Rolfslake’s Wednesday open 15th April 2010

Another Wednesday another Rolfslake midweek match, which normally means big weights of fish and the usual banter that goes with it.

After the poor results from the weekends matches hopes were not high for todays match as the weather in the week had been a mixture of bright sunshine ,cold temperature and a stiff wind so the fish have not been able to settle into a confident feeding pattern so the anglers were going to have to work out what the fish wanted. The midweek matches are now starting to draw a few anglers due to the late starts and that should start to see the begining of the big weights that Rolfslake is famous for.

After the draw had taken place the anglers settled into their pegs and could see carp crashing around the big lake so a decision had to be made whether to fish long and risk the wind wrecking their presentation later in the match or take a chance and see if the fish were getting closer which normally is the method to catch big weights.

With the sun shining the anglers on the motorway bank were kept warm but experienced the problem of having the sun in their eyes, and the anglers on the carpark bank were able to fish longer but were going to get cold due to the shade from the trees so you can never have both. John tells me after a slow start the anglers settled down and started to catch fish with the most productive area being the car park bank in the twenties with the anglers starting off fishing long drawing the fish closer as the match went on, and the anglers on the motorway bank have to fish either the rod or the pole to reach the fish.

In first place today was Rolfslake regular Chris Telling who was fishing on the motorway bank peg 26. Chris is a very confident angler and today he started on the pole fished long on the deck and was rewarded with carp to double figures, but as the match went on  Chris was able to draw the fish closer towards him which helped him catch carp quicker. Chris was fishing using his favoured paste hook bait which has won him lots of matches and by doing so meant he was able to catch bigger fish which means big weights, and after 5 hours Chris had put together a great weight of 259-12 and the top weight on the lake this year {well done Chris you are the current King of Rolfslake}.

King of Rolfslake Vespe's Chris Telling

In second place was Steve Rich who was only two pegs away on peg 28 and Steve gave Chris a good run for his money as he caught very well but caught smaller fish. Steve was fishing banded pellet on the deck fished long but was also able to draw the fish in , and at the end was only one fish off a double ton with his weight of 195-02. Completing the frame was Mick Jones on the motorway bank peg 13 and who was on a good run of form down on the lake. Mick usually fishes short range between 6 to 8 metres and today was no different, and by using a combination of pellet feed and his usual meat hookbait Mick was able to draw fish from the bay area to his peg and at the end put 164-12 to complete a very good frame.

Place Angler Peg Weight Bait
1st Chris Telling 26 259-12 Paste Vespe
2nd Steve Rich 28 195-02 Hard Pellet Rolfslake
3rd Mick Jones 13 164-12 Meat Rolfslake
4th Mark 25 148-08 Rolfslake
5th Paul Jay 15 118-00 Banded Pellet Rolfslake
6th Mike Stimson 18 105-00 Pellet Rolfslake
7th Sean 17 104-08 Rolfslake
8th John Bennett 14 85-00 Soft Pellet Rolfslake
9th Fred Parker 22 68-00 Rolfslake
10th Derek Kelsey 23 68-00 Rolfslake

Anglers required

One of Rolfslake’s anglers Daniel Blackwell and his dad Gary are holding a adult and Junior pairs match during the school holidays and require 4 more pairs to complete the numbers required, so your help is required.

The match is not at Rolfslake but at a lake not to far away in Iver.

Match details .

Date 15th April

venue Woodlane Fishery Iver.   SLO- OLD

Draw 8.30 am  fish  9.00-2.00

Cost 4.00 for the junior and 8.00 for the adult.

2 keepnets and unhooking net required .

Normal fishery rules apply.

As we at Rolfslake support and promote junior angling it woul be nice to see if we can help Daniel and Gary with this request for help and what would be an enjoyable day for both parent and child.

If you are interested please contact Daniel or Gary at and lets see if we can help.

Neil Riddy’s Club Match. Ospreys AC

11th April

<All Pictures clickable for larger view>

A windy day at the lake.

Today Rolfs Lake was host to a club match. 25 anglers were fishing. The wind was blowing across the big lake towards peg 19. The sun was trying to break through the clouds and it looked promising for a nice sunny day. Carp were seen to be topping all over the big lake so it looked like shallow might be a good way to attack…. or would it.

Waiting to do the draw

With the draw done and everyone setting up the sun broke through and black shadows could be seen swimming around the top end of the big lake.  One thing was for sure today and that was that the person that drew peg 20 would get on the peg kings board as its not been fished for a while. That person was Mark Gilbert, new peg king of peg 20. 😀

Top end of the little lake.

With the match under way and the fish still topping a lot of people tried targeting the fish by fishing shallow but at the start people were foul hooking fish and loosing them. Paul Jay on peg 23 was fishing the pellet waggler and was having a few but he was finding it hard firing his pellets out due to the wind blowing them back towards him 😀

Paul Jay with another carp.

After starting on the pole shallow fishing Mick Whitmore on peg 17 has also switched to the pellet waggler and was catching regularly and pulling the fish off Paul. Mick had the wind behind him and had no problem firing out his feed pellets. Mick was storming away in the big lake.

Mick on peg 17 with one of his many shallow caught fish

Simon Mound on peg 15 messing it up 😀

The story on the little lake was that it was not fishing as productive.  Tex on Peg 8 was catching a few and so was Adam on peg 34 (his home peg :P)

The Little Lake.

Back in the big lake Mick on peg 17 was still doing the damage on the pellet waggler. Paul Jay had switched to the bomb and was catching a few more fish. Simon on peg 15 had also managed to catch a few on the bomb.

Another weigher for Paul Jay

Simon with a carp on the bomb.

Simon's 13lb carp

Ian Millin on peg 18 with a nice carp.

Mark Playing a carp on peg 22

Kiran on peg 28

Brian with a fish on, on peg 19

The Results.

{I could not read Neil’s writing, so apologies for some missing second names, will add them soon}

11th April Results.
Mick Whitmore 17 136-4
Paul Jay 23 58-8
Ian Millin 18 52-8
Tex Marshall 8 43-3
Adam Griffiths 34 41-12
Chris Lovelock 25 34-8
Neil Riddy 10 33-14
Andy Waterhouse 26 32-2
Simon Mound 15 30-8
Brian Richie 19 28-8
Kiran C 28 22-0
George Kay 14 18-8
Bill Lovelock 38 16-9
Mark Brown 22 15-0
Neil Fenner 2 13-8
Tony Taylor 31 13-8
Owen Glover 4 6-4
Ken Sawyer 9 5-9
Ian Simner 6 3-6
Robin Lett 40 2-5
Mark Gilbert 20 0-8
Steve P 7 0-4
Mark Orchard 32 DNW
Steve C 13 DNW
Mark Barratt 29 DNW

Todays Winner, Mick Whitmore.

Second place, Paul Jay

Thanks for the invite to fish the match. Great bunch of lads. If anyone wants all the pictures from today use the contact form to send me a message and leave you email address and I will send you a zip file with the pictures in.

Well done Mick, you fished well on quite a hard day.

Thanks for reading, Si and Eddie.

Rolfslake Wednesday Open 7th April 2010

Today saw a few anglers down on the lake either pleasure fishing or practising for a forthcoming club match and then there were us lot ready for another Wednesday open. With fish topping all over the big lake it was decided to fish both the carpark and motorway bank from pegs 14 all the round to 26 as the other anglers were in the small lake and from pegs 27 to 32.

As the draw took place John Bennett stuck his hand in the bag and out came peg 18 {which is John’s new peg 9 } just like magic as all the fish topping were in front of his peg so he was off to it like a shot. I had drawn one of my least favourite pegs peg 14, as with the wind gusting in front of me and the sun in my eyes i was going to have a tough 5 hours. Paul Jay had drawn flyer peg 24 which is great for bomb fishing and the judge { Mike Stimpson} was tucked away in the corner, peg 22 so i had a good view of all the anglers except John who i could hear talking from 5 pegs away.

The weather was a bit of everything rain ,sun and a gusting wind so for some anglers it was going to be easy and the rest it was going to be cold with a touch of blinding sun in your eyes followed by a bank of dark clouds making it look like it was night. As the all-in was called all the anglers on the carpark bank were fishing the tip rod ,whilst the anglers on the motorway bank were fishing the pole fished long and within the first hour everyone that i could see had caught a carp. Most anglers were fishing either banded pellet or corn as hook bait and feeding quite heavy for this time of the year.

In first place today was my fellow Cartel member John Bennett who was on peg 18 and after catching a quick carp on the pole found catching quite difficult after that, and John could be seen trying the bomb , waggler fished shallow, pole fished long and shallow but to no avail. A switch to the deck rig fished long down the edge using soft hooker pellet got the fish going for John towards the end and a run of fish to near 20lb got the win for John with his final weight of 113-00 well done John our score to date is 1-1}. In second Place was Paul Jay on winter flyer peg 24 and by fishing a combination of bomb and pole fished long on the deck, using both corn and banded 8mm pellet feeding quite heavy, Paul picked up a run of small fish that kept John on his toes and at the end was a roach short of a ton weight and he ended up with 99-08. Completing the frame was Mark on peg 26 who fished similar to Paul and ended up with 77-08.

After the match all of the anglers complained of lost big fish and a lot of foul hooked fish as they travelled up and down the water depths giving a lot of false bites. If the weather warms up i think the lake will start to give up some good weights as the fish appeared to want to feed properly today as in my swim it was like a jaccuzi for most of the match.

John Tells me there will be Saturday open for the next three weeks draw 10am fish 11-4.00, and Wednesday opens right through to October draw 1.00pm fish 2.00-7.00 .

Until my next report tight lines Eddie and Simon.

John with a small carp of 19lb


1st John Bennett peg 18 113-00 Soft pellet / Banded 8mm pellet bomb/ pole1 4.5 mtr Rolfslake
2nd Paul Jay peg 24 99-08 8mm hard pellet bomb/ pole 11 mtr Rolfslake
3rd Mark peg 26 77-08 bomb/ pole 12mtr Rolfslake
4th Andy peg 15 70-08 Corn pole 8 mtr Rolfslake
5th Tony peg 17 57-00 pole 16 mtr RAF
6th Mike Stimpson peg 22 43-08 Pellet/corn bomb/ pole 16 mtr Rolfslake
7th Eddie T-Green peg 14 43-00 8mm hard pellet pole 12 mtr Rolfslake /

Walker Floats

Spring Festival Day 3 Results.

5th April

Spring League Day 3
Mark Malin 7 179-14 1
John Bennett 8 80-12 2
Mark Bowerman 35 61-10 3
Phil Powell 37 45-04 4
Mick Lane 40 41-10 5
Andy Johnstone 2 38-04 6
Mick Hughes 4 37-08 7
Not used 34 8
B Section
Matt Smith 9 64-08 1
Derek Hammond 10 53-00 2
Dave Whiteman 30 47-06 3
Clive Pritchard 27 41-09 4
Colin Wedgebrow 31 18-10 5
Chris Walters 28 8-06 6
Gary Haisman 13 3-01 7
Paul Glenfield 14 54-00 Weight did not count

Rule infringement.

C Section
John Hague 15 110-00 1
Lee Giles 17 86-08 2
Tim Guise 18 54-08 3
Andy Chandler 24 52-08 4
Chris Telling 21 47-08 5
Jason Astle 19 33-04 6
Mark Bedford 26 18-04 7
Paul Newbury 23 9-12 8
Results after 3 days
Matt Smith 3 points {perfect score}
Mark Malin 6 points
Mark Bowerman 7 points
Derek Hammond 7 points
John Bennett 8 points
Lee Giles 11 points
John Hagues 12 points

Spring Festival Day 2 Results.

4th April


As the anglers returned for day two of the Easter Festival they were hopeful that the blustery conditions from Saturday had blown away, but as usual they were to be disapointed.

Day one section winners Matt Smith had drawn A section peg 8, Tim Guise had drawn B section peg 27 and Mark Malin had drawn C sections peg 15 so they were all confident of a good days fishing . For the rest of the anglers it was a case of catch up so what was needed was a good draw and a good days fishing { who does not fancy that}, so off they went for another 5 hours.

The weather so John tells me was a blustery day blowing from the car park bank towards the motorway bank and with plenty of fish crashing in the big lake hopes were high for another set of big weights that Rolfslake is famous for.

The summary of the day was that again in Section A it was very difficult except for Colin Wedgebrow and Matt Smith {who draws that well that i will ask him to choose my lottery numbers} who were having a very good battle that was eventually won by Matt by 3-01. In B section it was very difficult for the anglers fishing in the bowl by the hut pegs 9,10.27,30 and 31 as it looked like the fish had moved down to the bottom of the lake by the amount of fish topping there. The only three weights of note came from Jason Astle on peg 13 with 63-04 , Lee Giles on peg 14 with 76-04 and finally Andy Chandler with 60-12 from peg 28.

All the main action came from C section where the fish were up in the water and a great batlle commenced with Mark Malin on yesterdays winning peg 15, John Bennett on peg 17, Phil Powell on peg 23 and Mark Bowerman on peg 24. With so many fish topping in this area it was a battle royal between the up in the water specialists and John Bennett who after catching a few carp was forced to fish his least favourite method at 16 metres {also doing this with a bad back}.

After a fantastic 5 hours the winner of C section was Mark Bowerman on peg 24 who put together another fantastic double ton weight of 207-04. Hot on Marks heels was John Bennett opposite on peg 17 who was never far away and ended up with 173-12 and just a big skimmer head of his team member Phil Powell who had 170-12. For the rest of the anglers it also was a good days fishing with the lowest  weight being 84-04 so i expect tomorrow to be even better.

After two days only one angler has a perfect score and that person is Matt Smith on two points the 2008 champion , but he has a host of anglers snapping at his heels so he will have to draw well in B section and score good points.

Easter Festival Day 2
Matt Smith 8 89-08 1
Colin Wedgebrow 34 86-07 2
Derek Hammond 4 44-09 3
Chris Walters 2 41-13 4
Gary Haisman 7 34-08 5
Dave Whiteman 40 31-08 6
Paul Glenfield 37 13-10 7
Clive Pritchard 35 3-05 8
B Section      
Lee Giles 14 76-04 1
Jason Astle 13 63-04 2
Andy Chandler 28 60-12 3
John Hague 10 57-10 4
Tim Guise 27 31-03 5
Chris Telling 9 22-08 6
Mark Bedford 30 19-13 7
Paul Newbury 31 12-13 8
C Section      
Mark Bowerman 24 207-04 1
John Bennett 17 173-12 2
Phil Powell 23 170-12 3
Mark Malin 15 163-10 4
Andy Johnstone 21 139-08 5
Mick Lane 26 112-08 6
Mick Hughes 18 84-04 7
not used 19 8
Points after day 2
Matt Smith 2 points
Mark Bowerman 4 points
Mark Malin 5 points
Derek Hammond 5 points
John Bennett 6 points
Tim Guise 6 points
Jason Astle 6 points
1 186 187 188 189 190 193