Jinx League. Round 3. 18th June 2011


Rain, rain and more rain for the Jinxsters down the lake today.


A Section Peg Weight Points
1st Mat Edwards 5 141-10 1
2nd Clive Pritchard 2 140-8 2
3rd Dave Moore 4 64-8 3
4th= Nick Watkins-Price 8 54-4 4
4th= Jon Hatch 34 54-4 4
6th Dai Thomas 7 46-0 6
7th Geoff Palmer 38 32-8 7
8th Terry Goff 40 20-8 8
B Section Peg Weight Points
1st Steve Wilson 32 138-0 1
2nd Marcus Burgess 11 69-0 2
3rd Steve Akal 26 57-4 Guest
4th Peter Morton 29 55-12 3
5th Nick Williams 13 51-8 4
6th Gem Doyle 9 48-12 5
7th Paul Roberts 28 44-8 6
8th Dave Webster 31 38-10 7
9th Kev Loveland 10 DNW 8
C Section Peg Weight Points
1st Malc Doyle 25 110-12 1
2nd Tony Roberts 20 87-8 2
3rd Simon Mound 17 65-4 3
4th Fred Parker 15 47-8 4
5th Slim Shady 18 40-12 5
6th Alex Clarke 14 29-4 6
7th Pete Crayfishtraps 23 26-12 Guest
8th Martin Coopster 22 26-2 Guest


Overall and A Section Winner, Mat Edwards.

Second in A Section, Clive Pritchard

B Section Winner, Steve Wilson

B Section Second, Marcus Burgess

C Section Winner, Malc Doyle

C Section Second, Tony Roberts

Jinx League. Round 2. 4th June 2011

The Jinxsters returned to the lake for round 2 of a series of 6 matches at the lake.


A Section Peg Weight Points
1st Dave Webster 2 123-4 1
2nd Steve Wilson 8 95-12 2
3rd Al Loader 7 68-0 3
4th Kev Loveland 34 57-0 4
5th Nick Williams 5 53-8 5
6th Marcus Burgess 40 52-8 6
7th Paul Roberts 4 46-0 7
8th Peter Morton 38 38-4 8
9th Gem Doyle 36 10-8 8
B Section Peg Weight Points
1st Malc Doyle 9 175-12 1
2nd Simon Mound 10 133-12 2
3rd Dave Collier 26 71-8 3
4th Neil Riddy 13 65-10 4
5th Tony Roberts 28 64-0 5
6th Alex 32 43-12 6
7th Mitch Auger 11 40-0 7
8th Slim Shady 31 10-12 8
9th Len 29 9-0 Guest
C Section Peg Weight Points
1st Clive Pritchard 20 96-12 1
2nd Ant Haywood 25 75-12 2
3rd Dai Thomas 22 62-4 3
4th Jon Hatch 18 54-4 4
5th Pete crayfishtraps 23 46-12 Guest
6th Dave Moore 14 45-4 5
7th Terry Goff 15 42-0 6
8th Mick Godber 19 40-8 Guest
9th Nick W-P 17 1-6 7

The next Jinx match is actually a night match on the 17th June followed by match 3 of the series on the 18th June.

Maggotdrowning.com Charity Match. 3rd June 2011

Maggotdrowners returned to the lake today for a Charity Match organised by Malc Doyle.


A Section Peg Weight
1st Peter Morton 7 99-8
2nd Dave Moore 34 83-12
3rd Dave Collier 3 64-4
4th Simon Mound 4 55-12
5th Coopster 5 41-12
6th Clive Pritchard 1 23-12
7th Liam Doyle 8 18-6
8th Pete crayfishtraps 39 8-4
9th Len 36 8-0
10th Rod 38 7-12
B Section Peg Weight
1st Al Loader 30 94-8
2nd Gemma ‘MAGGOT’ Boyle 32 57-0
3rd Dumdum 28 38-14
4th Nick Williams 10 32-8
5th Auto 29 31-8
6th Terry Goff 13 30-12
7th Bazza 11 29-0
8th Gobber 31 28-8
9th Kev Loveland 9 22-8
10th Mark C 27 2-8
C Section Peg Weight
1st Roysty 16 76-12
2nd Alex 20 75-8
3rd Tricky 25 73-12
4th Dai Thomas 14 72-12
5th Method Gob 15 59-8
6th Mitch Auger 26 54-0
7th Marcus Burgess 19 41-4
8th Jay 18 28-8
9th Steve 23 26-8
10th Josh 22 DNW

£200 was raised for the site. Well done to Malc for organising another fantastic day at the lake.

Will update with a report soon..

Wednesday 4th May 2011 Open Match


Paul has found a good place to fish

As i arrived down the lake today i was greeted with the regular warm greeting and stick from John and Paul that these midweek opens are famous for.

I was really looking forward to reclaiming my victory back that i lost to John on my last visit so i had a plan to fish slightly different than would of been expected as there was no X4 paste in my bag today but a bag of new X4 version 2 so i was really confident of a good days lump fishing.

With the assorted cast ready at the draw it was nice to see my website partner Simon there as he had travelled from up North to continue on his glory run of two victories in his last two visits. Also another person i had not seen for a while was Geoff Edwards who is my partner in crime in giving John his fare share of abuse and by draw time it was in full swing { i am not sure what the visiting made of this }.As the draw commenced i wanted a peg in the small lake and was not disappointed to draw peg 6 but thought it might of been a little too early to be able to catch the fish up the edge but with Paul Jay on 7 and and John on flyer peg 40 i was certainly going to be amused for 5 hours. Simon was on peg 9 and Geoff on peg 18 with all the visiting anglers drawing flyer pegs 2,4, 8 and 16 hopefully Rolfslake would fish to its usual high standards as is the case in these mid week matches.

The story of the match was in the small lake John Bennett was on to a flyer in the first 40 minutes as his first 4 fish went 70lb on the tip fishing to the rope in peg 39 so it was going to be a tough ask to catch him up and with the big lake fishing hard all the action was going to be reserved for pegs 9 round to 40 as it was black with fish and with the wind blowing into the small lake the carp were following the blossom that had fallen into the lake. Simon on peg 9 had already lost a carp in the big bush to his right but managed to drag the second one out but it was hard going,and with Daz Kelly on 8 fishing the other side of the bush but catching a mixed bag of chub, perch and carp in was going to be an interesting 5 hours. As for Paul and myself it started slow but then picked up in the last 2 hours by which time Paul was losing 5 fish to every one he landed on long pole fishing 8mm pellet on the deck feeding by pot, and all i could do was catch doubles but they were not coming fast enough as my 8 carp went 105-00 {the biggest was 17-14} fishing paste down the ledge towards peg 5 feeding heavy by hand

The winner today was lake owner John Bennett who after catching his big 4 fish on the tip got caught on the rope snapped his rig then went on the 3 metre line lowered his bait of 11mm pellet and saw the float disappear and then coming back with a 19-00 carp on it brilliant i though as he shouted this to me at least 6 times. for the remainder of the match John alternated between long and short pole lines down the edge and at 3 metres to catch big carp { John had 137-00 on the board by weigh-in time} for his final weight of 190-04 and victory to sink the Cartel members and the Pirate in this match { well done John }.

In second place was Simon Mound who after his slow start abandoned the bush to his right and started a  new 5 metre line straight out in front which runs down the bar between the big and small lake and by fishing big donkey choker 15mm pellet and feeding positively Simon got the fish lined up with also a good stamp of fish his biggest going over 18-00 but in the end fell short of a victory by only 23lb but by Rolfslake’s standards that could be only one or two fish and he ended up with 167-00 but still a great weight {well done Simon }.

All in all the anglers enjoyed their afternoon out in the sun and cant wait till the next mid week match as with the weekends now fully booked through club bookings Rolfslake can now only be fished on a Wednesday or a night match, so get down to one of these matches and have some fun.


Daz Kelly with some cracking chub caught from peg 8

Nice fish. Well done mate 🙂

Wes on peg 2


Eddie on peg 6

Eddies rigs may need a bit of sorting

John taming all the carp in his swim on peg 40

Paul Jay on peg 7

Mick Jones (Fishcap) on his favourite peg 10

Pat Pritchard on peg 13

Superstar bagger, Pat Pritchard

One of Eddie's donkey's


Position Name Peg Weight
1 John Bennett 40 190-4
2 Simon Mound 9 167-0
3 Paul Jay 7 144-4
4 Eddie Taylor Green 6 119-4
5 Wes 2 110-4
6 Daz Kelly 8 86-8
7 Neil Riddy 22 78-2
8 Graham Ridgley 16 67-0
9 Mick Chapell 26 61-4
10 Phil 4 55-12
11 Geoff Edwards 18 48-8
12 Mick Jones 10 41-8
Pat Pritchard 13 DNW TB
Steve Williams 28 DNW


Todays Winner, Pirate ship sinker John Bennett.


Caption for this picture please.....


Well earned cup of tea for the pirate

I am away in Glasgow for a week but Simon will keep you up to date with the results so tight lines thanks for reading Simon, John and Eddie.

Bank Holiday Open Match. 2nd May 2011


Very windy down the lake again today

17 anglers turned up today on a very very windy day down the lake. It was windy yesterday as well but hopes of it dying down were shattered at 7.30 when branches started dropping off the tree’s as the wind picked up again.

Before everyone else got to the lake John had a bit of a problem with a cormorant. He had been eating the fish from the lake and then having a bath in the salt dips…


Naughty Bird


Pretty much everyone today was going to be suffering from the wind in one way or another.

More to follow…bed time 🙂



Position Name Peg Weight
1 Simon Mound 8 152-4
2 Paul Jay 34 111-0
3 Andy Camden 14 109-4
4 Pat Pritchard 22 87-8
5 Richard Doolan 9 78-0
6 Dai Thomas 16 75-8
7 Mick Hughes 26 75-0
8 Malc Doyle 40 73-8
9 Ant Haywood 18 70-4
10 Tony Wymmick 24 70-0
11 Dave Whiteman 6 59-4
12 Marcus Burgess 2 52-12
13 John Bennett 38 50-4
14 Nick Horne 4 46-8
15 Gem Doyle 13 37-4
16 Lol Summers 7 12-8 TB
17 Andy Johnstone 10 DNW TB

17 Anglers Fished    TB=Tipped Back


Paul Jay on peg 34



Birthday Boy John Bennett without his party hat 😛

Malc Doyle on peg 40

Chunk, I mean Marcus Burgess on peg 2 😉

Nick Horne on peg 4

Dave Whiteman sucking a cigar on peg 6

Laurie Summers on peg 7

Richard Doolan with a weigher from peg 9

Me with a carp caught on the tip from the far bank on my old faithful... boilie 😀

My weigher having a nice salt solution bath

Laurie getting in on the act too

Thanks for looking in on the blog. Eddie, Simon and John.

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