Lake Rules

Polite Notice ****

If you are organising a festival where John has been kind enough to let you stay over at the lake… Please be aware that the lake DOES NOT have a bin service. So any rubbish you leave behind John has to Take it home and get rid of it himself. So please arrange to clear up after yourselves and take all your rubbish home with you. Thank You.

Anglers are now required to bring landing net heads and they can use their own keep nets if they wish.

All nets must be laid out to dry prior to the match starting.

All Pole Rigs must incorporate a float and a minimum length of 12 inches of line from the hook to the bottom of the Float. The Float is an integral part of the rig and must be IN the water. There is no minimum line limit from pole tip to float tip but a MAXIMUM of 30 inches

Up in the Water fishing.
•NO tapping
•NO splashing
•NO rattling
•NO cupping in water
•Minimum fishing depth …12 inches from bottom of float to the hook. 12 inch Minimum hooklength on Pellet Waggler.
•Maximum line between float and pole tip 30 inches (2ft. 6in)

Maximum grade 20 hollow 16 solid (No Brown Hydro)

Elastic must be at least through the top two and must be suitably set to allow a  reasonable amount of stretch (you may be asked to adjust if its not correct)

Pulla Bungs.

Puller bungs are allowed but there must be sensible use from the angler.

Although there is no limit to elastic grades with the exception of ( brown Hydro or equivalent ) again sensible use is required by anglers.

Fishing Limits.

You are allowed to fish up to the leg of the next platform and NO further Except the following in Open Matches…Club Match Organisers Discretion may overrule these rules….

  • Fishing from peg 40 past peg 39.
  • Fishing from peg 2 past peg 3
  • fishing from peg 10 past peg 11
  • fishing from peg 22 past peg 21

The practice of playing fish on trapped elastic against the pole or hand-lining fish is not allowed.
NO Floating Poles.

A maximum of 16 meters is enforced.
NO shockstick Poles or the likes of.

Barbless Hooks only. Max Size of 10. a Kamasan B911 is set as an example.

ONLY feed pellets bought from the fishery are allowed to be used.
Any type of Hook Pellet is allowed except high oil halibut Pellets.
ONE can of 300gr Sweetcorn allowed for the hook and feeding.
ONE can of Luncheon Meat is allowed for on the hook only. It must be Cubed or Punched. FEEDING MEAT IS NOT PERMITTED.
TWO Kilo limit on Groundbait and Paste mixes. This applies to DRY MIX
8 pint limit MAX on Maggots, Casters and Hemp. The total of combined baits must not exceed 8 pints
ONE Kilo of Worms MAX
Bloodworm/Joker Half Kilo limit
Boilies allowed on the hook only.
NO bread allowed
NO Liquid or Powder based feeds allowed
NO Floating baits of any kind allowed including feed.
Groundbait must be fed via a cad pot or small nuggets by hand. No Hand Balling large Balls Please
If you are unsure please ask before the match…..

If you see someone breaking the rules, go and Tell your Match Organiser DURING the match as he/she cannot do anything AFTER the match has finished. You can also have a word with John Bennett if you are unsure if someone is breaking the rules.

Keepnets must be laid out by the drawn swim and are only allowed to be put in the water 15 minutes before the ‘All In’
At least 3 nets must be used, 2 for carp and one for silvers .

MAX of 100lb in each net, Smaller fish in one and Larger in the other. Additional Nets are available. Please Ask…

All carp 10lb and over to be weighed, recorded, witnessed and released immediately.

One 10lb+ Carp in your net will see that fish not count towards your total weight. Two 10lb+ fish will see your WHOLE weight NOT count. If in doubt, Weigh the fish. Simple.

All carp to be unhooked in the landing net and lowered in to the keepnet via the landing net. NO dropping carp in to the keepnet from height!!
When carrying fish to the weight Station you must support both sides of the landing net. Scales be be held from the top and not by the sides.
All Golden Orfe must be weighed and returned straight away and Chub of 4lb’s and above to be weighed and returned immediately.
Feeders Must be Free running, NO method feeders or Pellet Feeders of any kind. Cage and maggot Feeders only, minimum of 12 inch hooklength on feeders and Bombs.
NO Braid to be Used.
Straight leads can be used to a maximum size of 1oz
NO casting more than half way across the lake unless previously agreed with the match organiser.

No Litter to be left on your peg or at the lake. This includes Cigarette ends

Additional Rules for Match organisers.

When weighing in the fish please have NO more than 40lb in the weigh sling at any one time.

If you are unsure about any of the Rules ask John Bennett before you Fish

These Rules are subject to change at the discretion of the Lake Owner John Bennett AFTER a Match