Spring League 2013 Pairs Challenge.

Spring league 2012-13 pairs league. All Sunday Matches. Reply here if your interested.
20th January, 27th January, 10th February, 24th February, 10th March and 24th March.

Spring League Names.. Red means Confirmed

 Andy Quarmby - Mark Newbold
 John Bennett - Geoff Edwards
 Michael Corsini - Andy Rayment
 Paul Jay John Cowling
 Malc Doyle - Simon Mound
 Ben Mason-Paul Mason
 Neil Hutchin Lol Bloomfield
 Dave Losby - Jim Mc cann
 Ernie Malyon - Steve Palmer
 Steve Waters-Derek Hammond
 Mick Chappell Wayne Parker

 A Section, 7/8/9/10/13/14/15/16/17/19/21

 B Section, 23/24/25/26/27/28/29/30/31/32/34

Winter League and Spring League Dates TEAMS ANNOUNCED

Winter league 2012-13 dates. Teams of 3. All Sunday Matches.
4th November, 25th November, 9 December, 23rd December, 30th December and 6th january.

Winter League Names..

  1. John Bennett
  2. Jeff Edwards (super sub mick lane fishing the 1st match)  READING ANGLING CENTRE
  3. Stuart Yeomans
  1. Paul Jay
  2. john draper    The Negatives 
  3. john cowlin
  1. malc doyle
  2. michael corsini      THE JINXSTERS
  3. paul roberts
  1. Jim mc cann
  2. neil hutchins    THE LUTON MAFIA
  3. lol bloomfield
  1. ernie malyon
  2. steve palmer MPM positives
  3. mark malyon
  1. andy rayment
  2. mick chapel
  3. dave loseby
  1. Nick Williams
  2. Nick Watkins-Price
  3. Marcus Burgess (possible)
  4. Dai Thomas (Standin)
  5. Simon Mound (Standin)
  6. mick lane (super Sub)



Rolfslake Pair’s Series starting 29th January 2012.


The 29th of January will see the first pairs competition fished at the lake, and for the first 12 teams of two to apply it will hopefully be a change from the tried and tested teams of three league.

John has given me a provisional list of pairs which will need to be confirmed as soon as possible as this series will be limited to 12 pairs.

 John Bennett and Geoff Edwards. CONFIRMED
 Phil Powell and Mick Lane. CONFIRMED
 Derek Hammond and Steve Waters. CONFIRMED
 Dave Whiteman and Pete Arnold. CONFIRMED
 Paul Jay and John Draper. CONFIRMED
 Andy Rayment and Mark Newbold. CONFIRMED
 Neal and Jim. CONFIRMED
 Kev and Michael. CONFIRMED
 Pat Pritchard and Andy Quarmby CONFIRMED
 Mick Chappell and Michael Corsini. CONFIRMED

If all these pairs are confirmed to John then it only leaves places for two more pairs.

There will be a reserve list available for anglers that would like to be considered to fish if required.This is for anglers who are available to fish as substitute for anglers and pairs unable to fish each round.




The series will be fished over 6 matches with teams being able to drop their worst result leaving the results to be decided over the 5 best scoring rounds.

The matches will be held over the following dates.

29th January

5th Feb

19th Feb

4th March

11th March

25th March.

The cost of entering a team will be £20 per angler = £40 per team

There will be a £20 per angler pools on the day { minus peg fees } and both team members must enter this on the day as there will only be a top 3 teams payout on the day.

Both the big and small lake will be used for this series which will be divided into 4 sections A,B,C and D and this will be explained on the morning of the first round.

The anglers will be able to use both pole and rod in this series.

If there is a maximum 12 team attendance then the payouts will be as follows.

24 anglers paying £20 pools per round = £480 – £8 per peg peg fees 24x £8 = £192 and this leaves £ 288 to be paid per round.

The winning team per round gets £120

The second team per round gets   £98

The third team per round gets      £70

There will be no section winners payouts.

The series payout.

24 anglers x £20 entrance money = £480 to be paid out

The winning team of the series will be paid £210

The runners up will be paid £150

The third placed team will be paid £120

THIS IS DEPENDANT ON 12 TEAMS OF TWO, if there are less than twelve teams then the payout will be reduced accordingly.

If a team was to win the 6 rounds and the series then their payout could be £930 payout.

I hope this all makes sense.

If there are any questions please give John Bennett a call.

Thanks for reading The Rolfslake fisheries team.

Rolfslake Spring League round 5. 13th March 2011

Things are closer than ever now and the last round will decide the winner.


A Section Peg Weight Team
1st Dave Whiteman 34 66-0 Misfits
2nd Derek Hammond 2 34-8 Walker Floats
3rd Steve Palmer 7 27-12 Heavy Weights
4th Phil Powell 40 13-8 Rolfs Team Gold
5th Neal Hutchins 37 12-8 Try Anglers
5th Paul Jay 4 12-8 Wooden Tops
B Section Peg Weight Team
1st John Bennett 13 50-4 Rolfs Team Gold
2nd Ian McCulloch 30 40-0 Misfits
3rd Dave Loseby 10 20-8 Try Anglers
4th Ernie Malyon 28 17-12 Heavy Weights
5th Steve Waters 9 16-4 Walker Floats
N/A 32 Wooden Tops
C Section Peg Weight Team
1st Mick Lane 24 132-12 Rolfs Team Gold
2nd Frank Hardie 22 121-4 Heavy Weights
3rd Mick Chapple 26 63-12 Misfits
4th Jon Walker 16 48-8 Walker Floats
5th Jim McCann 18 41-8 Try Anglers
6th Kev Wittow 14 17-4 Wooden Tops
1st Rolfs Team Gold 15
1st Misfits 15
3rd Heavy Weights 12
4th Walker Floats 10
5th Try Anglers 7.5
6th Wooden Tops 3.5


1st Misfits 16+8+14+13+15 66
2nd Walker Floats 10+17+13+14+10 64
3rd Rolfs Team Gold 12+11+10+14+15 62
4th Heavy Weights 11+15+10+10+12 58
5th Try Anglers 5+7+11+8+7.5 38.5
6th Wooden Tops 9+5+5+4+3.5 26.5

Spring Festival Round 4. 6th March 2011

Close at the top lads. Top bombing Phil. New lake king 🙂

A Section Peg Weight Team
1st Steve Waters 2 39-8 Walker Floats
2nd Dan Jones 7 11-4 Misfits
3rd Dave Loseby 37 9-0 Try Anglers
4th John Bennett 40 7-2 Rolfs Team Gold
5th Ernie Malyon 4 2-4 Heavy Weights
N/A 34 Wooden Tops
B Section Peg Weight Team
1st Jon Walker 30 28-8 Walker Floats
2nd Mick Lane 32 26-0 Rolfs Team Gold
3rd Frank Hardie 10 20-0 Heavy Weights
4th Mick Chapple 13 16-12 Misfits
5th Jim McCann 9 6-2 Try Anglers
6th Kev Wittow 28 10-0 Wooden Tops
C Section Peg Weight Team
1st Phil Powell 18 170-0 Rolfs Team Gold
2nd Dave Whiteman 22 117-4 Misfits
3rd Steve Palmer 24 112-12 Heavy Weights
4th Neal Hutchins 16 74-8 Try Anglers
5th Derek Hammond 26 35-0 Walker Floats
6th Paul Jay 14 22-12 Wooden Tops
1st Rolfs Team Gold 14
1st Walker Floats 14
3rd Misfits 13
4th Heavy Weights 10
5th Try Anglers 8
6th Wooden Tops 4


1st Walker Floats 10+17+13+14 54
2nd Misfits 16+8+14+13 51
3rd Rolfs Team Gold 12+11+10+14 47
4th Heavy Weights 11+15+10+10 46
5th Try Anglers 5+7+11+8 31
6th Wooden Tops 9+5+5+4 23

Rolfs Team Gold clawing their way back

Spring League Round 3. 27th February. 2011

Walker Floats out in front again.

Spring League Round 3. 27th February. 2011

A Section Peg Weight Team
1st Frank Hardie 2 64-9 Heavy Weights
2nd Jim McCann 34 39-8 Try Anglers
3rd Mick Lane 7 35-6 Rolfs Team Gold
4th Mick Chapple 37 10-11 Misfits
5th Kev Doulton 4 3-4 Walker Floats
6th Kev Wittow 40 1-14 Wooden Tops
B Section Peg Weight Team
1st Derek Hammond 10 27-12 Walker Floats
2nd Dave Whiteman 13 23-5 Misfits
3rd Phil Powell 9 20-13 Rolfs Team Gold
4th Steve Palmer 32 16-10 Heavy Weights
5th Neal Hutchins 28 13-12 Try Anglers
6th Paul Jay 30 11-0 Wooden Tops
C Section Peg Weight Team
1st Pete Arnold 16 130-12 Misfits
2nd Steve Waters 24 67-9 Walker Floats
3rd Dave Loseby 26 48-12 Try Anglers
4th Neil Riddy 18 42-8 Wooden Tops
5th John Bennett 22 28-12 Rolfs Team Gold
6th Ernie Malyon 14 21-1 Heavy Weights
1st Misfits 14
2nd Walker Floats 13
3rd Try Anglers 11
4th Heavy Weights 10
5th Rolfs Team Gold 10
6th Wooden Tops 5


1st Walker Floats 10+17+13 40
2nd Misfits 16+8+14 38
3rd Heavy Weights 11+15+10 36
4th Rolfs Team Gold 12+11+10 33
6th Try Anglers 5+7+11 23
5th Wooden Tops 9+5+5 19
The next round is next Sunday. March the 6th
1 2 3