a tidy series taking money on every match and more importantly high points to take the series.


Derek, Jon and Steve. New Champions

Steve Waters, Overall Winner today and top carp weight

Andy Quarmby. Top silvers weight today.

John Bennett getting some stick from the new champs 😀

The spring League starts next Sunday, I hope everyone catches plenty of fish and the weather improves for you all. Sorry this is late, I already wrote it out once but it disappeared after I updated a plugin on the site.

Tightlines from Simon, Eddie and John 🙂

Winter League Round 5. 16th January 2011

The battle for the league crown hots up.

As the anglers turned up for the penultimate round of the winter league they were hoping { as the lake was ice free and the temperature was not too bad }that the fish would have a go and make this round better than the last. The battle for the league crown was a tight affair with three teams still in with a chance of team glory which were Pats Lot, Walker Floats and 10 times champions Rolfs Team Gold so it was important that your team members 1. caught a fish and 2. beat your main opponents and 3.stick to your team plans.

A Section.

Today for my sins i agreed to fish round 5 in place of Gary Haisman for the aptly named Woodentops and as i waited in line to draw one thing that never changes is the good anglers always draw well ,with Jon Walker drawing peg 34 [out of the wind } Andy Quarmby drawing peg 6 and Phil drawing peg 37 so at least i had good view of all the top teams in this section. Also in A section was my web partner Simon so he was going to be my target for today as i had peg 40 in the bottom of the small lake left in the bag for me and with a strong wind blowing this way things were not going to be easy.

I would like to say this section fished well but it did not, and all i can say is that Jon Walker managed to put a bag of silvers together to win the section with over 10lb so maximum points for Walker Floats with Phil Powell coming second with two big perch for nearly 4lb so 6 points for Rolfs Team Gold and the rest of us struggled for fish with Geoff Palmer catching one perch for 2-07 and my one perch went 2oz {some things never change} Malc and Andy put a few very small fish together for 4th and 5th in the section ,i came 6th and poor Simon had the dreaded DNW as he was fishing solely for carp and lost 4 so no points but 1 -nil to me ,so  i was happy.

5 hours one 2oz perch perfect.

B section .

This section had the most consistent action with the weights in the end with most anglers getting the silvers to respond . the three main teams were Steve Waters on peg 13, John Bennett on peg 10 and Pat Pritchard on peg 9 so they were all very close together but in the end a fantastic bag of silvers of 21-01 gave Steve and Walker Floats another section win and with the main rivals John and Pat in 4th and 6th place that was a massive result for the team. Also in this section there were solid results for Clive Pritchard on 30 and Earnie Malyon on form peg 32 and a big 2lb+ perch pushed Richard Doolan up to 5th place in the section.

C section.

This was the section to be in today as the carp decided to have a feed with all the anglers in this section catching at least a carp so all was to play for. Also in this section Walker Floats were going to be given a vital gift a one point swing in there favour due to Steve Palmer not seperating his silvers and carp and having over a pound of silvers put back and not weighed which dropped him from 3rd to 5th place.

The main story here was Paul Jay who was on peg 18, who was fishing the bomb into the corner and down the edge and was rewarded with 7 carp to double figures by fishing corn as hookbait. Paul not only won todays match he also won his section and the carp pools not a bad result but is now king of the lake with his weight of 72-00 {well done Paul }. In second place was Rolfs Team Golds Mick Lane with 50-01 from corner peg 21 and with the next three weights being seperated by 10oz Frank Hardie 31-14, Derek Hammond 31-12 and Steve Palmer 31-04 a couple of fish made all the difference. In 6th place was Pete Arnold with 15-12 and Dai Thomas in 7th with 15-10.


A Section Peg Weight Team
1st Jon Walker 34 10-3 Walker Floats
2nd Phil Powell 37 3-3 Rolfs Team Gold
3rd Geoff Palmer 4 2-7 Heavy Weights
4th Andy Quarmby 6 11oz Pats Lot
5th Malc Doyle 2 9oz Rolfs Rejects
6th Eddie Taylor-Green 40 2oz Wooden Tops
Simon Mound 7 DNW Assassins
B Section Peg Weight Team
1st Steve Waters 13 21-1 Walker Floats
2nd Clive Pritchard 30 17-3 Assassin
3rd Ernie Malyon 32 16-5 Heavy Weights
4th John Bennett 10 15-5 Rolfs Team Gold
5th Richard Doolan 28 8-2 Rolfs Rejects
6th Pat Pritchard 9 7-15 Pats Lot
Neil Riddy 8 DNW Wooden Tops
C Section Peg Weight Team
1st Paul Jay 18 72-0 Wooden Tops
2nd Mick Lane 21 50-1 Rolfs Team Gold
3rd Frank Hardie 14 31-14 Assassins
4th Derek Hammond 23 31-12 Walker Floats
5th Steve Palmer 24 31-4 Heavy Weights
6th Pete Arnold 26 15-12 Pats Lot
7th Dai Thomas 16 15-10 Rolfs Rejects
Walker Floats 18
Rolfs Team Gold 16
Heavy Weights 13
Assassins 11
Wooden Tops 9
Pats Lot 8
Rolfs Rejects 7


1 Walker Floats 21+10+13+15+ 18 77
2 Rolfs Team Gold 17+14+16+11+16 74
3 Pats Lot 10+17+16+14+8 65
4 Heavy Weights 11+16+5+18+13 63
5 Assassins 9+15+12+6+11 53
6 Wooden Tops 9+3+13+3+9 37
7 Rolfs Rejects 7+8+2+3+7 27

With one round remaining it has now come down to a two horse race between 10 times champion and underfeated in years Rolfs Team Gold and the dream team Walker Floats who hold a 3 point lead going into round 6 which could prove vital ?.

Walker Floats {Steve, Derek and Jon } are they ready for victory ?.

I would like to say i enjoyed my first experience of team fishing but with a strong wind blowing into the corner it made presentation difficult it was really hard, but at least i was out of Bennett abuse range so all was not bad. Our 2011 battle will commence at the next open that we fish and as it now stands at 1-1 in the last two years battle i cannot wait to get revenge.

On a seperate issue i would like to say well done to John and his fishery team in keeping the lake as ice free as possible and in doing so has saved the lives of many of Rolfslake’s fish as fisheries around the country have had big fish kills due to their lakes being frozen solid for long periods. It cost John lots of money to run areators and regular trips down to the lake so that others can have a place to fish even if the fishing is difficult at times, and i believe that because of this the fish will respond a lot quicker this year and i expect the fishing to be much better than last year although with a top weight of nearly 400lb it was not a total disaster.

Thanks for reading Simon and Eddie.

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