Winter League 2010/11 Round 1

Today saw the start of this years winter league. There were supposed to be 8 teams this year but 1 team had to drop out leaving 7 teams of 3 anglers.

Rolfs Team Gold are the current champions and are undefeated in 8 years.

Rolfs Team Gold. John Bennett, Mick Lane and Phil Powell

All the teams lined up for the draw, each team has 3 anglers which in turn draw from a,b and c section. They rotate round through the sections in each match. Last year a section was the place to avoid but no one knew how it would fish so everyone was optimistic.

John handing out the rules

With fishing from 10.30am – 3.30pm we only had about 45 minutes to set up. The person on peg 32 is responsible for starting and stopping the match, that person this week was Steve Wilson. At 10.30 Steve signalled the start of the match with a policemans whistle.

Most people chucked the tip rod out to start off with while other went straight out on the pole. Malc Doyle fishing for Rolfs Rejects was having some success of the tip.

Malc with a fish on the tip

In the net

Jon Walker over on 14 was walking away with the match catching a lot of weighers. Derek Hammond on 13 was also catching alot of fish but his were silver fish. He had caught some monster perch and some nice bream to give him the top silver weigh on the day also.

Derek Hammond's top Silver weight with Steve getting in on the picture

Another picture of Derek

Round on peg 28 Dai Thomas fishing for Rolfs Rejects managed to catch a new personal best carp.

Dai Thomas with his new PB carp. 18lb 14oz. Well done πŸ™‚

Everyone was catching carp except me, I only managed 4 roach for a massive 8oz πŸ˜€ luckily everyone was very nice to me and didn’t take the micky too much πŸ˜€ πŸ˜› YEAH RIGHT !!!!

I could not see down in the little lake but word was that John Bennett had been in every tree/bush with in a 20 meter radius of his peg πŸ˜€

Steve Waters was leading the little lake with John very close to him. Will get some pictures of the little lake next time sorry.

A few pictures from round the big lake.

Superstar Jon Walker on peg 14

Geoff Palmer on peg 16

Phil Powell on peg 18

Looking down the car park bank


A Section Peg Weight Team
1st Steve Waters 37 62-0 Walker Floats
2nd John Bennett 2 49-10 Rolfs Team Gold
3rd Ernie Maylon 7 43-8 Spro
4th Pat Pritchard 34 37-4 Pats Lot
5th Clive Pritchard 4 21-4 Assassins
6th Marcuss Burgess 40 10-12 Rolfs Rejects
7th Frank Hardie 6 5-8 Wooden Tops
B Section Peg Weight Team
1st Derek Hammond 13 76-8 Walker Floats
2nd Mick Lane 8 71-8 Rolfs Team Gold
3rd Steve Wilson 32 69-4 Assassins
4th Steve Palmer 9 45-8 Spro
5th Dave Whiteman 30 42-0 Pats Lot
6th Paul Jay 10 28-8 Wooden Tops
7th Dai Thomas 28 19-8 Rolfs Rejects
C Section Peg Weight Team
1st Jon Walker 14 151-0 Walker Floats
2nd Gary Haisman 23 78-8 Wooden Tops
3rd Phil Powell 18 64-6 Rolfs Team Gold
4th Malc Doyle 24 41-12 Rolfs Rejects
5th Liam Bough 21 24-0 Pats Lot
6th Geoff Palmer 16 13-0 Spro
7th Simon Mound 26 0-8 Assassins

1st Walker Floats 21
2nd Rolfs Team Gold 17
3th Spro 11
4th Pats Lot 10
5th= Assassins 9
5th= Wooden Tops 9
7th Rolfs Rejects 7

With a clean sweep. All 3 section wins, top carp weight and top silver weight Walker floats team {Jon Walker, Derek Hammond and Steve Waters} set the pace leaving current champions Rolfs Team Gold in second place. 5 Matches to go and a lot can change.

Top team of the day. Walker Floats

The next round is on the 21st November, Draw time is 9.30am. There is a Silver fish match on the 20th November too. Please call John to book in.

Thanks for reading, Eddie and Si.

Saturday Open Match. 23rd October 2010

Jon and Pat waiting for the draw

A very hard match indeed, a sign of things to come for the winter league maybe ? The carp were very shy today but the silvers turned up in large numbers. I was on one of my favourite pegs, peg 26 and only had one bite before I had to leave. I Had a party to get back for but would have liked to have caught a fish before I left but I didn’t so another blank for me πŸ˜€

I took a few pictures before I left…

Mick Lane, the man with the golden drawing hand

Mick, Chris, Steve and Pat

Dai and Malc

Malc on peg 14

Paul Jay on peg 18

Chris on peg 24

Dai on peg 29

Dai with one of his many perch

Results. {thanks Pat πŸ˜‰ }

1st Steve Waters peg 6 69lb 4oz (included 13lb of silvers)
2nd Pat Pritchard pg 8 42lb 8oz (24lb of silvers and one carp of 18lb 8oz
3rd Paul Jay peg 18 41lb
4th Mick Lane peg 32 38lb 8oz (All silvers)
5th Chris Lovelock peg 24 34lb 12oz
6th Jon Walker peg 10 28lb 12oz (one carp of nearly 9lb and the rest silvers)
7th Ernie Malon peg 9 22lb
8th Mick Chappell peg 16 21lb
9th Dai Thomas Peg 29 20lb 8oz
10th Richard Doolan peg 13 12lb 8oz
11th Malc Doyle peg 14 7lb 8oz
Simon Mound peg 26 DNW

There is another open next Saturday the 30th October. Please call John to book in.

Saturday 16th Oct Open Match

It was almost a winters day on Saturday morning, it was cold grey skies and a blustery north east to greet the 12 anglers who turned up to fish the match.

Car park bank setting up

After the usual coffee tea and doughnuts the draw was made and the match got under-way, it was soon realized that it was going to be hard work with very little activity early on, during the course of the match the wind picked up and unforcasted heavy cold rain made things even more difficult,

The match itself turned to be very tight with the top six anglers with 1fish good making the difference between 1st and 6th.

The results were,

1stΒ  peg 7 Dave Whiteman 74lb-0ozs

2nd peg 14 Dave Stratful-way 62lb 12ozs

3rd peg 26 Mick Chapple 60lb-4ozs

4th peg 16 Simon Mound 59lb-4ozs

5th peg 4 Chris Lovelock 56lb -4ozs

6th peg 28 Adam Griffiths 53lb-4ozs

Simon with a 15lb carp

Gem was along to support Simon but soon went shopping when it rained

Osprey Angling Club Match. 3rd October 2010

Neil Riddy

Report to follow….


Position Name Peg Weight
1 Malc Doyle 36 99-0
2 Mark Orchard 2 91-10
3 George 18 80-0
4 Simon Mound 14 64-6
5 Andy W 16 50-8
6 Ian M 10 46-12
7 Tex 24 43-0
8 Bill Lovelock 28 39-0
9 Ginge 13 37-12
10 Neil Riddy 11 35-4
11 Steve 22 34-0
12 Ian S 26 31-12
13 Owen 4 29-14
14 Paul Jay 30 29-12
15 Tony 7 20-13
16 Mark G 9 18-7
17 Mike 34 14-0
18 Brian Richie 38 12-8
19 Adam Griffiths 6 8-8
20 Legs 8 7-8
21 Russ 40 DNW
21 Tony K 32 DNW

Malc Doyle, Todays Winner. Well done

My new PB, 20lb 10oz.

Saturday Open. 2nd October 2010

Report to follow…


Position Name Peg Weight
1 Mick Jones 16 169-0
2 John Bennett 4 132-4
3 Dave Whiteman 9 112-0
4 Malc Doyle 38 109-8
5 Trevor Stanley 22 99-12
6 Adam Griffiths 26 79-12
7 Ginger 18 79-8
8 John Hague 19 56-4
9 Simon Mound 34 54-12
10 Mick Chappie 7 52-12
11 Kev Doulton 32 13-0

On form again. Match Winner, Mick Jones. Well Done

Open Match Saturday 25th Sept 2010.

15 anglers turned up today, some were already at the lake having fished the night match last night. The draw took place and as predicted by Neil Riddy John Bennett opened his hand to reveal peg 8. That rainbow goes from peg 8 to peg 9 πŸ˜€

Fishing today was from 1-05pm to 6-05pm. Fishing was also very hard today but Mick Jones was having no problems on peg 16 catching regularly from the bush on the right. Myself on peg 9 and Richard on peg 32 were suffering from major foul hook problems, both loosing 7 fish in a row.

On the car park bank Dave Whiteman on peg 26 and Del Smith on peg 29 both started catching well during the last half of the match but it was not enough to catch Mick up. John Hague on peg 11 was running past me with weigher after weigher.

John Bennett was also having a nightmare on peg 8, he had been catching ok in the first half of the match but then lost the fish for the last half without a single bite in the last 2 hours.

This was his last bite of the day πŸ˜€

John Bennett with a weigher.

The leaves are falling off the tree’s now at the lake and the temperature is falling meaning autumn is well and truly here.

The match was very hard going for most. On to the results…..


Position Name Peg Weight
1 Mick Jones 16 205-8
2 Dave Whiteman 26 138-0
3 Del Smith 29 128-0
4 John Hague 11 98-0
5 Gary Haisman 6 88-0
6 Ginger 18 88-12
7 John Bennett 8 74-12
8 Justin Watkins 38 57-4
9 Pete Arnold 7 54-8
10 Simon Mound 9 44-0
11 Kevin Cross 34 32-8
12 Paul Jay 4 31-4
13 Richard Doolan 32 DNW
13 Chris Lovelock 40 DNW
13 Marcus Burgess 2 DNW

Well done to Mick, top result for the day. Peg 16 continues to be the place to be.

Mick Jones, a fine win on a hard day at the lake. Well Done.

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