Rolfslake 3rd Night match 12th June 2015


Fish start to switch back on.

Report to follow.


8 Fished

Place Angler Peg Weight
1st Andy Quarmby 32 202-03 Middy
2nd Dave Howe 28 127-08 Browning Crowsports
3rd Nick Williams 8 83-07 Jinx Keague
4th John Bennett 9 77-09 Rolfslake/ Drennan
5th Ernie Malyon 7 67-00 Rolfslake
6th Doug Robinson 36 57-12 Rolfslake
7th Mick Jones 34 51-03 Rolfslake
8th Eddie T Green 5 27-00 Rolfslake X4

Thanks for reading John, Simon and Eddie

Rolfslake Saturday Open 2nd May 2015.

A tale of the two lakes.

Today saw 9 anglers fish the open on a relatively mild day compared to the previous Wednesday with a breeze blowing from the big to the small lake. It was decided to spread the anglers into both part of the lake { 6 in the big lake and 3 in the small lake} into sections of three, A 4,5,7  B 9,32,26 and C 13,16 and18. The story of the match was that anglers in the big lake struggled for bites with the top weight coming from Ernie Malyon on peg 32 with 34lb as although there were plenty of cruising carp they would not feed.

The small lake was a different story with Steve Wilson on peg 5 flying from the start as every time i looked his way he was playing a fish and i was convinced after the first hour he had caught 10 carp for around 100lb. Mark Newbold on peg 7 was also catching but his fish were a mixture of bream and small carp and as for me i lost a carp in the first hour fishing peg 4 but nothing more it was very strange.

After talking to Steve Wilson after 3 hours he was admitting to 10 carp and i had caught 1 and Mark had caught 4 carp but quite a few bream so I was looking down the barrell of a heavy beating so it was going to be a desperate last 2 hours. I was trying to copy Steve’s long line 13 metres fishing pellet on the deck feeding pellet but could not buy a bite and the as old saying goes if you copy someone you will only be second best.

It was at this desperate point that I reached for my old faithful bucket and X4 paste abandoned the out line and went down the edge to my right at 10 metres and jackpot the carp were waiting. In that last two hours I had 17 carp to 20-08 all bar 2 were doubles and i lost 9 carp and an even bigger fish on the legs of the platform as it tangled me up and I ended with my weight of 213-08 and an unlikely win.

In second place and also making an epic comeback on Steve was Mark Newbold on peg 7 as Mark caught 134lb of carp to go with the 38lb of silvers and as he described if he had fished a shorter line earlier he would of also caught over 200lb. Mark fished many different lines fishing on the deck and fishing pellet feeding very little to catch his weight of 172-04.

In third place was Steve Wilson on peg 5 and after his great first hour Steve could not get the fish lined up and although there was a huge circle of bubbles he could not get proper bites and had to settle for his weight of 121-14 with carp to only 15lb.

The Pirate {Eddie} with his first 20lb carp all 20-08 of it. Thanks Steve and Dai.


Second place Mark Newbold with 172-04. This was the 38lb of silvers in that weight.


Colin Horwood with just part of his silvers weight from peg 13.


It is in the month of May that the weights normally start to rise sharply and that starts with the private night match next Friday. There are night matches coming up and if you fancy catching a big weight in the dark contact John as places are limited to 20 to ensure safety so please look at the match dates at the top of the page.


9 Fished

 Place Angler  Peg  Weight
 1st  Eddie Taylor-Green  4  213-09 Rolfslake / X4 Baits
 2nd  Mark Newbold  7  172-04  Rolfslake
 3rd  Steve Wilson  5  121-14  Jinx League
 4th  Ernie Malyon 32  34-00  Rolfslake
 5th  Colin Horwood 13  31-08  Rolfslake
 6th  Dai Thomas  9  23-04  Rolfslake
 7th  Mick Jones 18  21-04  Rolfslake
 8th  John Bennett 26  20-00  Rolfslake
 9th  Ade Williams 16  19-06  Jinx League

The Pirate closes the gap on birthday boy John.

The score stands at

johnbennettJohn 5


Eddie 4

Thank for reading John, Simon and Eddie


DRAW 9-30 FISH 10-30-3-30 POOLS £15 ALL IN

Pos Name Peg Weight Sponsor
1  ERNIE MALYON  26  29-10-0  Rolfslake
2  MICK JONES  24  25-10-0  Rolfslake
3  JOHN BENNETT  14  14-14-0  Rolfslake
4  PAUL JAY  16  11-5-0  Rolfslake
5  WAYNE PARKER  22  10-4-0  Rolfslake
6  STEVE WILLIAMS  18  7-4-0  Rolfslake

Mick Jones’s weight include an impressive 3lb oz Perch

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