Jinx League. Round 3. 18th June 2011


Rain, rain and more rain for the Jinxsters down the lake today.


A Section Peg Weight Points
1st Mat Edwards 5 141-10 1
2nd Clive Pritchard 2 140-8 2
3rd Dave Moore 4 64-8 3
4th= Nick Watkins-Price 8 54-4 4
4th= Jon Hatch 34 54-4 4
6th Dai Thomas 7 46-0 6
7th Geoff Palmer 38 32-8 7
8th Terry Goff 40 20-8 8
B Section Peg Weight Points
1st Steve Wilson 32 138-0 1
2nd Marcus Burgess 11 69-0 2
3rd Steve Akal 26 57-4 Guest
4th Peter Morton 29 55-12 3
5th Nick Williams 13 51-8 4
6th Gem Doyle 9 48-12 5
7th Paul Roberts 28 44-8 6
8th Dave Webster 31 38-10 7
9th Kev Loveland 10 DNW 8
C Section Peg Weight Points
1st Malc Doyle 25 110-12 1
2nd Tony Roberts 20 87-8 2
3rd Simon Mound 17 65-4 3
4th Fred Parker 15 47-8 4
5th Slim Shady 18 40-12 5
6th Alex Clarke 14 29-4 6
7th Pete Crayfishtraps 23 26-12 Guest
8th Martin Coopster 22 26-2 Guest


Overall and A Section Winner, Mat Edwards.

Second in A Section, Clive Pritchard

B Section Winner, Steve Wilson

B Section Second, Marcus Burgess

C Section Winner, Malc Doyle

C Section Second, Tony Roberts

Easter Festival Monday Day 3 2011

25th April 2011

The Final day of the festival has arrived. With the lake fishing quite hard its hard to figure out who is gonna take the title this year. Derek Hammond is favourite before the draw, but it all depends what peg he draws in A section. A section had quite a struggle yesterday, maybe the fish will return to that end of the lake today.

More to follow……

Waiting for pictures etc

Final Results

A Section Peg Weight Points
1st John Hague 34 77-0 1
2nd Steve Waters 2 52-8 2
3rd Geoff Edwards 4 41-0 3
4th Frank Hardie 7 39-0 4
5th Jonny Broadbent 36 15-0 5
6th Chris Telling 40 9-0 6
7th Clive  Pritchard 38 7-0 7
8th Ernie Malyon 6 DNW 8
B Section Peg Weight Points
1st Jon Walker 8 98-4 1
2nd Mick Lane 13 71-8 2
3rd Phil Powell 10 46-8 3
4th Liam Bough 9 35-8 4
5th Paul Glenfield 32 31-8 5
6th Mick Hughes 28 10-8 6
7th Paul Newbury 29 DNW 7
8th Mick Chapell 31 DNW 8
C Section Peg Weight Points
1st Geoff Warmington 18 260-0 1
2nd Colin Wedgebrow 22 230-0 2
3rd Andy Johnstone 17 116-8 3
4th Pat Pritchard 15 71-8 4
5th Dave Whiteman 23 47-0 5
6th Matt Smith 14 41-8 6
7th Derek Hammond 26 12-0 7
8th Mark Malin 25 10-8 8


Top 6 Weight Total
1st Mick Lane 247-8 8
2nd Jon Walker 270-4 9
3rd Phil Powell 202-8 9
4th Pat Pritchard 360-4 10
5th Derek Hammond 332-0 10

Well Done Mick. You can buy a new caravan for down the lake now 🙂

A few pics From Chris Telling’s Camera….

Jonny Broadbent on peg 9. Pleeeeease Stop 😀


Pat Pritchard Playing a lump on peg 34

See, told you it was a lump.

Jon Walker playing a carp

Jon Walker with some of the lake inhabitants

The Elite Weigh in Team


Section Winners

Chris Telling

Derek Hammond Praying for some fish

Mark Malin on peg 25

Easter Festival Sunday Day 2 2011

The red kite was back at the lake


Day 2 of the festival and the anglers were hoping for good pegs today. The corner pegs were the pegs they had their eyes on and much fancied peg 8. The weather down the lake today was not as hot as yesterday and the lake also had a bit of cool rain go in to it last night.

Fancied pegs today went to Mick Lane who always knows how to draw a good peg, he pulled out peg 4, which won the match yesterday. Peg 8 went to Pat Pritchard. Phil Powell got a better draw today with peg 2. Mick Hughes drew peg 34. Clive Pritchard drew peg 18 and Frank Hardie got peg 22.

At the start of the match there were 2 anglers flying along and that was Derek Hammond on peg 13 and Clive Pritchard on peg 18. Everyone else was catching steady.

Pegs 8 and 9 were providing John and Pauline with some entertainment today as Pat on peg 8 broke two topkits in the first 10 minutes after carp were getting the better of him in the bushes on the left of the peg. It was much the same story with Mark Malin on peg 9, he was fishing to the bush and the carp were showing him no mercy taking him on a merry tour of the lake before going back in the bushes and spitting the hook out in the nearest branch. John lost count of the amount of rigs lost after the first hour 😀

The lake is still fishing quite hard by rolfslake standards but people are still catching. Half way through the match John guessed Clive had over 200lb and was showing no signs of slowing down but in the final hour of the match he did actually start to slow a bit.

One thing is for sure though and that there will be no perfect score this year like last year. After day two its going to be anyones guess as who will win.

The lake fished hard again today. The wind had changed direction over night and was blowing up towards the big lake which might explain why the little lake struggled a bit.

Today was a day of broken top kits and sections at the lake with the fish fighting harder than ever….

  • Clive Pritchard broke 2 topkits and a number 5 on his beastmaster
  • Mark Malin Broke topkits
  • Mick Hughes broke topkits
  • Patrick broke 2 topkits and a no 4 section


A Section Peg Weight Points
1st Mick Hughes 34 144-8 1
2nd Phil Powell 2 77-8 2
3rd Mick Lane 4 76-0 3
4th Liam Bough 7 48-0 4
5th Mick Chapell 38 23-0 5
6th Paul Glenfield 40 17-8 6
7th Jon Walker 36 14-0 7
8th Paul Newbury 6 10-8 8


B Section Peg Weight Points
1st Pat Pritchard 8 152-8 1
2nd Derek Hammond 13 107-0 2
3rd Dave Whiteman 29 46-0 3
4th Mark Malin 9 42-8 4
5th Matt Smith 31 40-8 5
6th Andy Johnstone 10 37-0 6
7th Colin Wedgebrow 32 27-0 7
8th Geoff Warmington 28 26-8 8


C Section Peg Weight Points
1st Clive  Pritchard 18 255-8 1
2nd Frank Hardie 22 137-0 2
3rd John Hague 15 81-4 3
4th Chris Telling 26 57-0 4
5th Ernie Malyon 14 36-8 5
6th Jonny Broadbent 23 27-4 6
7th Geoff Edwards 25 20-0 7
8th Steve Waters 17 12-8 8



1st Derek Hammond 2 3
2nd Clive Pritchard 1 5
3rd= Dave Whiteman 3 6
3rd= Pat Pritchard 1 6
3rd= Mick Hughes 1 6
3rd= Mick Lane 2 6
3rd= Phil Powell 3 6
3rd= Liam Bough 4 6

Derek Hammond is looking good to take the title but you know at Rolfslake. If he draws peg 18 he will be laughing.

Hope it fishes well for you all on the last day.

Tight lines. Eddie, Simon and John.

Saturday Open. 4th Sept 2010

Today 11 anglers turned up for the open match, a few people had dropped out last minute so this was more of a knock up match. At the draw John Bennett drew first for a change and held the peg in his hand until everyone else had drawn. Me and Marcus had drawn pegs 6 and 7 but also kept them in our hands. As everyone gave there peg numbers to Paul, John thought he was to be on either pegs 6 or 7 but was quite upset to find he actually had endpeg 26 in his hand 😀

Fishing today was from 1-45pm to 6-45pm. On the whistle Dave Whiteman on peg 8 was right in to a fish, his bait had not even his the bottom and the float buried. Chris Lovelock fishing from peg 32 had a bit of a nightmare breaking his topkit. He hooked a fish behind the bush which broke his pole, unknown to him his topkit had wedged under the platform on peg 33. He went round and picked it up and the fish was still on, as he lifted it up it broke again and he lost the fish 🙁

Endpegs 4 and 26 were producing a steady run of fish for Jeff on peg 4 and John on peg 26 but John on peg 16 who was fishing the grass to his right was flying along making regular visits to the weigh station. Marcus on peg 6 had been putting a few fish in the net also fishing over by peg 5 platform and Paul Jay on 30 was having a few fishing at 8 meters.

Poor Justin fishing on peg 9 was having a right nightmare with fish regularly taking him in the bush, having just lost a rig in the bush he tied a new rig and dropped it in only to have that one go in the bush too. Mark on peg 18 was fishing to the newly trimmed bush, Paul Jay and John had been round doing a bit of bush maintenance before the match.

I had a nice time fishing on peg 7 for the first time ever. Fishing was hard with lots of liners and foul hooked fish on the feeder and only a skimmer and one carp coming from the 6 meter line. I did manage to snare a 17lb 12oz carp from the margin to my right. Both me and Dave we getting lots of liners fishing across to the opposite bank.

Paul Blew the whistle and news came round the lake that John Hague had 202lb on the board but was it good enough to win today.


Position Name Peg Weight
1 John Hague 16 238-12
2 Jeff Edwards 4 232-4
3 John Bennett 26 217-8
4 Paul Jay 30 136-0
5 Justin Watkins 9 130-0
5 Marcus Burgess 6 130-0
7 Mark Orchard 18 106-0
8 Dave Whiteman 8 98-8
9 Simon Mound 7 77-4
10 Chris Lovelock 32 46-4
11 Bill 10 DNW

Yes it was, Well done John. Another big weight 🙂 It was a close match for the top 3 in the end, Only one fish separated Jeff Edwards and John Hague.

Todays Winner, John Hague.

Thanks for reading, Si and Eddie….

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