Rolfslake Easter Festival 2018

Rolfslake Easter Festival 2018.

The popular Rolfslake Easter Festival will once again be hosted by John and Pauline Bennett on the three days of Saturday the 31st March and Sunday and Monday the 1st and 2nd of April.

First priority will go to the anglers that supported the event in 2017 and after that any remaining spaces will be opened up from  Sunday the 18th of February.

The cost of fishing the Festival is £130 which includes all pools and peg fees and a deposit of £30 to hold your places needs to be paid by the 18th of February.

The balance need to be paid by Sunday the 11th of March or by special agreement with John.

All bookings to made directly to John Bennett by phone (number on the website) and not through any other methods.

There will be as per usual a Good Friday Open .

24 names Maximum

Place Angler Deposit Paid in Full Sponsor
1st Andy Johnstone
2nd Paul Newbury con firmed
3rd Jack Wilson
4th Judd Jepson
5th Anthony Flint
6th Andy Quarmby
7th Dan Deakin
8th Micheal Corsini
9th Andy Rayment £30. paid
10th Mark Newbold £30. paid
11th Steve Statye £30. paid
12th Dave Wilsden
13th Malc Doyle £100. paid
14th Gary Kelsey
15th Kev Simpson
16th Ian Haynes
17th Mark Chard
18th Albert Williams
19th Neil Hutchins
20th Anthony Carter £50. paid

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Rolfslake Easter Festival Day 3

A super close finish at the end of three days.

Report to follow.

A Section
Place Angler Weight Peg Sponsor Pts
1st Steve Stayte 47-07 7 Rolfslake 1
2nd Kevin Simpson 31-06 34 Rolfslake 2
3rd Andy Quarmby 29-15 2 Middy 3
4th Dan Deakin 16-10 4 Rolfslake 4
5th Mick Chappell 16-07 40 Rolfslake 5
6th Derek Newsome 4-09 38 Rolfslake 6
7th Jud Jepsom DNW 5 Black Bull 7
B Section
Place Angler Weight Peg Sponsor Pts
1st Anthony Flint 134-00 32 Drennan Bordon 1
2nd Micheal Corsini 87-15 30 Burts Baits 2
3rd Andy Johnstone 76-15 9 Drennan RAF 3
4th Jack Griffiths 38-02 13 Top Tackle 4
5th John Morgan 38-02 10 Rolfslake 5
6th Paul Newbury 29-06 8 Rolfslake 6
7th Steve Waters 21-13 28 Drennan 7
C Section
Place Angler Weight Peg Sponsor Pts
1st Chris Telling 140-11 18 Colmic 1
2nd Mark Newbold 82-00 22 Rolfslake 2
3rd Dave Wilsden 63-10 14 Rolfslake 3
4th Mick Lane 60-12 17 Rolfslake 4
5th Andy Rayment 40-04 24 Rolfslake 5
6th Malc Doyle 37-05 15 Jinx League 6
7th Jack Wilson 16-15 26 Black Bull 7
Overall Points Total
Angler Sponsor Pts Weight
Michael Corsini  CHAMPION 5 325-06
Mark Newbold Rolfslake 6 229-10
Andy Quarmby Middy 6 193-09
Mick Lane Rolfslake 8 205-04
Kevin Simpson Rolfslake 8 149-09
Chris Telling Colmic/ Marukyu 9 250-03
Dan Deakin Rolfslake 9 115-12
Jack Griffiths Top Tackle 10 149-10
Steve Stayte Rolfslake 10 107-01
Anthony Flint Drennan Bordon 11 229-13
John Morgan Rolfslake 11 182-09
Malc Doyle Jinx League 12 218-11
Andy Johnstone Drennan RAF 14 131-02
Derek Newsome Rolfslake 14 41-10
Steve Waters Drennan 15 125-10
Andy Rayment Rolfslake 16 114-00
Dave Wilsden Rolfslake 16 106-07
Jack Wilson Black Bull 17 94-14
Paul Newbury Rolfslake 18 60-01
Mick Chappell Rolfslake 18 37-02
Jud Jepsom Black Bull 19 33-11

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Rolfslake Easter Festival Day 2

Granstand finish to become champion on day 3.

With day two the day that normally sorts out the anglers for the the big finale on day 3, it also saw the 2016 champion Anthony Flint crash out of contention for the title.

The day was alot tougher than yesterday with weights lower in all sections, but the top two on the day were well into ton weights.

The big challenge has always been moody A Section which is either ok or really tough and today it was the latter.

Anthony Flint was the classic example of what happens when you put a good angler on a barren peg , you just don’t catch.

The winner of A Section and following his good result from day 1 was Michael Corsini.

Michael after losing a quick fish  then settled down to fishing his edge swims fishing with corn feeding groundbait . This drew a steady run of carp to double figures in his winning weight of 141-08.

Winning B Section was Malc Doyle who was on car park bank 28. Malc fished his tried and tested paste hook bait feeding heavy with pellet to continue his run of ton plus weights.

Malc caught 1 bream and 11 carp for his total weight for 137-09 to put himself back in contention of being champion.

In C Section it was a very close battle between Kevin Simpson and Andy Quarmby on pegs 26 and 24 , which was eventually won by Kevin with his weight of 96-01 to Andy’s 88-06.

Tomorrow’s A Section will have a massive bearing on who will become champion with Andy Quarmby in this section and Micheal is in B.

A Section
Place Angler Weight Peg Sponsor Pts
1st Micheal Corsini 141-08 38 Burts Baits 1
2nd John Morgan 88-13 34 Rolfslake 2
3rd Steve Waters 50-00 7 Drennan 3
4th Andy Johnstone 39-14 2 Drennan RAF 4
5th Jack Griffiths 6-12 5 Top Tackle 5
6th Paul Newbury 2-09 4 Rolfslake 6
7th Anthony Flint DNW 40 Drennan Bordon 7
B Section
Place Angler Weight Peg Sponsor Pts
1st Malc Doyle 137-09 28 Jinx League 1
2nd Mick Lane 90-14 32 Rolfslake 2
3rd Mark Newbold 66-11 10 Rolfslake 3
4th Chris Telling 47-13 30 Colmic 4
5th Andy Rayment 39-08 5 Rolfslake 5
6th Dave Wilsden 17-00 13 Rolfslake 6
7th Jack Wilson 16-02 8 Rolfslake 7
C Section
Place Angler Weight Peg Sponsor Pts
1st Kevin Simpson  96-01 26 Rolfslake 1
2nd Andy Quarmby 88-06 24 Middy 2
3rd Dan Deakin 52-01 14 Rolfslake 3
4th Derek Newsome 37-01 22 Rolfslake 4
5th Jed Jepsom 21-07 18 Rolfslake 5
6th Steve Stayte 14-01 17 Rolfslake 6
7th Mick Chappell 0-10 15 Rolfslake 7
Overall leader board 
Angler Sponsor Pts
Andy Quarmby Middy 3
Micheal Corsini Burts Baits 3
Mark Newbold Rolfslake 4
Mick Lane Rolfslake 5
Dan Deakin Rolfslake 5
Kevin Simpson Rolfslake 6
Malc Doyle Jinx League 6
John Morgan Rolfslake 6
Jack Griffiths Top Tackle 6
Steve Waters Drennan 8
Derek Newsome Rolfslake 8

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Rolfslake Easter Festival Day 1

 The man with Top Tackle wins today’s match.

Today saw the start of the popular Rolfslake Easter festival which is fished over three days.

This year saw 21 anglers split into three sections of 7 ( A Section 34,38,40,2,4,5 and 7 ) ( B Section 8,9,10,13,28,30 and 32) ( C Section 14,15,17,18,22,24 and 26).

The scoring system goes from 1 point for who wins the section down to 7 points for who comes last in section. The angler who has the lowest points total over 3 days will be crowned champion and in the event of a draw will be decided on weight total.

Today’s match was a vast improvement on yesterday’s open with carp.being caught from all around the lake and sections wins  being decided by just one fish.

Todays overall winning was Top Tackles angler Jack Griffiths who was fishing consistent peg 14 in C Section.  Jack caught most of his fish at long range fishing both shallow and fishing on the deck.

Jack caught big fish to double figures in his final weight of 104-03 and collected that valuable 1 point.

Also joining Jack winning their sections on 1 point were Andy Quarmby and Mark Newbold  but only just as the lake fish remarkably fair in all sections.

Tomorrow see’s the anglers move onto the next section hoping to maintain or improve on their day 1 results.

A Section
Place Angler Weight Peg Sponsor Pts
1st Mark Newbold 80-15 7 Rolfslake 1
2nd Mick Lane 63-10 38 Rolfslake 2
3rd Jack Wilson 61-13 34 Rolfslake 3
4th Chris Telling 61-11 2 Colmic 4
5th Malc Doyle 43-13 4 Jinx League 5
6th Andy Rayment 34-04 5 Rolfslake
7th Dave Wilsden 25-13 40 Rolfslake
B Section
Place Angler Weight Peg Sponsor Pts
1st Andy Quarmby 75-04 13 Middy 1
2nd Dan Deakin 47-01 10 Rolfslake 2
3rd Steve Stayte 45-09 30 Rolfslake 3
4th Derek Newsome 26-15 9 Rolfslake 4
5th Kevin Simpson 22-02 8 Rolfslake 5
6th Mick Chappell 20-01 28 Rolfslake 6
7th Jud Jepsom 12-04 32 Rolfslake 7
C Section
Place Angler Weight Peg Sponsor Pts
1st Jack Griffiths 104-03 14  Top Tackle 1
2nd Michael Corsini 95-15 24 Burts Baits 2
3rd Anthony Flint 95-03 26 Drennan Bordon 3
4th John Morgan 55-10 18 Rolfslake 4
5th Steve Waters 53-13 17 Drennan 5
6th Paul Newbury 28-02 22 Rolfslake 6
7th Andy Johnstone 14-05 15 Drennan RAF 7
Overall leader  board
Angler Sponsor Pts
Mark Newbold Rolfslake 1
Andy Quarmby Middy 1
Jack Griffiths Top Tackle 1
Mick Lane Rolfslake 2
Dan Deakin Rolfslake 2
Michael Corsini Burts Baits 2
Jack Wilson Rolfslake 3
Steve Stayte Rolfslake 3
Anthony Flint Drennan Bordon 3

A few photos from

Overall winner today.
Jack Griffiths (Top Tackle )

Steve Waters  (Drennan )

Dan Deakin

Malc Doyle

Thanks for reading John, Eddie and Simon.

Rolfslake Easter Festival 2017

Rolfslake Easter 2017.

On what may be the last Rolfslake Easter festival under the current ownership of John and Pauline Bennett, I am happy to say John is running this popular match over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend Saturday 15th April, Sunday 16th and Monday the 17th.

John has told me priority will be given to anglers that fished the festival last year then opening up the remaining spaces in three weeks time. There are currently only 12 spaces left and the cost for the three days is £120 with a £30 deposit payable no later than the 31st March.

All bookings for this match have to be made personally to the match organiser John Bennett on 07774 618688 .
There are currently only 12 spaces available then after that there will be a reserve list in operation.

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Drennan Rolfslake Easter Festival 2016 Day 3

2016-03-03 22.43.42

Day 3 the grand finale.

Today saw the last day of the Drennan Rolfslake Easter Festival 2016, and with 9 anglers in with a shout of glory it was going to be a tense 5 hours. The current leader Mark Newbold had drawn peg 17 in C section with Dan Deakin on peg 18 who was only 2 points behind.

A sections battle would see Malc Doyle fish moody peg 2 and Anthony Flint on peg 7 with Malc having to beat Anthony to stand any chance of victory. Last but not least in B section there were three anglers Phil, Chris and Steve all in with a chance as they were only 1,2 or three points behind and really needed Mark to blow out and one of the three to win their section.

The next five hours would see all the contenders struggle to either catch carp or control their sections as the not so favoured pegs came to life on what was a strange day for both the weather and carp feeding.

In A section there was a three way battle for the section between Kev Simpson ,Malc Doyle and Anthony Flint who all had chances to pull away but lost fish would eventually see the scales fall in favour of Anthony to secure the precious one point.

B section was really slow for all the anglers but with the wind blowing from the car park bank to the motorway bank, the fished moved into pegs 8 ,9 and 10 and with that any chance of victory for Phil ,Steve and Chris was gone as John Bealey won the section from peg 10. John fished long into peg 11 and could see carp moving in and out of the bush and managed to trap some carp and lose a couple with his weight of 57-01.

In C section all the current leader Mark had to do was come in the top two to secure victory but was trapped on peg 17 as it does not give you a lot options other than fish out I the middle. Mark must of been really frustrated to see Andy Quarmby on peg 22 bagging followed later on in the match by Mick Lane on 16 and Dan Deakin on 18 and that would see Mark slip into fourth place, and with that his chance of victory disappeared .

After a tough three days of battling the fish and the weather and after all the points and weights were confirmed, Anthony Flint was confirmed as Drennan Rolfslake Easter Festival Champion 2016 ( well done Anthony).

Easter Festival Winner 2016 Anthony Flint.

Easter Festival Winner 2016 Anthony Flint.

I would like to thank John and Pauline Bennett for looking after all the anglers on what might be their last Festival down the lake, and to Dai Thomas for assisting in the preparation of the lake and finally to all the anglers for fishing the Festival in a truly competitive and sporting spirit.

An extra special thanks go to Steve Waters and our friends at Drennan International for the goodie bags given to all the competing anglers.

Top 5 Anglers. Chris, Mark, Anthony, Dan and Malc.

Top 5 Anglers.
Chris, Mark, Anthony, Dan and Malc.

One thing for sure is that the Travel Lodge will be quieter and the bar sales in the pub will be down until next year lol.

A special birthday suprise for Micheal Corsini.

A special birthday suprise for Micheal Corsini.

A few photo’s from the Festival.

Special thanks to Chris Telling for the use of his photo’s.


John Morgan on peg 8.


Dan Deakin with a 17lb common

Dan Deakin with a 17lb common

Mick Lane

Mick Lane

Festival winner Anthony Flint.

Festival winner Anthony Flint.


Middy sponsored angler Andy Quarmby.

Malc Doyle.

Malc Doyle.


A Section

Place Angler Peg Weight Points
1st Anthony Flint  7  33-12 1 Drennan Bordon
2nd Malc Doyle  2 27-10 2 Jinx League
3rd Kev Simpson 5 22-08 3 Rolfslake
4th Paul Newbury 40 13-09 4 Rolfslake
5th Ryan Lewis 4 10-14 5 Rolfslake
6th Johnny Broadbent 34 9-08 6 Rolfslake
7th Mick Chappell 38 2-01 7 Rolfslake

B Section

Place Angler Peg Weight Points
1st John Beasley 10 57-01 1 Rolfslake
2nd Dave Wilsden 9 39-01 2 Rolfslake
3rd John Morgan 8 22-0 3 Rolfslake
4th Chris Telling 30 12-01 4 Colmic
5th Phil Powell 32 8-08 5 Rolfslake
6th Steve Stayte  13 7-07 6 Rolfslake
7th Steve Waters 28 1-04 7 Drennan

C Section

Place Angler Peg Weight Points
1st Andy Quarmby 22 87-00 1 Middy
2nd Mick Lane 16 48-14 2 Rolfslake
3rd Dan Deakin 18 42-09 3 Rolfslake
4th Mark Newbold 17 28-00 4 Rolfslake
5th Andy Johnstone 14 27-09 5 Garbolino RAF
6th Micheal Corsini 26 26-07 6 Rolfslake
7th Gavin Millis 24 17-04 7 Drennan Bordon

Top 6

Place Angler Points
1st Anthony Flint 5 Drennan Bordon
2nd  Mark Newbold  7  Rolfslake
3rd  Malc Doyle  7  Jinx League
4th  Dan Deakin  8  Rolfslale
5th  Chris Telling  8  Colmic

Thanks for reading John, Simon and Eddie.

2016-03-03 22.43.42

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