Rolfslake’s Easter Festival 2010

Are you booked in for the Festival ?.

John has asked me to remind any angler still interested in fishing Rolfslake’s Easter Festival that there is now only one place remaining to bring the total entry to 27 anglers.

If you fancy very good fishing at this time of the year with a very competitive field and a good laugh please give John Bennett a call ,you can find the number on the contact us page.

Rolfs Lake Saturday Open

13th March

Spring Time at Rolfs Lake.

After a couple of cold icy weeks, the weather finally warmed up and the sun started to shine. The temperature was creeping up to 10 or 11 degrees and a few carp and orfe were starting to come up to feed on bread in the nursery. The question was, would they start to move around the other pegs or stayed shoaled up in peg 22. As usual that was the peg everybody was hoping for.
Soon enough, all 8 anglers got ready to do the draw, we were all going to fish the far end of the big lake today so we should all be in for a good session. Dan Blackwell Drew first and chose peg 26 and John Bennett second with 24. Dan and Paul were not expecting to many fish as the fish have recently been shoaling up tight to the far side.

It was time for the whistle to be blown know and we were all in, Dan cast out a bomb at about 20m out on peg 26 and was the first to hook into a Carp. It was a big fish and felt like a high double but the hook pulled last minute. John and Paul were both in next at the same time and both sucsessfully got them to the net. And then Dan managed to redeem himself by getting a nice Carp into his net. Dan, Paul and John were all on the same tactics fishing the bomb and corn and pole and pellet which was proving very successful.

Paul landing a nice doulble figure carp.

Catching a few from 18

After 1 hour, everybody had managed to tempt 1 or 2 carp into their nets but a lot of the Carp hooked were unfortunately lost. Dan had managed to catch a nice 10lber along with Paul over on 14, John however had caught 5 carp all around the 7lb mark, some bigger some smaller. It was going very wrong on 22 with 7 carp being lost and 2 landed, it was more or less the same story on 18.

16m pole on 22

John talking to Mike on 24

With half an hour to go John had walked away having a great result of about 8 carp, Dan and Paul were very close with 3 carp and each had one of about 13lb. Dan had lost 4 in the end and Paul lost 1.

13lb carp from Rolfs Lake

A nice pole caught carp

It was now the end of the match and we all wondered around to do the weigh in.
In the end John won the match with 66lb 4oz, Well Done John!! Paul Jay came 2nd with 33lb 8oz and Dan came 3rd with 31lb. Well done to everybody that fished.

Dan Blackwells 31lb bag for 3rd

Top 3 Results. 8 Anglers fished.

Position Name Peg Weight
1 John Bennett 24 66-4
2 Paul Jay 14 33-8
3 Daniel Blackwell 26 31-0

Thanks for reading, Dan

Rolfslake upcoming opens.

John Bennett has told me that he will be holding opens this Saturday and Sunday , so if you would like to get in practise for the Easter festival or to fish Rolfslake before the club bookings take over the weekends give John a call.

The draw times are 10.00 draw fish 11.-4.00 on both days.

John is also awaiting the last few anglers to confirm their places for the Easter festival and then all the places will be full, so it promises to be another fantastic three days with a high quality field , plenty of fish and good company. Their will be a pre festival open on the Friday with the festival being fished on the Saturday ,Sunday and Monday.

If you have any other questions just give John a call.

Spring League 2010. Round 3.

7th March

Sunny but cold day at the Lake.

The sunshine made an appearance today at the lake but Friday night had seen a frost. The lake was ice free but the ground was solid and most of the platforms had a layer of ice on them.

Would the carp show again like last week, it was looking possible as John Bennett had managed 90lb from peg 18 on the Saturdays open at the lake. So were the carp still down the far end of the big lake ? Those fishing C section were all hoping to draw peg 22 or 18 but who would be the lucky two ?

Phil Powell was one, he was hoping for 22 but pulled peg 18 out and Mike Stimpson drew peg 22.

Those fishing on the motorway bank were to have the sun on them all day whilst those on the car park bank were in arctic conditions with the wind picking up and blowing a chill down the lake towards pegs 19 and 21.

No one on the Little lake today.

Mick Lane, Simon Mound and Paul Jay were all catching silvers in A section. Gary Haisman was the only person to catch carp from B Section and John Colwing also in B section was on the way to building up a nice silver bag again like in the last round. C section it seemed had all the carp again with all 4 anglers catching carp. But this time it was Phil Powell on peg 18 taking the lead over Mike Stimpson on peg 22. Big Ron on 24 and Steve Williams on 16 we equal on 4 carp each but whose would be bigger.

Off to do the weigh in




Position Name Peg Weight Team
1 Mick Lane 32 25-4 Mafia
2 Paul Jay 10 15-12 Wood Tops
3 Simon Mound 9 11-12 Pikeys
4 Maurice Woodley 30 1-8 DNW’s


Position Name Peg Weight Team
1 Gary Haisman 14 27-8 Pikeys
2 John Cowling 28 13-8 DNW’s
3 Derek Hammond 26 7-12 Wood Tops
4 John Bennett 13 7-4 Mafia


Position Name Peg Weight Team
1 Phil Powell 18 89-0 Mafia
2 Mike Stimpson 22 67-0 Wood Tops
3 Steve Williams 16 42-8 DNW’s
4 Big Ron 24 37-12 Pikeys


Swindon Mafia 9 pts
Wooden Tops 8 pts
Pikeys 7 pts
DNW’s 6 pts


Wooden Tops 25 pts
Swindon Mafia 25 pts
Pikeys 23 pts
DNW’s 17 pts

A Section Winner. Mick Lane.

Mick Lanes All Silver Bag

B Section Winner, Gary Haisman.

C Section Winner, Phil Powell.

Part of Phil's Match Winning 89lb bag.

Swindon Mafia are not letting Wooden tops get too far ahead and make a good comeback.

The next Spring league match is on Sunday the 21st March in 2 weeks time. John is running an open match on the Saturday before. If you want to fish please call John on 07774 618688.

John Bennett setting up on peg 13

Simon’s Report for this match can be found HERE

Spring League 2010, Round 2.

28th February 2010

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A dull day at Rolfs Lake

Today saw 16 angler at the lake to fish round 2 of the spring league. The weather this morning was very dull, raining and a slight wind blowing down the big lake towards pegs 19, 20 and 21. The temps were a lot warmer too so would the carp want to play today was the question everyone was asking.

All the matches are been held in the big lake only for the spring league so everyone was saying the carp would be in the little lake 🙂

The fields around the lake were flooded and John Bennett had had the pumps running since Thursday to keep the levels on the lake down. The water was just lapping some of the platforms so he had done a great job.

The brook was Really High

Lots of mud everywhere due to all the rain.

At the start of the match Simon on peg 22 was straight in to carp fishing 16m to the bush next to peg 21. He was fishing corn on the deck. He managed to catch 7 carp in the first hour. Derek on peg 9 was catching some excellent bream. Gary on peg 10 and John on peg 30 were both bagging up on Silvers catching one a chuck. Silvers were been caught all around the lake.

Simon in the second hour had switched from corn on the deck and started fishing half depth with a White boilie as bait and was getting a very good response, he had been getting a lot of Liners and had decided to give mid water. The fish were taking the bait just as the float cocked on the 3ft mark. After hour 2 he had 17 carp in the net (not all one net)

The rest of the lake were struggling with only a few carp been caught but plenty of silver fish action, where were they all in the winter league ?? They certainly were making a come back now.

View from Simon's Peg. Peg 22

The car park bank

Slight ripple on the water

Camera shy Paul Jay on 18 🙂

By the end of the third hour the silvers were still showing round the lake and the carp were still biting on peg 22. Simon by this time had 25 carp in the net. The final hour saw him only catch a further 2 carp to give him a total of 27. He tempted the last 2 by going back on the deck with the corn again.

Derek on peg 9

Gary's fish from peg 10

No Picture of Simon’s fish as it was raining again sorry. But with the first big weight from the lake this year it looks like things maybe on the up for the lake. We shall see what happens in round 3 next week on the 7th March.


SPRING LEAGUE, ROUND 2. 28th February.


Position Name Peg Weight Team
1 Derek Hammond 9 24-0 Wood Tops
2 John Cowling 30 18-0 DNW’s
3 Gary Haisman 10 15-12 Pikeys
4 John Bennett 32 8-4 Mafia


Position Name Peg Weight Team
1 Fred Parker 14 19-8 Wood Tops
2 Big Ron 26 16-12 Pikeys
3 Phil Powell 28 13-0 Mafia
4 Steve Williams 13 2-4 DNW’s


Position Name Peg Weight Team
1 Simon Mound 22 211-12 Pikeys
2 Mick Lane 24 21-12 Mafia
3 Mauice Woodley 16 21-4 DNW’s
4 Paul Jay 18 17-8 Wood Tops


Pikeys 9 pts
Wooden Tops 9 pts
Swindon Mafia 6 pts
DNW’s 6 pts


Wooden Tops 17 pts
Swindon Mafia 16 pts
Pikeys 16 pts
DNW’s 11 pts

Simon’s Blog report on the day can be found HERE

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