Rolfslake Wednesday Open 10th April 2013



The sun comes out at last .

Today John tells me that on arriving down the lake the anglers were greeted  with carp cruising all around the lake as the sun had decided to put an appearance as it was warmer than it had been for some time { does that mean summer is coming ? }.

With the amount of carp cruising around the small lake it was decided that the small lake was going to be used today but with 9 anglers today peg 9 in the big lake would be included.

The day started sunny and warmish but after an hour the wind started to blow from the south west making it much colder and started putting the fish down further in the water but John also tells me at this point the big lake looked perfect as Graham Ridgley who was pleasure fishing on his own was having a nice day catching carp on the tip.

In first place today was lake owner John Bennett who had drawn would you believe it end peg 9 and he had an enjoyable day catching from all areas of his peg 8 carp to 19lb on his favoured corn fished on the deck feeding micro pellets for his weight of 79-08 { well done John }. Hot on John’s heels was Middy backed angler and Easter festival winner Andy Quarmby who was 2 pegs away from John peg 7 and Andy also caught 8 carp but they were much small which gave him a final weight of 55-13 but well clear of Mick Jones in third as Mick weighed 22-04.

As the weather continues to get warmer i am sure that the carp will get down to having a proper feed and when this happens the weights start to rocket to 200lb plus so it could happen this weekend as the weather reports it could be at least 15 degrees which is 14 degrees warmer than it has been.



9 fished

Top 6 anglers.

Place Angler Peg Weight
1st John Bennett 9 79-08 Rolfslake
2nd Andy Quarmby 7 55-13 Middy
3rd Mick Jones 8 22-04 Rolfslake
4th Steve Farnon 34 15-10 Rolfslake
5th Dave Hill 40 12-10 Rolfslake
6th Gary Kelsey 4 7-04 Rolfslake

The last Saturday Open for a few months due to club bookings will be this Saturday draw time 10 am fish 11 to 4 and after this the only way to fish Rolfslake will be on one of the Wednesday Opens which the draw time is 1 pm fish 2 to 7.

There will be a Bank Holiday Open on the 6th of May draw time 10 am fish 11 to 4.


Thanks for reading John, Simon and Eddie

Monday Open Match. 30th April 2012


Just to inform the Monday match regulars that Next Monday’s (7th May) match is a Bank Holiday open and the draw will be at 10.30 am NOT 1pm like normal Monday Opens. Thank you.

Todays Open Paul tried to peg it so the anglers were out of the wind much the same as John did yesterday.

Mick Chappell was making the most of being in the little lake on his own and scores his first double ton of the year, Well done Mick 🙂 Paul Jay was at his second home (Peg 18) and started fishing once he had opened his mail and fed the dog 😛 Paul fished down to the bush and on the waggler. Having 55lb 8oz Dai on peg 16 was not expecting to frame but nether the less he did. Well done.

     Pos Name Peg Weight
1 Mick Chappell 6 203-0
2 Paul Jay 18 111-12
3 Dai Thomas 16 55-8
4 Les Darvall 8 54-0
5 Ben 10 54-0
6 Steve Williams 13 51-4
7 Dangerous Dave 14 19-8
8 Andy Grims 9 DNW

8 Anglers Fished

Mick Chappell, Todays Winner.

Second place, Paul Jay

Dai Thomas, Third place completing the Frame

Friday Open Match. 6th April 2012

With a overnight temperature of -2 and a slight frost this morning the fishing was going to be hard. Initially there was loads of fish cruising around while the sun was shining. But they soon disappeared and then clouds and wind moved in.


     Pos Name Peg Weight
1 Paul Jay 24 80-12
2 John Bennett 10 80-8
3 Phil Powell 18 79-8
4 Dan Deakin 14 78-4
5 Mick Lane 28 76-0
6 Kev Orr 31 66-4
7 Andy Johnstone 23 58-8
8 Jonny Broadbent 30 53-0
9 Chris Telling 26 45-4
10 Dave Wightman 13 44-8

13 Anglers Fished

Wednesday Open Match. 4th April 2012

It seems the fish had filled up on Monday and were not very interested in food today.  Fishing today would prove hard for the anglers down the lake today. The water is still pretty cold as Mark Newbold found out by taking a  dip in peg 8’s margin 😀

     Pos Name Peg Weight
1 Michael Corsini 6 146-0
2 Phillipe 26 119-12
3 Mick Lane 14 110-4
4 Mark Newbold 8 101-12
5 John Bennett 16 71-8
6 Malc Doyle 24 53-4
7 Paul Jay 22 42-0
8 Steve Williams 18 37-4
9 Dan Deakin 13 33-0
10 Dai Thomas 32 17-8

11 Anglers Fished

Monday Open Match. 2nd April 2012



Rolfslake switches on Big time.

As i looked out of the kitchen window it was sunny with little wind and i was hoping that when I turned up at the lake that the fish would not be on the suface, forty minutes later when I turned up at the lake there were lots up in the water.

As I was unable to fish the Wednesday open match this week it made a nice change to see a different group of anglers hoping that Rolfslake’s carp would finally get their heads down and have a feed and today Rolfslake did not disappoint.  At the draw it was decided that it was going to be a walk off and having the eighth choice of swim I was hoping that no one chose either pegs 6, 9 or 3 and to my surprise all the other anglers were in the big lake and with Geoff Edwards last to draw he looked at peg 32 and said that will do for me { that was our first mistake of the day }. 

The story of the match was after a slow start it turned cloudy after two hours and then Rolfslake went fish crazy, as the fish seen on the surface earlier decided to go down on the deck and into the margins and then it was who could catch the fastest and it was a 5 horse race for victory. The last time I fished a match like this the angler that came last in a 17 peg match weighed an incredible 179lb which still is a record for last place in a match that was won with i believe 440lb, and for a brief period that was on for three anglers and maybe more. All of the anglers today had a great days fishing with carp ranging from 5lb to 20lb and everything in between and it took the four of us nearly fifty minutes to weigh the fish in.

In first place today and claiming king of the lake was Geoff Edwards { Reading Angling Centre } who was more than happy to be fishing peg 32 on the car park bank and after a very slow first hour, Geoff managed to turn his swim into a fish catching haven. From where I was I could see Geoff was fishing three lines, the first was to the bush to his left and beyond, the second was a short 5 metre line straight out in front and the third was to the margin to his right and this was to be his main catching line. The bait that Geoff used today was paste fished on the deck feeding 4mm pellet {two bags worth} and after falling 6 fish behind at the start as Kevan Orr on peg 10 was flying Geoff set about catching the field up and by the fourth hour was level with the leaders and by the end had caught about 40 carp to nearly 20lb to seal victory with a fantastic 353-08 and the top weight from the lake this year { well done Geoff }.

King of the lake Geoff Edwards 353-08.

In second place was Paul Jay who drew a low number and chose peg 22 at the bottom of the big lake , and as Paul draws this pegs on a regular basis all his rigs were set and ready to go. Paul started on the wagger catching a couple of carp early but a switch to the right hand margins fished with 8mm banded pellet saw his catch rate rocket, and with regular feeding managed to keep the fish coming for the five hours. Again Paul caught big fish today to nearly 19lb and at the weigh-in was convinced he had over 300lb but in the end fell one fish short with his weight of 291-04 but still a great weight so well done Paul.


Second place Paul Jay 291-08

In third place was me Eddie Taylor-Green, and after chosing my favourite peg on the lake peg 6 I set about making 5 hours of fishing seem very difficult. I started off on the 7 metre line fishing my X4 2012 mix which failed miserably last week and was going to give it one last chance or it was going in the bin, and after the first hour was struggling with 2 carp and 7lb of skimmers, but as i had fed the right hand margin could not believe my eyes as the water was boiling with fish feeding.

 I straight away switched to the top two plus one and margin rig and that was the start of fishing fantasy for three hours as every time the bait went in the float buried very soon after which was fantstic until the 5th hour when I ran out of paste and had to fish the banded pellet which caught me 3 fish. Most of the fish buried the float and pulled the pole round but it was was me dreaming of 400lb that messed up my fishing as i started to speed up and lost 15 fish around the platform and the nets in my rush to get the next fish in. After 5 hours I caught over 30 carp to 18lb for my weight of 289-08 and one small skimmer off second.

Eddie with third place and 289-04.


9 anglers fished

     Pos Name Peg Weight
1 Geoff Edwards 32 353-8
2 Paul Jay 22 291-4
3 Eddie T Green 6 289-8
4 Kevan Orr 10 235-0
5 Steve Williams 18 221-12
6 John Draper 14 116-0
7 Dave W 8 68-4
8 Fred 24 52-8

With these Monday and Wednesday opens moving forwards I will expect this year that one of the big weight anglers will catch the first 400lb for the first time in a few years. The cloudy weather played a very big part today as the fish followed the bait down as there were less visable fish after two hours and at this point the fishing just got better. There were a lot of big fish caught today to nearly 20lb and all the anglers caught doubles, but the anglers reading this just remember Rolfslake is not an easy fishery where you can just turn up and catch 200lb you have to work it out.

 I thourghly enjoyed catching my fish today but not weighing the 1,600lb of fish the 9 anglers caught as it was very hard work for the 3 that got involved cheers guys.

New Lake king in Under a week. Geoff Edwards

Well done Jeff, Cracking weight.


Thanks for reading John ,Simon and Eddie.