Mal Doyle’s Top 3 challenge match.

Top 3 challenge match.

Today saw 20 anglers fish a top 3 section match which was the brainchild of top 2 specialist Malc Doyle.

The day started warm turning to rain for most of the match which was also cold which put the carp off feeding and also out of range.

There was a very close battle between Steve Wilson and Gareth Price on pegs 40 and 5 which was eventually won by Gareth with his weight of 105-01 to Steve’s 102-13.

A Section

Place Angler Peg Weight
1st Steve Wilson 40 102-13
2nd Simon Duke 2 61-11
3rd Nick Watkins-Price 38 12-00
4th Eddie T-Green 4 10-05
5th Marcus Watkins 34 DNW

B Section

Place Angler Peg Weight
1st Gareth Price 5 105-01
2nd John Bennett 7 65-00
3rd Luke Mason 9 47-00
4th Kev Lovland 8 13-08
5th Mick Chappel 10 DNW

C Section

Place Angler Peg Weight
1st Dai Thomas 13 29-06
2nd Paul Hurll 30 27-00
3rd Nick Williams 14 22-00
4th Neil Fenner 32 22-00
5th Keith Stent 28 11-10

D Section

Place Angler Peg Weight
1st Dave Scott 24 31-14
2nd Charlie Bishop 16 26-06
3rd Steve Stayte 22 26-00
4th Malc Doyle 18 16-14
5th Julie Doyle 26 DNW

A special mention to Joshua Watkins-Price who was also fishing but not in the match. Joshua caught a 13-08 carp to go with a couple of bream for his weight of 19-08.

Thanks for reading John, Simon and Eddie.

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