Rolfslakes Wednesday Open 27th May 2015.

Another challenge for the anglers down the lake.

John tells me today that the carp were still chasing the blossom from the trees that was all over the lake and even with the areators on it still did not manage to blow it towards the bank although John and Dai will try to get this out tomorrow morning.

Todays weights were low by Rolfslake standards as the silvers were very active today destroying most baits but over on peg 14 Anthony Flint managed to get a few fish lined up.

Anthony managed to avoid the masses of silvers that were hampering the other anglers by catching more carp than most and ended up with the only ton weight of the day with 126-01 {well done Anthony}.

Todays winner Anthony Flint. Photo not from today.


Top 5

10 fished

 Place  Angler Peg  Weight
 1st  Anthony Flint  14  126-09  Rolfslake
 2nd  Pat Pritchard  28  61-11  Rolfslake
 3rd  Dave Hughes  13  50-07  Rolfslake
 4th  Neil Hutchins  26  44-04  Rolfslake
 5th  Dai Thomas  30  35-07  Rolfslake

Thanks for reading John, Simon and Eddie

Rolfslake Bank Holiday Monday Open 24th May 2015

A hard day down the lake.

Today John tells me that the carp were pre occupied with the fluff and blossom that was falling from the trees as they could be seen mouthing these on the surface.

Todays winner was Middy sponsored angler Andy Quarmby who had drawn peg 7 in the small lake and after catching a few carp long. Andy switched later to a top two plus two distance to speed his fishing up and after 5 hours put 154lb of carp to double figures for another win down the lake.

Todays winner and Middy sponsored angler Andy Quarmby.


Top 6

13 fished

 Place  Angler  Peg  Weight
 1st  Andy Quarmby  7  154-00  Middy
 2nd  Mark Newbold  30  120-09  Rolfslake
 3rd  Maurice Woodley  22  85-07  Rolfslake
 4th  Dave Wilsden  9  83-06  Rolfslake
 5th  Andy Rayment  26  83-05  Rolfslake
 6th  Dai Thomas  40  81-01  Jinx League

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Rolfslake Wednesday Open 20th May 2015


Newbold makes it two victories out of two.

Todays winner Mark Newbold with 188lb


18 fished

Place Angler Peg Weight
1st Mark Newbold 4 188-14 Rolfslake
2nd Frank Donachie 8 132-15 Colmic
3rd Neil Hutchins 22 121-04 Rolfslake
4th Frank O’Rilley 26 106-07 Rolfslake
5th Martin Wedley 7 99-06 Rolfslake
6th Jerry Pierce 34 93-13 Rolfslake
7th Andy Rayment 28 71-04 Rolfslake
8th Kev Dolton 18 64-03 Rolfslake
9th Jason McClean 5 61-00 Rolfslake
10th Albert Williams 14 48-02 Rolfslake

Thanks for reading John, Simon and Eddie.

Rolfslake Night Match 15th May 2015



11 Fished

Place Angler Peg Weight
1st Charlie Bishop 40 157-08  Top Tackle / DT Floats
2nd John Bennett 30 141-01 Rolfslake/ Drennan
3rd Malc Doyle 34 137-15 Rolfslake
4th Dave Howe 32 109-10 Browning Crowsports
5th Ernie Malyon 2 85-04 Rolfslake
6th Mark Chard 7 65-01 Rolfslake
7th Dai Thomas 38 51-12 Jinx League
8th Kurt Kurble 8 50-02 Rolfslake
9th Eddie Taylor-Green 9 47-08 Rolfslake / X4 Bait
10th Andy Camden 4 34-00 Rolfslake
11th Ian Haynes 5 DNW Rolfslake

Thanks for reading John , Simon and Eddie.

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