Jinx League. Round 3. 18th June 2011


Rain, rain and more rain for the Jinxsters down the lake today.


A Section Peg Weight Points
1st Mat Edwards 5 141-10 1
2nd Clive Pritchard 2 140-8 2
3rd Dave Moore 4 64-8 3
4th= Nick Watkins-Price 8 54-4 4
4th= Jon Hatch 34 54-4 4
6th Dai Thomas 7 46-0 6
7th Geoff Palmer 38 32-8 7
8th Terry Goff 40 20-8 8
B Section Peg Weight Points
1st Steve Wilson 32 138-0 1
2nd Marcus Burgess 11 69-0 2
3rd Steve Akal 26 57-4 Guest
4th Peter Morton 29 55-12 3
5th Nick Williams 13 51-8 4
6th Gem Doyle 9 48-12 5
7th Paul Roberts 28 44-8 6
8th Dave Webster 31 38-10 7
9th Kev Loveland 10 DNW 8
C Section Peg Weight Points
1st Malc Doyle 25 110-12 1
2nd Tony Roberts 20 87-8 2
3rd Simon Mound 17 65-4 3
4th Fred Parker 15 47-8 4
5th Slim Shady 18 40-12 5
6th Alex Clarke 14 29-4 6
7th Pete Crayfishtraps 23 26-12 Guest
8th Martin Coopster 22 26-2 Guest


Overall and A Section Winner, Mat Edwards.

Second in A Section, Clive Pritchard

B Section Winner, Steve Wilson

B Section Second, Marcus Burgess

C Section Winner, Malc Doyle

C Section Second, Tony Roberts

Jinx League. Round 2. 4th June 2011

The Jinxsters returned to the lake for round 2 of a series of 6 matches at the lake.


A Section Peg Weight Points
1st Dave Webster 2 123-4 1
2nd Steve Wilson 8 95-12 2
3rd Al Loader 7 68-0 3
4th Kev Loveland 34 57-0 4
5th Nick Williams 5 53-8 5
6th Marcus Burgess 40 52-8 6
7th Paul Roberts 4 46-0 7
8th Peter Morton 38 38-4 8
9th Gem Doyle 36 10-8 8
B Section Peg Weight Points
1st Malc Doyle 9 175-12 1
2nd Simon Mound 10 133-12 2
3rd Dave Collier 26 71-8 3
4th Neil Riddy 13 65-10 4
5th Tony Roberts 28 64-0 5
6th Alex 32 43-12 6
7th Mitch Auger 11 40-0 7
8th Slim Shady 31 10-12 8
9th Len 29 9-0 Guest
C Section Peg Weight Points
1st Clive Pritchard 20 96-12 1
2nd Ant Haywood 25 75-12 2
3rd Dai Thomas 22 62-4 3
4th Jon Hatch 18 54-4 4
5th Pete crayfishtraps 23 46-12 Guest
6th Dave Moore 14 45-4 5
7th Terry Goff 15 42-0 6
8th Mick Godber 19 40-8 Guest
9th Nick W-P 17 1-6 7

The next Jinx match is actually a night match on the 17th June followed by match 3 of the series on the 18th June.

Maggotdrowning.com Charity Match. 3rd June 2011

Maggotdrowners returned to the lake today for a Charity Match organised by Malc Doyle.


A Section Peg Weight
1st Peter Morton 7 99-8
2nd Dave Moore 34 83-12
3rd Dave Collier 3 64-4
4th Simon Mound 4 55-12
5th Coopster 5 41-12
6th Clive Pritchard 1 23-12
7th Liam Doyle 8 18-6
8th Pete crayfishtraps 39 8-4
9th Len 36 8-0
10th Rod 38 7-12
B Section Peg Weight
1st Al Loader 30 94-8
2nd Gemma ‘MAGGOT’ Boyle 32 57-0
3rd Dumdum 28 38-14
4th Nick Williams 10 32-8
5th Auto 29 31-8
6th Terry Goff 13 30-12
7th Bazza 11 29-0
8th Gobber 31 28-8
9th Kev Loveland 9 22-8
10th Mark C 27 2-8
C Section Peg Weight
1st Roysty 16 76-12
2nd Alex 20 75-8
3rd Tricky 25 73-12
4th Dai Thomas 14 72-12
5th Method Gob 15 59-8
6th Mitch Auger 26 54-0
7th Marcus Burgess 19 41-4
8th Jay 18 28-8
9th Steve 23 26-8
10th Josh 22 DNW

Β£200 was raised for the site. Well done to Malc for organising another fantastic day at the lake.

Will update with a report soon..

Saturday Open Match. 21st May 2011


A fine sunny day at the lake. Wind blowing from big lake down to little lake


Another open match at the lake and 13 anglers turned up to fish. Pegs in the hat today were 34,38,40,2,4,6,7,8,9,13,14,16,18. With the wind blowing hard down into the little lake I think most people wanted a peg down in the little lake.


Waiting for the draw

Weather was nice for a change

Down in the little lake. Peg 3

Pegs 7 and 8. Good pegs if you can draw them

Mr 200lb (Mark Newbold) and his mate Dean

Stragglers in the car park

Justin Watkins on Facebook

John and Paul sorting the bait out

With the draw out the way Everyone set off to their pegs to set up. The match was started by Pauline ringing the bell at 1.15pm. Down in the little lake everyone except John on peg 2 had a carp right away but to their dismay that was most of the action as everyone pretty much struggled for the rest of the match.

In the big lake it was a slow start for eveyone also. I had started on a 5 meter line in front of me and was getting indications and a lot of liners indicating the fish were not on the bottom. I looked out and the top end of the big lake was black with fish cruising around like normal so I threw the pellet waggler out to see if they would bite and to my surprise without feeding I had a fish on. With plenty of feed making a noise on the water I managed 10 fish in the first hour. Justin on peg 16 had also switched to the pellet waggler and managed to hook a carp too. My bites were taking too long to come so I left the waggler line.

I rang John and he said the little lake was not fishing well at all. Mark on peg 40 was bagging up but not with carp, he was catching 2-3lb bream on his carp rigs. Just goes to show these fish are not shy πŸ˜€

Doug on peg 13 had found the carp and was catching well. Mick on 14 and Michael on 9 had also started catching well. I had caught 1 carp from each of my bush lines (4m and 11m) but after each carp the float was motionless, crazy. I then went out with the pole at 13m and started catching shallow but the fish were a lot smaller. At 2.5 hours in to the match all my swims had dried up.

It was a different story for Justin on peg 16 though. After only one fish in the first 2.5 hours he had moved to his margin swims and was catching regularly. So now it was the other way round, I was watching him catching πŸ˜€


Justin Watkins on peg 16


One of Justins margin Munters


I had only managed 4 carp in the last part of the match from my 5 meter line whilst Justin was catching very well so Knew it was going to be tight between me and him. John on peg 2 had managed to hook in to his first carp of the match a 5.45 with only 30 minutes of the match remaining. Pauline rang the bell for the all out at 6.15pm.

Onto the weigh in and the it was soon clear how hard the little lake had fished again. Dave Whiteman on one of his many visits to peg 6 had done a good weight of 58lb but Mark on 40 had caught 4 carp and a massive bag of bream, 46lb to be precise.


Mark Newbold with one of his many bream
The rest of Mark’s fish
Dave Whiteman had also caught a nice bag of bream
The rest of Daves fish

More bream came from peg 9 and 13. Amazing amount snotties caught today. The first ton of the day came from Doug on peg 13 (who also took the peg king title, well done) but was overtaken by Justin on 16 with 150lb and for the first time ever I had guessed my weight near enough perfect, I had guessed 170lb and put 173lb on the scales πŸ˜€


Position Name Peg Weight
1 Simon Mound 18 173-4
2 Justin Watkins 16 150-0
3 Doug Richardson 13 110-0
4 Michael Corsini 9 87-12
5 Mick Hughes 14 87-0
6 Mark Newbold 40 84-8 inc 46lb of bream
7 Jack 7 60-8
8 Dave Whiteman 6 58-12
9 Dean 8 24-8
10 Paul Jay 4 24-0
11 John Bennett 2 19-4
12 Fred 38 12-0
13 Colin 34 DNW

Dont forget there is another open match on the 30th May which is also a Bank Holiday. Call John Bennett to book in please…. 07774 618688

Thanks for reading Eddie, Simon and John.

Herbie Invitational Match. 7th May 2011


Herbie. On one of his annual matches at the lake.


Herbie had booked the lake for one of his annual visits and invite some friends from Match Fishing Scene Forums. 20 Anglers turned up eager to fish. John Bennett was down to fish also taking the numbers to 21.

The normal queue formed for the draw and people drew and walked off to get ready however when there was supposed to be 2 pegs left in the bag there was only one in there. John and Herbie were still too draw. John kindly dropped out from the match leaving Herbie with peg 4.

A few minutes laterΒ  John is back fishing again as the missing peg was found on the floor. It happened to be peg 2 (flyer πŸ˜› ) Someone must have drawn their peg and pulled out peg 2 as well. So John can still draw good pegs even when there is none in the bag lol πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

The weather today was a bit poor really for the first 2 hours with rain falling while everyone was setting up. The wind also picked up blowing down in to the little lake this time.

Captain on peg 32



Nobby on peg 7

Scone's seatbox is rather dashing πŸ˜€ Peg 6

Herbie's nice tidy kit

John Bennett just moved his gear over from peg 40

John gets some coaching from Pauline

I wanted peg 38 today but Rossn got it

Team talk before the off

Wightman all the way from the Isle of Wight on peg 13

Ruddy Roach on peg 10

Captain been eaten by his brolly πŸ˜€

Dan the man on peg 14

It just stopped raining for the start of the match


Churchy on peg 22

Peg 15, my home for the day


Fishing today was from 11am to 4pm.

As you will see by the results the lake fished very hard again with only the corner pegs producing good weights and consistent fish. After the rain went away the sun came out full blast on the lake and the carp were cursing around again.

After having no fish for 3 hours I started catching with just 20 minutes to go which is just typical πŸ˜€


Position Name Peg Weight
1 John Bennett 2 104-8
2 Rich F 40 92-10
3 Munter 18 74-6
4 Churchy 22 73-12
5 Captain 32 73-8
6 Rossn 38 54-0
7 Rick 17 51-12
8 Snooty 30 47-0
9 Simon Mound 15 37-14
10 Herbie 4 31-1
11 PTB 34 26-0
12 Whiteman 13 20-8
13 Dan Ball 14 17-10
14 Ruddy Roach 10 1-8
Sconee 6 DNW
Nobby 7 DNW
Plummers 8 DNW
Pikey 9 DNW
Red Paste 24 DNW
Rolly 26 DNW
Lee Jay 28 DNW

Thanks for the invite Herbie, a hard day but I still enjoyed myself.

Thanks for reading. Eddie, Simon and John.

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