Easter Festival 2015. Day 3 Results. 6th April.


Day Three report {Eddie}

The final showdown.

Today saw the anglers return for the grand showdown to see who would claim the title Rolfslake Easter Festival Champion 2015. There were at least 8 anglers in with a chance today and it would be interesting as three of these Phil, Anthony and Andy on 4 points were all fishing the same A section so two of these were going to be counted out. Defending Champion Steve Waters {Drennan] was fishing tricky B section with John Draper who was in with a real chance after his performance yesterday, and with C section having Micheal Corsini and current leader after two days Geoff Edwards {Colmic Reading} in was going to be a close tense affair.

The story of the day was that the lake fished quite hard and thus making it a challenge for all the anglers as they could see lots of cruising carp that would not feed properly .

In A section there were three anglers with a great chance of catching Geoff Edwards as they were only 1 point behind but with Andy on peg 2 and Phil on peg 5 it left the door open for Anthony to win the section ,but a great performance by Dai Thomas on peg 34 took the section win from the three of them with his weight of 47-12. In second place and upsetting the peg form from the previous two days was Andy Quarmby {Middy} who had a frustrating day as he was only 8lb behind Dai but lost over 11 carp which ended up being costly in the end.

Over in C section Festival leader Geoff Edwards {Colmic Reading} had drawn peg 14 and started well leading the section but the breeze picked up blowing into peg 18 and with that the fish moved out of range as he could see them but could not reach them. This left the door open for the anglers down the bottom end of the section and they made no mistake. The winner of the section was Micheal Corsini who was making a valiant effort after his poor day 1 result and by fishing shallow at long range was able to pick off the cruising  carp in his final weight of 76-06 and more importantly 1 point. Second in section was Mick Chappell on peg 22 who was specimen fishing today as he had carp to 19-14 well 5 fish for 59-09 but lost at least two huge fish that would of got him closer to 100lb.

Finally in B section there was that important question whether Steve could win his section from car park bank peg 28 . The leader in the first part of the match was Mark Sawyer who had caught a couple of quick carp to take control of the section but as the match wore on Mick Lane put himself in pole position with two big fish for nearly 30lb leaving Steve at best in 4th place but a switch to his 2 plus 2 short line pulled him back in the game as he caught 4 smaller carp late in the match and the weigh in was going to be close. Steve was first up and he put 36lb on the scales and when Mick Lane put his two carp for 29lb it was all going to come down to silvers who was going to be champion. Micks silver net was raised from the water and after being placed in the weigh sling the scales settled on 3-14 leaving Steve the section winner and overall Rolfslake Easter Festival Champion 2015 and retaining the title he won in 2014 {very well done Steve}.

Rolfslake 2015 Easter Festival Champion Steve Waters {Drennan}. Steve retained his title from 2014

A special thanks go to Peter Drennan and his team at Drennan International for their kind supporting of the Festival and the bait packs and bait boosters given to all competing anglers .

For more information on the great Drennan range of products please go to the website.


A Section
Peg Angler Weight Position
34 Dai Thomas 47-12 1
2 Andy Quarmby 39-11 2
7 Anthony Flint 23-7 3
36 Andy Johnstone 20-6 4
4 Dave Whiteman 20-3 5
38 Pat Pritchard 14-2 6
40 Kev Simpson 14-1 7
5 Phil Powell 13-3 8


B Section
Peg Angler Weight Position
28 Steve Waters 36-0 1
31 Mick Lane 32-14 2
8 Mark Sawyer 29-7 3
10 Chris Telling 27-3 4
29 Charlie Bishop 21-6 5
13 Malc Doyle 17-5 6
9 Ernie Malyon 10-3 7
32 John Draper DNW 8

B section winner and Festival Champion Steve Waters. 2nd Time in two years.


C Section
Peg Angler Weight Position
17 Michael Corsini 76-6 1
22 Mick Chappell 59-9 2
25 Dave Wilsdon 45-12 3
15 Steve Stayte 42-9 4
14 Geoff Edwards 38-7 5
18 Paul Newbury 33-13 6
23 John Morgan 23-6 7
26 Wez Hillier 15-11 8

C Section winner and 3rd overall Micheal Corsini.

 Total Points
Angler Top 5 Points After Weight
Steve Waters {Drennan}  5
Andy Quarmby {Middy}  6 {2nd on weight count back}
Micheal Corsini {Rolfslake}  6
Anthony Flint {Rolfslake}  7
Geoff Edwards {Colmic Reading}  8
Dave Wilsden  9
Chris Telling {Colmic}  11
Mick Lane {Rolfslake Elite}  11

The top 4 anglers and Lake owner John Bennett.

Some of the section winners over the three days.


I  would like to thank on behalf of the anglers the following people who have helped make the Festival another successful event.

Firstly John and Pauline Bennett for organising the event being great hosts for the visiting anglers and providing the food during and after the event.

Dai and Anne Thomas and Micheal and Paul Corsini for preparing the lake ready for the visiting anglers and to Anne for helping Pauline prepare breakfast and the event food.

To Steve and Peter Drennan for supporting the event.

To Simon Mound and Chris Telling for posting the results and the taking of the photos.

I would like to personally thank Steve Waters for generously giving me his bait prize it was very kind Steve {thankyou}.

Cheers For Reading. John, Eddie and Simon.

Easter Festival 2015. Day 2 Results. 5th April.


Day two report { Eddie}

With the anglers returning for the second day of the festival , this day normally proves two things

1. A section fishes better than day 1 and

2. There are normally a suprise or two instore as anglers position themselves for the day three showdown.

Defending champion Steve Waters was hoping that after his good result yesterday a good draw would set him up nicely to win again and when he drew A section peg 7 i am sure his Drennan box was propelled to his peg in double quick time. Of the other two section winners yesterday Anthony Flint had drawn form peg 18 and Geoff Edwards {Colmic Reading} had drawn B section peg 10 and not a consistent peg .

John tells me that the story of the day was the windy conditions of yesterday had eased up today but it was still cold getting colder as the match went on, but it still did not stop the fish cruising the surface teasing the anglers.

In A section with Steve drawing yesterdays winning peg the real question was were any of the other pegs going to challenge him and he had a good answer of that in front of him as Charlie Bishop caught well today putting 92-14 of carp together to win the section from peg 34 but the real suprise and performance of the day came from John Draper on peg 40 where there has been no sign of carp recently but John got his head down and caught 90-04 for second in section and pushing Steve into third place.

In B section it was a case of damage limitation as sometimes this section can mix up the form pegs and with Geoff Edwards {Colmic Reading} drawing off form peg 10 and Micheal Corsini drawing peg 32 and Mick Chappell on 8 Geoff could possibly see himself right down the section but a cautious approach saw him record 52-10 and take second in section.

The winner today of B section was Micheal Corsini who had drawn peg 32 by the cafe and Micheal put himself right back in the game after yesterdays bad result by weighing in one of todays 4 ton weights with his weight of 103-02 of carp and silvers.

The real battle of the day came from C section where 3 big weight specialists were battling it out for the section win. Phil Powell on 15, Anthony Flint on 18 and Andy Quarmby on 17 ended up having a shallow battle with the cruising carp which was eventually won by Phil with 164-12 of carp to double figures and second place was just snatched by Andy Quarmby with 149-12 from Anthony’s 141-02.

Tomorrow will see a fantastic tense finale to the Festival as there are at least 8 people that could win and it will be an important draw at 10am so good luck to all the anglers.

Special thanks to Simon back at base for getting the results up quickly and to Chris Telling for the use of his photo’s.


A Section
Peg Angler Weight Position
34 Charlie Bishop 92-14 1
40 John Draper 90-4 2
7 Steve Waters 81-6 3
36 Mick Lane 32-8 4
4 Chris Telling 30-15 5
5 Malc Doyle 5-3 6
2 Mark Sawyer 2-9 7
38 Ernie Malyon DNW 8

Steve Stayte

B Section
Peg Angler Weight Position
32 Michael Corsini 103-2 1
10 Geoff Edwards 52-10 2
28 Dave Wilslow 44-13 3
31 Steve Statye 35-14 4
9 John Morgan 34-4 5
29 Paul Newbury 8-6 6
13 Wez Hillier 7-12 7
8 Mick Chappell 6-2 8

B Section Winner. Mighty Michael Corsini.

C Section
Peg Angler Weight Position
15 Phil Powell 164-12 1
17 Andy Quarmby 149-12 2
18 Anthony Flint 141-2 3
23 Andy Johnstone 61-1 4
22 Kevin Simpson 60-6 5
14 Pat Pritchard 35-8 6
26 Dave Wightman 25-15 7
25 Dai Thomas 0-7 8

Phil Powell. C Section winner.

 Total Points
Angler Points 
 Geoff Edwards  3
 Steve Waters  4
 Anthony Flint  4
 Phil Powell  4
 Andy Quarmby  4

Cheers For Reading. John, Eddie and Simon.

More Pictures courtesy of Chris Telling

Anthony on peg 18

Car Park Bank

Mick Lane on peg 36

Mick Chappell on peg 8

Geoff Again

Charlie Bishop landing a fish

Overall Winner today, Phil Powell

Andy Quarmby

Easter Festival 2015. Day 1 Results. 4th April.


Easter Festival day 1 {report by Eddie}

Today saw the start of the Rolfslake Easter festival and an assembled group of 24 anglers were going to pit themselves against their peers for the next three days. The reigning champion of 2014 Steve Waters {Drennan } was in attendance trying to do what no other angler has done by retaining the title for a second year.

The story of the first day was the weather was cold and windy blowing from the small lake into pegs 18 and 22 where the fish had been gathered for the last 6 weeks so a draw in this area would be a great start for the anglers fishing C section.

The section the anglers did not want to draw on day 1 was A section as it usually fishes hard getting better on days 2 and 3 as the bait gets put in settling the fish. B section is usually the fairest as it has a good selection of pegs to choose from so this was going to be the one for me to watch from the cafe today .

With the all in called it was a slow start in the first two hour getting better in hours three to five with anglers starting to line up a few carp as they went down in the water and came closer to the bank. A perfect example of this was Malc Doyle on 26 who set his stall to fish the top two line and paste and pellet and eventually the carp  came to him and he caught 6 for 64-05 and he missed quite a few bites showing the fish were happy to feed in the shallower water. Right opposite onn peg 14 John Draper was also having some good sport by fishing down to the bush on his right catch fish to big double figures in his final weight of 96-14.

The top three section winners today were Geoff Edwards {Colmic Reading } who was well well clear in A section with a great mixed bag of carp and 40lb of bream for 74-03 fish on the deck between 7 and 16 meters fishing pellet.

In B section the winner and fishing next to Geoff on peg 8 and fresh from his victory yesterday was Anthony Flint. Anthony fished a variety of lines to catch his weight of 97-14 and just ahead of his travelling partner Andy Quarmby {Middy} who was only two odd pounds behind on 95-05.

Completing the report on C section which was a real cliffhanger as the top three anglers in this section were seperated by only 12lb but eventually was won by Steve Waters {Drennan} with 108-14 who had fish to nearly 20lb by fishing long down the edge fishing corn and pellet hookbaits but also frustratingly lost a lot of fish as they would not settle down and feed properly. Spare a thought for Chris Telling {Colmic} who could of won the section as he landed and accidently missed the keepnet with a fish of at least 10lb that went through a hole in his landing net and back in to the lake.

It will be an interesting day tomorrow as the weather is supposed to get a little better so good luck to all the anglers for a good days fishing.

A special thanks goes to Steve Waters and Peter Drennan who have arranged a goodie bag of the full set of the new Drennan hookbaits and bait boosters for all the anglers fishing the Festival a fantastic gesture from a fantastic company thankyou very much.

A Section
Peg Angler Weight Position
7 Geoff Edwards 74-3 1
2 Mick Chappell 34-13 2
40 Dave Wilsdon 27-14 3
36 Michael Corsini 13-3 4
34 Paul Newbury 13-1 5
5 John Morgan 8-10 6
38 Wez Hillier 5-1 7
4 Steve Stayte 4-1 8

Geoff Edwards. A Section Winner.

B Section
Peg Angler Weight Position
8 Anthony Flint 97-14 1
29 Andy Quarmby 95-5 2
28 Dai Thomas 63-0 3
32 Phil Powell 57-11 4
10 Dave Whiteman 35-0 5
13 Andy Johnstone 32-13 6
9 Kevin Simpson 22-3 7
31 Pat Pritchard 8-10 8

Anthony Flint. B Section Winner.

C Section
Peg Angler Weight Position
22 Steve Waters 108-14 1
17 Chris Telling 103-3 2
14 John Draper 96-14 3
26 Malc Doyle 64-5 4
25 Mick Lane 62-1 5
15 Ernie Malyon 49-2 6
18 Mark Sawyer 32-12 7
23 Charlie Bishop 14-12 8

Chris Telling. C Section 2nd place and also Provided some pictures thank you.

 Total Points
Angler Points after weight
 Steve Waters  1
 Anthony Flint  1
 Geoff Edwards  1
 Chris Telling  2
 Andy Quarmby  2
 Mick Chappell  2

Other pictures from the day…

Malc Doyle.

Mick Lane

Phil Powell

Andy Quarmby

John Draper

Section Winners

Thanks for Reading. John, Eddie and Simon

Rolfslake Easter Festival 2014. Day 3.

Day 3 report.

On a thrilling last day down the lake anyone from 8th upwards were in with a shout of winning this years Rolfslake festival and you could feel the tension as the draw was called. With the leading three anglers after two days Steve Waters, Mick Lane and Mark Newbold fishing different sections { the dreaded A section for Steve, B section for Mick and the consistent C section for Mark } it was imperative that they avoided a poor performing peg and luckily they did that with Steve drawing peg 4 in the small lake and Mark peg 18 on the motorway bank in the big lake but Mick had drawn not a great peg in peg 28.

The rest of the anglers thought that the result was a done deal between Steve and Mark but how wrong they were as both the anglers struggled during the first part of the match whilst the chasing pack were closing in with Jon Walker leading the way in A section on peg 38 , Malc Doyle was way ahead  in B section with Mick Lane struggling and in C section Andy Quarmby was dominating this section with a great display of shallow fishing and at this point Mark was way down in the section as both Phil Powell on 22 and Micheal Corsini on 25 were also putting together ton plus catches from their pegs.

At the half way point it was too hard to call as Liam Bough and Jon Walker were both ahead of Steve in A section ,Mick Lane was well down in B section and Mark was lying at least 4th in C section so the winner could come from the remaining 6 anglers so a tense last half was to reveal all.

The final part of the match saw the the lake change again as the weather turned cooler and suddenly a switch by Steve to add a few silvers to his catch whilst the rest went all out to catch carp was a master stroke as he reeled in both Liam and Jon and Dave on peg 5 to win the section by 2lb and claim that magical 1 point for his total of 4 points. Mick Lane the only other angler on 3 points had to win his section to tie with Steve but alas he came 4th giving him a total of 7 points with Mark in C section overhauling both Phil and Micheal to come second and claim two points giving him a total of 6. The dark horse on day 3 was Malc Doyle who after his section win on Saturday had a tough draw on Sunday costing him 5 points but a brilliant recovery on Monday gave him a section win and a total of 7 points.

After all the weights were checked and verified the outcome was a deserved win and Rolfslake Champion for Steve Waters who fished very well over the three days with his combined weight of 371-10 and 4 points closely followed by Mark Newbold with 355-12 and 6 points and in third place and well deserved was Malc Doyle and his weight of 404-07 and 7 points.

Rolfslake 2014 Easter Festival Champion. Steve Waters.

From left to right MicK Lane 4th, Champion Steve 1st, Mark Newbold 2nd, Jon Walker 5th and finally Malc Doyle 3rd.

John has asked me to appologise to the anglers who were waiting for the food at the end but with the distractions of the morning this was overlooked and John will sort the anglers with a bag of pellet to cover the £2 that was collected per angler for food..

The future of next years Festival is under review but I would like to say a MASSIVE thanks to John and Pauline for hosting the event and their hospitality during the 4 days and for Paul Jay for his help in helping John prepare the cabin for the festival and his help with weighing in fish and marshalling the event.

Also a big thanks to Ann and Annette for their help in helping with the breakfast in the morning.

John hopes to see the visiting anglers soon.

A Section

Place Angler Peg Weight  Points
 1st  Steve Waters  4  76-13  1
 2nd  Jon Walker  38  74-13  2
 3rd  Liam Bough  34  68-02  3
 4th  Dave Whiteman  5  63-12  4
 5th  Andy Johnstone  36  46-14  5
 6th  Johnny Broadbent  40  40-13  6
 7th  Dai Thomas  7  32-06  7
 8th  John Bennett  2  26-07  8

B Section

 Place  Angler  Peg  Weight  Points
 1st  Malc Doyle  8  118-00  1
 2nd  Frank Hardie  32  75-07  2
 3rd  Dan Deakin  10  68-01  3
 4th  Mick Lane  28  65-02  4
 5th  Justin Macabe  31  50-10  5
 6th  Anthony Flint  9  35-15  6
 7th  Ernie Malyon  13  13-08  7
 8th  Paul Newbury  29  DNW  8

C Section

 Place  Angler  Peg  Weight  Points
 1st  Andy Quarmby  23  165-02  1
 2nd  Mark Newbold  18  136-11  2
 3rd  Micheal Corsini  25  134-06  3
 4th  Chris Telling  17  122-10  4
 5th  Phil Powell  22  117-12  5
 6th  Ian McCullough  15  65-13  6
 7th  John Draper  14  39-01  7
 8th  Geoff Edwards  26  34-13  8

Top 6

 Angler  Points  Weight  Sponsor
 Steve Waters  4  371-10  Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths
 Mark Newbold  6  355-12  Rolfslake
 Malc Doyle  7  404-07  Jinx League
 Mick Lane  8  294-10  Rolfslake
 Jon Walker  9  270-01  Walker Floats
 Frank Hardy  9  237-06  Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths

 Some pictures of big units from the day.

Malc Doyl with his two units.

Ian with his big common.

Colmic’s Chris Telling with his big double common.

Burt Bait sponsored angler Micheal Corsini with his small carp of 17lb.

Thanks for reading John, Simon and Eddie.

Rolfslake Easter Festival 2014. Day 2.

Day 2 report . Today the returning 24 anglers were greeted with a much colder day with wind and rain also expected so talking to John he tells me that the catches were much lower than yesterday with the exception of Steve Waters on peg 18 who put together a great weight of 184-12 from peg 18, John Bennett on peg 22 with 150-07 and Jon Walker who also caught over a ton with his weight of 114-10 from peg 23. The current leader of the festival is Steve Waters with 3 points but has to fish the dreaded A section tomorrow with Mick Lane also on 3 points but has a better chance as he is fishing B section but they are hotly pursued by 5 other anglers who are are 2 and 3 points behind so it should be an exciting day 3 down the lake tomorrow. Come back to see who will be crowned Rolfslake Easter Festival 2014 Champion. I will be posting more photo’s as they become available.

Current Festival leader Steve Waters.

A Section

Place Angler Peg Weight  Points
 1st  Mick Lane  38  63-05  1
 2nd  Anthony Flint  34  63-05  1
 3rd  Frank Hardie  4  55-12  3
 4th  Ernie Malyon  5  47-09  4
 5th  Malc Doyle  36  42-06  5
 6th  Dan Deakin  2  39-09  6
 7th  Paul Newbury  7  39-05  7
 8th  Justin Macabe  40  9-06  8

B Section

 Place  Angler  Peg  Weight  Points
 1st  John Draper  8  91-03  1
 2nd Geoff Edwards 28  81-11  2
 3rd Mark Newbold 32  57-11  3
 4th Chris Telling 29  55-11  4
 5th Andy Quarmby 13  55-10  5
 6th Micheal Corsini 31  49-00  6
 7th Phil Powell 9  46-04  7
 8th Ian McCullough 10  45-13  8

C Section

 Place  Angler  Peg  Weight  Points
 1st  Steve Waters  18  184-12  1
 2nd  John Bennett  22  150-07  2
 3rd  Jon Walker  23  114-10  3
 4th  Liam Bough  15  93-15  4
 5th  Johnny Broadbent  25  89-06  5
 6th  Any Johnstone  17  79-05  6
 7th  Dai Thomas  14  76-14  7
 8th  Dave Whiteman  26  61-00  8

Top 7

 Angler  Points  Weight  Sponsor
 Steve Waters  3  294-13  Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths.
 Mick Lane  3  229-08  Rolfslake
 Mark Newbold  4  219-01  Rolfslake
 Anthony Flint  4  192-02  Rolfslake
 John Draper  5  153-08  Rolfslake
 Malc Doyle  6  286-07  Jinx League
 Chris Telling  6  177-06  Colmic

Thanks for reading John, Simon and Eddie.

Rolfslake Easter Festival 2014 Day 1



Today saw the start of the Rolfslake 3 day Easter Festival and with a sellout 24 anglers were hoping to be crowned2014 champion which was won last year by Middy sponsored angler Andy Quarmby.

Before the start John read out all the rules and one major change was that all fish were to be retained in the keepnets with a maximum 100lb net limit and any angler exceeding this would be deducted a penalty weight by how much you were over deducted from the weight limit of 100lb.

With draw called all the anglers made their way to the random draw which would decide the sections for the next three days and quite quickly the anglers called A section the section of death as it had all the big weight specialists in this section so they would be taking points of each other. As for the other two sections B and C it also had class anglers in them but were deemed to be more fairer so this was going to be a great battle.

The winner of A section today was Mark Newbold on peg 34 in the small lake and Mark had an eventful match but softened with a massive carp of 20-04 in his eventual weight of 161-06. B section was a very close battle by two of Rolfslake’s serial match winners Steve Waters and Dave Whiteman which would be eventually won by Dave with his weight of 112-11 to Steve’s 110-01 but Steve will rue the many lost fish on peg 9 today.

Mark Newbold with a common of 20-04

The star angler of the day was Malc Doyle on little favoured peg 17 and Malc put on a master class of short range paste fishing on his top kit to record the top weight of the day with 244-01 topped with a big common of 20-09 amongst his many othe big doubles.

Malc Doyle with his common carp of 20-09.

Tomorrow the anglers move to the next section in their sequence hoping to either repair the damage caused by todays results or push forwards for another good days fishing.

Come back tomorrow for days 2 results.

Also i will be posting some more photo’s from todays match.

Chris Telling with his common of 18lb.


Anthony Flint with a mirror carp of 17-08.


A Section

Place Angler Peg Weight  Points
 1st  Mark Newbold  34  161-06  1
 2nd  Chris Telling  5  121-11  2
 3rd  Phil Powell  7  88-09  3
 4th  John Draper  40  62-05  4
 5th  Ian McCullough  38  54-01  5
 6th  Micheal Corsini  36  53-11  6
 7th  Andy Quarmby  4  45-04  7
 8th  Geoff Edwards  2  31-01  8

B Section

 Place  Angler  Peg  Weight  Points
 1st  Dave Whiteman 29  112-11  1
 2nd  Steve Waters 9  110-01  2
 3rd  Johnny Broadbent 13  99-00  3
 4th  Jon Walker 32  80-10  4
 5th  Liam Bough 28  65-13  5
 6th  John Bennett 8  57-10  6
 7th  Andy Johnstone 31  35-07  7
 8th  Dai Thomas 10  27-11  8

C Section

 Place  Angler  Peg  Weight  Points
 1st  Malc Doyle  17  244-01  1
 2nd  Mick Lane  18  166-03  2
 3rd  Anthony Flint  26  128-13  3
 4th  Frank Hardy  25  106-03  4
 5th  Dan Deakin  23  104-02  5
 6th  Ernie Malyon  15  83-11  6
 7th  Paul Newbury  22  59-4  7
 8th  Justin Macabe  14  45-03  8

Top 6

 Angler  Points  Weight  Sponsor
 Malc Doyle  1  244-01  Jinx League
 Mark Newbold  1  161-06  Rolfslake
 Dave Whiteman  1  112-01  Hydro 2000
 Mick Lane  2  166-03  Rolfslake
 Chris Telling  2  121-11  Colmic
 Steve Waters  2  110-01  Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths

Thanks for reading John, Simon and Eddie.

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