Sunday Open Match. 22nd September 2013

The lake fished very well today in the glorious sunshine. 25 anglers fished today.


1st Malc Doyle 25 263-0
2nd Derek Hammond 32 234-3
3rd Steve Waters 2 212-10
4th Michael Corsini 11 209-2
5th Tony Wynick 23 179-10
6th John Draper 7 134-11
7th Dean Knight 36 107-8
8th Richard Doolan 8 102-2
9th Joe Sheldric 14 98-8
10th Mick Chappell 29 91-15



Malc Doyle, today’s winner. Well done. (picture not from today) Dont click to enlarge lol

Derek Hammond in Second place. (picture not from today) Click to enlarge….

Steve Waters in 3rd place. (picture not from today) Click to enlarge…

Wednesday Open Match. 18th Sept 2013

Although only 6 anglers were fishing you still have to catch the fish, Well done Geoff. Cracking weight. ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe the turn in the weather affected the turnout today.

From next week the draw times will start getting earlier . Next Wednesday the draw time will be 12.30 fishing 1.30 to 6.30.

1st Geoff Edwards 32 563-15
2nd Dai Thomas 9 184-4
3rd Paul Jay 5 155-8
4th John Draper 4 120-8
5th Derek Hammond 7 97-8
6th John Bennett 8 94-8


Geoff Edwards. Todays winner.

Wednesday Open Match. 4th September 2013

Today’s open match was fished by 10 anglers. Mark Newbold pegged the match out for John. The weather was hot and sunny down the lake.


1st Mark Newbold 5 321-11
2nd Mick Chappell 4 198-12
3rd Paul Jay 10 177-0
4th Kev Dolton 26 134-11
5th Pete Archer 8 132-6
6th John Draper 13 112-0
7th Dangerous Dave 16 80-14
8th Ben Bangham 32 74-9

John has asked me to put a foot not on these results. One angler had 120lb in a single net and also had 3 weighers in the net too. This as always is not acceptable especially when the weigh station and net box was right behind the peg involved.

Mark Newbold, Today’s winner. Well done. (fish not from today’s match.

I will be making a return to the lake on Friday to fish Gary Horne’s Annual match down the lake. The weather is supposed to be turning for the worse with rain forecast….Typical, hope my gore-tex still works ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜›

Thanks for reading. John, Eddie and Simon.



Wednesday Open Match. 28th September 2011

The weather was blistering down the lake today. All anglers sitting in the sun were sweating buckets. Crazy weather.

Mick Lane makes a comeback to the lake for a bit of winter league practice to take the win. I wonder if Steve Waters will do the same on Saturday ๐Ÿ˜€

ย  Pos Name Peg Weight
1 Mick Lane 39 130-8
2 Frank Donachie 32 120-12
3 Justin Watkins 5 116-12
4 Stuart Fletcher 8 95-12
5 John Draper 9 89-12
6 Neil Riddy 10 88-4
7 Gary Britten 13 80-0
8 George Kay 24 79-4
9 Mick Jones 18 69-12
10 Chris Lovelock 20 64-8

20 Anglers Fished

Lurker Lane returns minus his curly locks


Well done Mick

Open Match. 21st September 2011

Hard fishing at the lake today.
Weather was cloudy and cold and then it dropped even colder at 6pm. No rain though.

The Draw

ย Results

ย ย ย ย  Pos Name Peg Weight
1 Paul Jay 9 147-0
2 Mark Newbold 16 122-0
3 Dai Thomas 8 115-0
4 John Draper 23 97-8
5 John Bennett 10 92-0
6 Geoff Edwards 28 89-8
7 Dave Howe 26 73-12
8 Stuart 7 49-4
9 Mick Jones 38 48-0
10 Simon Mound 35 38-12

17 Anglers Fished

Another Win for Paul Jay, Well done

Second Plce but no Peg King ๐Ÿ˜€ Mark Newbold

Section Winner, Dai Thomas

Section Winner, John Draper.


If your fishing the final Night match of the year, Bring some warm clothes as its starting to get nippy down the lake now.

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