RiveTee Piscatorial Promotion. 7th September 2011

Larry back at the table trying to work the section out ๐Ÿ˜€

Rive T

Mugger and Alan

Getting ready for the draw

If you look closely you can see 500lb of fish in front of Mugger

A small round up.

Peter Morton had his first Rolfslake 200lb plus.

Colin had his first 20lb plus carp.

Larry ‘Ton’pot has his first ever 100lb plus weight ANYWHERE in the world ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜€

Tony Williams set his new PB Match weight.

Big well done to you all. Brilliant day. Thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚

Froggy Setting up on 32

Second place today. Tony Williams

J Mac on peg 28


ย ย ย ย  Pos Name Peg Weight
1 Peter Morton 9 206-0
2 Tony Williams 30 197-4
3 Larry Teepot 16 158-8
4 Colin B 18 154-4
5 Justin Watkins 8 123-0
6 Simon Mound 26 108-12
7 Cov Blaze 4 99-8
8 Froggy 32 93-12
9 Tony 6 57-12
10 M Jone 14 55-8
11 Cox62 13 53-0
12 J Mac 28 45-8
13 Alan 10 45-0
14 Revans 34 35-14
15 Nuddy 38 18-8
Alan 7 DNW
Cockney Pete 24 DNW

17 Anglers Fished

Todays Winner. Peter Morton.

Third Place for Larry 'Ton'pot

Isis Angling Club/Chinnor Garden Centre Silvers Match. 5th September 2011

A cold wet day at the lake for the final match of their series. This match was a silvers only match.
ย ย ย ย  Pos Name Peg Weight
1 Antony 28 38-0
2 Martin R 13 30-8
3 Pete House 30 28-12
4= Steve 15 22-8
4= Scott 31 22-8
6 John N 39 21-8
7 David W 11 18-12
8 David M 23 18-8
9 Hilary 14 16-12
10 Ben 32 16-4
11 John 10 11-4
12 Geoff 22 10-8
13 Tony P 16 9-12
14 Paul Jay 36 9-4
15 Rogers 24 8-12
16 Graham G 34 8-4
17 Dave 7 7-4
18 Jerry 29 6-0
19 Herbert 9 3-0
20= Dawn 26 2-0
20= Freddie 3 2-0
Doug H 8 DNW
Paul Bowler 4 DNW
George Steves 1 DNW
Chris Little 6 DNW
Martin G 18 DNW

26 Anglers Fished

Thanks for the food after the match, There was still enough left over to feed a small army ๐Ÿ˜€

Gary Horne’s Annual Match. 2nd September 2011

Hazy Morning at the lake

Gary Horne had his annual match at the lake today. With only 17 fishing it should have made for some good angling as everyone had plenty of room but the carp had other ideas.

Gary's Friends waiting for the draw

Last years Winner Nick Horne (middle)

Olly the Rolfslake Guard dog hard at work inspecting the nets

Quick coffee before the draw


Very hot day and no wind

Fishing today was from 12 till 5pm. 2 hours in to the match and most people had not had a carp or even a bite. The sun was blazing down on the lake. When the sun went off the water on the car park bank peg they started having a few.

Hard going on the carpark bank

Paul Horne on peg 32

Pegs 14 and 16 were having a few fish in the big lake but it was a different story in the little lake. Rock hard with everyone struggling and a few people targeting the silvers to try and win the top silvers weight.

I had to wait till the last hour to get my first carp bite from peg 9, Just as the sun went off the water behind the big poplar tree. The fish were lined up and I starting catching one a chuck but foul hookers were causing a few problems.

My first fish went 18lb-4oz. Good start ๐Ÿ˜€

Gary on peg 38 had not hooked a carp so instead started catching small roach from the end of his keepnet on his topkit. He finished with 100 roach for 11lb-4oz to take the top silvers weight on the day.


ย ย ย ย  Pos Name Peg Weight
1 Simon Mound 9 118-12
2 Gary Naylor 14 116-12
3 Steve Pomery 16 101-7
4 Steve Williams 24 55-4
5 Darren Simmons 18 43-12
6 Dave Hullcoop 8 40-4
7 John Roberts 7 40-0
8 Nick Horne 40 25-8
9 Dave 26 20-0
10 Arthur Horne 28 19-6
11 Marcus Burgess 2 16-4
12 Gary Horne 38 11-4
13 Paul Horne 32 10-2
14 Malcolm Murray 6 9-0
15 Kevin Cross 13 DNW
16 Colin 34 DNW
17 Simon Stanmore 4 DNW

17 Anglers Fished

1st Place. Simon Mound

2nd. Gary Naylor

Top Silver Weight of the day.Gary Horne. 100 Roach for 11lb-4oz

Its a hard life.....


Thanks for the invite Gary. Its was nice to fish with a cracking bunch of lads ๐Ÿ™‚

Look forward to next year.

Saturday Open Match. 23rd October 2010

Jon and Pat waiting for the draw

A very hard match indeed, a sign of things to come for the winter league maybe ? The carp were very shy today but the silvers turned up in large numbers. I was on one of my favourite pegs, peg 26 and only had one bite before I had to leave. I Had a party to get back for but would have liked to have caught a fish before I left but I didn’t so another blank for me ๐Ÿ˜€

I took a few pictures before I left…

Mick Lane, the man with the golden drawing hand

Mick, Chris, Steve and Pat

Dai and Malc

Malc on peg 14

Paul Jay on peg 18

Chris on peg 24

Dai on peg 29

Dai with one of his many perch

Results. {thanks Pat ๐Ÿ˜‰ }

1st Steve Waters peg 6 69lb 4oz (included 13lb of silvers)
2nd Pat Pritchard pg 8 42lb 8oz (24lb of silvers and one carp of 18lb 8oz
3rd Paul Jay peg 18 41lb
4th Mick Lane peg 32 38lb 8oz (All silvers)
5th Chris Lovelock peg 24 34lb 12oz
6th Jon Walker peg 10 28lb 12oz (one carp of nearly 9lb and the rest silvers)
7th Ernie Malon peg 9 22lb
8th Mick Chappell peg 16 21lb
9th Dai Thomas Peg 29 20lb 8oz
10th Richard Doolan peg 13 12lb 8oz
11th Malc Doyle peg 14 7lb 8oz
Simon Mound peg 26 DNW

There is another open next Saturday the 30th October. Please call John to book in.

Saturday 16th Oct Open Match

It was almost a winters day on Saturday morning, it was cold grey skies and a blustery north east to greet the 12 anglers who turned up to fish the match.

Car park bank setting up

After the usual coffee tea and doughnuts the draw was made and the match got under-way, it was soon realized that it was going to be hard work with very little activity early on, during the course of the match the wind picked up and unforcasted heavy cold rain made things even more difficult,

The match itself turned to be very tight with the top six anglers with 1fish good making the difference between 1st and 6th.

The results were,

1stย  peg 7 Dave Whiteman 74lb-0ozs

2nd peg 14 Dave Stratful-way 62lb 12ozs

3rd peg 26 Mick Chapple 60lb-4ozs

4th peg 16 Simon Mound 59lb-4ozs

5th peg 4 Chris Lovelock 56lb -4ozs

6th peg 28 Adam Griffiths 53lb-4ozs

Simon with a 15lb carp

Gem was along to support Simon but soon went shopping when it rained

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