Sat 28th Aug Bank Holiday Open. 2010


Position Name Peg Weight
1 Liam Barry 16 178-8
2 John Owen 30 134-4
3 Paul Jay 7 128-0
4 Simon Mound 38 100-0
5 Mick Hughes 18 94-8
6 Jeff Edwards 34 92-2
7 Kev Doulton 2 82-0
8 Mick Jones 14 77-12
9 Steve Waters 32 71-12
10 Dai Thomas 8 61-4
11 Gem Doyle 39 57-12
12 Malc Felgate 6 42-4
13 Pat Pritchard 13 11-8
14 Charlie Shearman 9 10-8
15 Dave Whiteman 4 DNW

Rolfslake Wednesday Open 7th July 2010


Today as i arrived at the lake to watch as i was working late i got to see just the last hour and a half of the match but could see anglers catching all around the lake.

The winner today was Vespe sponsored angler Chris Telling who had drawn form peg 32 by the hut on the car park bank, and as i sat behind him to watch he had told me he had caught 14 fish. Chris today caught fishing two lines one behind the bush to his left and the other at a range of 6 metres in line with peg 9, and fished both with his trademark paste hook bait to catch fish to double figures in his final weight of 248-08.

In second place was Nick Merry on peg 8 who started fishing across at 16 metres against the grasses and caught small carp but a switch to the bush to his left fishing with a combination of pellet and paste brought a flurry of carp visiting Nick’s keepnet and as the match reached the last hour he was catching a fish a cast but in the end fell a few fish short of victory with 211-12

In third place was lake owner John Bennett who was lucky to draw peg 9 again as his tackle was already ready for him as he had drawn it quite alot recently so it was not going to take a long time to set up. John fished as ususal down the edge to his right but also fished a 5 metre line straight out in front and by using paste also caught big fish in his weight of 174-12.

Vespe sponsored Chris Telling


Place Angler Peg Weight  
1st Chris Telling 32 248-08
2nd Nick Merry 8 211-12 Match Fishing Scene
3rd John Bennett 9 again 174-12 Rolfslake
4th Pat Pritchard 4 168-12 Rolfslake
5th Pete Arnold 6 144-04 Rolfslake
6th Kev Dalton 30 131-08 Rolfslake
7th Paul Bennett 34 80-02 Rolfslake
8th John Walker 2 71-08 Walker Floats

Important Site / Lake rules update.

With the busy club / match / festival season getting into full swing starting this week lake owner John Bennett has asked me to post these current updates to the lake / site rules.

He has had to enforce these rules to start from this Wednesdays open to protect both the fish and the peaceful and pleasant environment that is Rolfslake. The background behind this is that some and i mean a minority have been abusing not only the lakes environment but have been taking John and Pauline’s good nature for granted. It started with when John and Pauline were doing routine lake maintenance around the lake and to their horror found human excrement in the bushes together with toilet paper in the bushes by the car park and if that were not bad enough found more together with toilet paper behind the bushes at peg 18. Now to say these people are disgraceful people with no thoughts for fellow visitors can’t be stressed enough but the fact that there is a serviced toilet on site together with toilet paper no more that a minute away means that these people do not care.

From now on any visitor found not using the toilet to have a crap will be banned and if this person / persons are affiliated to a club then the ban extends to the club as well so please all club match organisers please inform all your members so there is no confusion.

The next rule is for any visitors that camp on site during festivals and long weekends .

As John and Pauline allow visitors to stay on site for FREE the only thing that he asks for is that all rubbish is removed with the visitors at the end of their stay ,as on the last occasion that he allowed people to stay not only did they leave litter on the ground when they left they also filled two rubbish bags of rubbish for John and Pauline to dispose of. From this week if any campers leave rubbish then there will a stop from this week of all camping on the lake and as John knows the importance that this will affect a lot of visitors he does not want to have to enforce this but he will. This also extends to anglers that leave litter behind for him to clear up , and that they will not be allowed to come back this year. For the people that do not know John, what they need to understand is that he is a very committed person as far as the lake goes but is very easy going and does not put to many rules as far as fishing goes so he will not enjoy banning any visitors that do not abide by the rules that spoil it for the rest of the visitors.

The next rule enforcement extends to the match anglers starting this Wednesday.

The anglers are asked to respect the fish and abide with the NO fish at 10lb or over to be retained in keepnets, as over the last few weeks there has been a disregard of this rule by anglers who do not want to waste time visiting the weigh stations. ANY angler found with fish of 10lb and over will have the fish disqualified and if there is more that one then the anglers total weight will be disqualified . There will be checks made on all anglers weigh-ins to ensure that this rule is not broken, so please do not be offended if you are asked to have any fish individually weighed.

John has invested a lot of time and money in the lake and will NOT accept any fish loses due to negligent anglers not abiding by the rules. Also please to all match organisers please respect the no more than 40lb in the weigh slings at weigh in time as they damage the fish at the bottom of the weigh sling and with individual fish costing hundreds of pounds each this is not acceptable.

John and Pauline are easy going owners but will not have their goodwill abused by a minority of visitors and the expense of the thousands of well behaved visitors.

Rolfslake is for the enjoyment of all anglers so he does not apologise for the welfare of the fish and the environment.

A.E.C angling club match Sunday 18th April.

Today Rolfs lake welcomed the A.E.C angling club from the Luton area to the lake. As the anglers assembled at the draw fish could be seen topping all over the lake so hopes for a good day were high, and with the day being sunny with a slight breeze that usually helps getting the fish to feed.

The winner of todays club match was Dean Elliott who was draw on peg 16 on the motorway bank and Dean used a combination of pellet waggler and the pole fished up in the water using pellet hookbait to catch fish to double figures in his winning bag of 139-00 { well done Dean }.

Angler Peg Weight Method
Dean Elliott 16 139-00 Pellet waggler / Pole fished shallow
Wayne Higgins 24 133-14
Ramsey King 9 112-00
Danny Edwards 13 105-04
Walter Hendry 10 101-00
Robby Blackburn 34 87-00

Dean now goes to the top of our club match winning weights table ,which will highlight the top 10 anglers who win their club matches at Rolfslake. The table will be updated weekly and also the anglers can be included in our peg king chart.

The top three anglers.

1 2 3 5